3 Patti Tricks to Win – 10 Powerful tips to hack Teen Patti

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Online Gambling games are considered a game of pure luck by many people in the world but only a true player and professional knows the truth. Winning Teen Patti online casino game takes much more than just luck in your pocket, it’s about discipline, techniques, strategies, tricks, tips, and most importantly, management. We are here to make you go through all at W88 and help you follow the 10 Teen Patti Tricks to Win mentioned below.

#1. Understand & Analyze the Game

Teen Patti is nothing but an Indian version of Poker with less number of cards used in hands. Each player is distributed with 3 cards individually and the one with the highest hand rank with the 3 given cards wins the game and takes the pot home. Understand the rule briefly with the How to play 3 Patti online article and learn the hand ranks to know your victory wisely, or you will end up folding in a strong hand.


  • Understand the Rules: Starting any online game requires you to know and understand the rules of the games, how will you play the Teen Patti online casino game otherwise? Know the rules to make no mistake.
  • Learn the Hand Ranks: The most important point of playing 3 Patti online to know the worth of your cards is learning the hand rank, how will you judge the power of your hand ranks if you don’t know their value?
  • Analyze the Gameplay: Observe the gameplay to master the art of bluffing with all the players. Notice the previous winning sides and select your predicted winner for the next round as per prior results

#2. Start by Placing Small Bets

Well, our advice will be to start playing online 3 Patti games for free to practice and then begin with small bets. Explore and select the online casino platform with a least minimum betting limit of up to ₹10-20 to reduce the chance of losing a large amount of money. Hence, HappyIndia88 has brought the wholesome review of the top 5 online gambling sites, Dafabet, 10cric, W88, Betway, and Fun88 to help you choose better.

Start your online gambling journey on Teen Patti with small bets to reduce the chance of losing more money and gaining experience. It’s not the money that will help you gain experience, it’s the number of times to play, observe and learn through it. Be careful of your hard heard money and spend it wisely. Don’t play at an online casino with a minimum betting limit of ₹100.

#3. Practice the Game as Much as Possible

Well, no person is not familiar with the magic of practice consistently. You are in luck because W88 India offers free gaming for practicing on Teen Patti, an Indian Poker. Before you jump with your hard-earned money, you must practice the game, learn the hand ranks, and understand the rules to have a smooth start to your online gambling journey.


  • Magic of practice can be seen in your gambling techniques. Players are bound to make common mistakes and these mistakes can be avoided in real money gameplay when you have had enough practice on a free game. Learn to bluff effectively and know when your cards are truly weak so you can fold at the right time without losing money.
  • It’s easy to understand when your cards are strong but it’s hard to acknowledge a weak card because there’s always a hope that your opponent might have a wearer card. Knowing the cards effectively can come only with practice. After all, you cannot perfect anything without constant practice.

#4. No Hand is Bad against Weak Opponent

You see, even a High Card will make you win if you play to your strengths. There’s no bad card in the 3 Patti online casino game. The strength and weakness of your cards depend on your opponent’s card. The trick is to master your bluff techniques and analyze your player’s actions, this will help you determine the type of hand rank they have and you can place your bets accordingly.

You can always sense recklessness in your opponent’s move if they have weak cards, a player with weak cards wants the round to end soon as possible so he can work on the upcoming round with better cards. Use this opportunity to raise the bets, if you have strong cards and grab yourself a great deal of real money with the simple mistake of your opponent. Hence, Making a hand rank weak or strong is mostly in your hands, act like your cards are strong.

#5. Place Blind Bets to Raise the stakes

Placing a blind bet means placing the bet without seeing the initial cards, this way you raise the stakes for your opponents since a blind bet is considered the least betting stake any player can place in the match. You can continue to play the game accordingly and the best thing about blind bet is that no other player can ask you to show your cards.


Place as many blinds as you can, until your bankroll allows. This will templatize your opponents to make a mistake and you will get a window to earn more real money. Save yourself from a sideshow and place small blind bets, your cards will come stronger if you will show confidence in them.

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#6. Opt for SideShow if You are not playing Blind

One condition you must know before opting for a sideshow is that you cannot last the player to show his cards if he is playing blind bets. If he is not playing blind bets, you can ask the player who wagered before you to show his cards. Sideshow is nothing but an option to ask the player who placed a bet before you to show his cards in the game.

  • If you believe that your cards are stronger, you can challenge the player next to you to a sideshow. If his cards are stronger than yours, you lose and your wagered money will go to him. If his cards are weaker than yours, you win and his wagered money will come into your pocket. The Player next to you can decline the request of Sideshow.
  • This is the best trick you save yourself from large losses in the game against all players when you can grab a chance to win against one player. Especially when the player next to you has shown clear signs of weaker cards. Opt for the option wisely on other players and steer clear of it when it comes to you until you have 100% trust in your cards.

#7. Continue to Observe even if you Fold

Have you ever experienced the power of observation? If not, then you should try observing a bit more than you usually do. You often leave the table after playing, instead, try coming before and observing the games before sitting at the table and waiting longer to observe your opponents and their cards. Leave the table but stay on the screen to see the end of the game and learn as much as you can.


  • Most people learn from their mistakes, but the real trick to becoming successful is to learn from other people’s mistakes. Observe your opponent’s moves and learn from their moves, learn their best moves and learn from their mistakes. Observe the way they bluff with other players and learn the techniques to use in 3 Patti.
  • The best thing about online betting platforms is that you can see the game for as long as you want without playing the game. Use the best of this feature and observe the cards in 3 Patti games, know the previous winning side and place your bets accordingly. Don’t forget to place small bets in the beginning and be vigilant.

#8. Learn to Control your tilt after a Loss

There’s one thing you need to accept before playing any game, no one has won 100% of the time, and nor will you. You will lose some amount of money, while some people will call this thinking negative when moreover it is a practical thought. As soon as you accept the fact that you will gonna lose some time and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, life becomes easier.

But that doesn’t mean you should lose hope, you will lose money in online gambling games sometimes and that doesn’t mean you have to discard your strategy, break your laptop, and ruin your life. We need you to accept the loss and keep your calm. Don’t throw your progress down the drain, control your emotions, and don’t let the loss take the best out of you. Get up of your chair and go out for a break if the loss is getting heavy on you but don’t take rash actions in 3 Patti online or you will lose more money.

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#9. Enforce Time & Money Management

Enforcing anything on anyone can do nothing but disaster. That’s why this section will give you some friendly advice and hope you follow the advice. A small percentage of players who engage in online gambling end up winning millions of money but most of them lose a lot more. We want you to be careful and respect your money and time before you end up losing it all. Manage your bankroll and time effectively.


  • Time – You should be strict with the amount of time you spent on an online gambling platform, it should not range more than 30 minutes in a day if you are a beginner and at most 1 hour if you are a professional. If you are willing to make a career and life out of online gambling, we recommend starting to practice discipline first. No professional bettor or gambler spends 6-8 hours on online gambling.
  • Money – Money plays the highest role in online gaming, there are only two possibilities in online gambling when you play with money. You either lose your money or win more. Winning is definitely an exciting part but that’s not the only part, accepting that you will lose is difficult. That’s why you should invest the amount of money you are willing to lose in the process, no more than 5% of your monthly salary.

#10. Claim Welcome Promotional Deals

Online gambling site offers welcome promotional deal for new players to greet their presence and keep them loyal. There’s a huge competition in the online gambling market and that is what makes it incredible for online players, they get better features, layouts, weekly reload, and welcome bonuses.

In order to become the number 1 online gambling site, many online casino platforms offer a lot of welcome bonuses and you will be a fool to not claim them. Read the terms and conditions, join the website and claim the welcome bonus.

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  • Dafabet – 100% First Deposit Bonus up to ₹8,000 in Casino

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You will face no disappointment if you start following the top 10 tricks to win 3 Patti given above. These 10 hacking tips are not ordinary tips, these are professional tips crafted by online gambling experts with years of experience and earnings up to thousands of dollars in a day. Creating your own path with hundreds of mistakes and lessons to learn can take up to 15-20 years, walking the path crafted by experts can make you a millionaire within a month. It’s your decision which path you want to choose, stick to the path very end, even if you fall in the beginning. Be strong and keep moving towards success.

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