Andar Bahar Winning Tricks – 10 Tips to Win ₹100,000 Weekly!

Top 10 Andar Bahar Winning Tricks by Advanced Players to Win ₹100,000 weekly! Boost your earnings with Andhar Bahar tips by 98% & Win ₹12,000 bonus at W88 India.


Knowing how to play casino games is one of the coolest skills you can own. However, in India, playing casino games is prohibited. But this does not mean that you should suppress your gaming talents, instead, you should go and play one of India’s favourite casino games – Andar Bahar. Playing Andar Bahar is very easy and to make winning Andar Bahar easier, we have compiled 10 Andar Bahar tricks that pro players use which can help you earn double of what you pay! So, join W88 and follow these steps thoroughly to make money by playing Andar Bahar.

#1: Create a Verified Account at a Top Online Betting Site

The first Andar Bahar Winning trick that will definitely boost your gameplay is to choose a good online betting site. This is because finding a good betting site that puts its customers first helps in giving you additional benefits that could build your Andar Bahar account. Not only this but creating an account and verifying it will ensure your safety where you can collect all the money you win by playing. That being said, a good betting site should also help you earn from their end by giving you many bonus offers. To know if your go-to betting site is a good one, make sure it has all the below 3 mentioned basic things


  1. Easy to Use and Navigate: Your online casino betting site should be easy to use and should cater to pros as well as beginners. This is because trusting online things can be difficult. Besides this, some people who like playing online casino games aren’t very tech-savvy, so using an easy-to-use site without many complicating interfaces makes playing online much easier.
  2. Great Welcome Bonus Offers: Secondly, it should welcome you with a good bonus offer. Yes, finding a site that helps you boost your account for playing games online is definitely something that makes the site a good online gambling place. However, these bonuses should also be easily withdrawable to every new joiner.
  3. More than 1 Game Room Provider: Lastly, your online betting site should have more than 1 game room provider. Game room providers are the ones that provide the Andar Bahar game room as well as set the payouts and minimum betting rate. So, based on your preference, you should be able to choose your own game room from many options.

These 3 are the basic things that automatically put any online betting site under the good list. However, if you are aiming for something great then we suggest making an account in the W88 register.

#2: Find a game room with a High Payout Rate

Finding a site with more than 1 game room was a requirement to register an account at a good site. However, finding the good and best game room for yourself is pro top #2 for winning Andar Bahar online.


  • Most people tend to avoid online betting because they do not feel comfortable trusting those game rooms which is understandable.
  • There have been many cases where game room providers have been caught cheating their customers by offering high commission rates and low payout rates.
  • So, finding a game room that offers you, the customer, a high payout rate and takes less to no commission at all is the one you should go for.

Besides this, it is important that you go try and test top game room providers like Club Ezugi, Club W Grand, Club Palazo and many more clubs at top betting sites like W88.

#3: Understand the Rules & Conditions of the Game & Room

Once you have found the perfect site and even the perfect game room to play and try all the Andar Bahar winning tricks here, it is now time to go ahead and play the game to win! However, doing so without reading the terms and conditions of the game room beforehand can be risky and you can lose your money.

  • Yes, a good game room always follows its terms and conditions but in order to maintain the goodness, you too must be responsible and adhere to the basic conditions of the game as well as the game room.
  • So, it is important that you read all the conditions they have for you before you start placing your money on bets.
  • An additional benefit of reading the rules of the game and game room is that you could know if your game room provider or the live dealer does something shady.

Knowing all this can help you be safe from any fraudulent activities as well as make you play Andar Bahar smoothly.

#4: Make your Bets Wisely based on Payouts

As emphasized above, your game room provider should provide you with high and fair payout rates. The Payout percentage in online casinos for Andar Bahar is usually the same everywhere with slight differences here and there. However, if there is a vast difference in the payout calculations, then you must find yourself another game room.


  • That being said, payout rates depend and vary on the bets you make. So, it is important to bet on the options that offer high payouts.
  • In Andar Bahar, the payout for Andar is usually 0.9 to 1, and for Bahar, it is 1 to 1. Thus, there is a slight difference in the payout percentage based on which card is dealt first.
  • Additionally, side bets have their own payouts ranging widely.

So, placing your bets wisely is important even though Andar Bahar has fewer and easy betting options to choose from.

#5: Use the Martingale Strategy

Whatever is said above till now are the Andar Bahar tips that you must follow in order to boost the basics of winning money at Andar Bahar. When it comes to placing bets at Andar Bahar, you can either play the simple and exciting way of placing blind bets and testing your luck or spice things up by using strategies.

  • One such strategy is the Martingale Strategy which will help you not only make the game more interesting but also help you win the money you lost back.
  • Using this strategy you will have to make bets based normally, however, every time you lose, you must increase the betting rate.
  • This way, if you lose ₹20 in the first two rounds and increase the bet rate to ₹40 in the next round and win, you will get your ₹20 back as well as an additional payout.

However, the martingale strategy comes with its own risks, but again, the risk is part of the fun when it comes to W88 online casino.

#6: Reverse-Martingale Strategy Works Too

Another strategy used by pro players which is even better than the aforementioned one is the reverse-martingale strategy. This is the best way to keep track of the amount you spend by letting you reset your bet limit every time you lose.

  • Using the Reverse Martingale strategy, you must make bets normally, however, if you win, you must double the stake with each win.
  • However, if you lose, you reset the betting rate back to the initial limit. This is a fun way to control your money while gambling, but again, it comes with its own risks.

But you must be wondering which one of the two strategies is the best – Martingale or Reverse-Martingale. Well, by the looks of it the Reverse Martingale strategy is a good way to contain a certain amount of money in your pocket however if you wish to win back the money you lost then the Martingale strategy is for you.

#7: Hot or Cold – Use this to make bets

An interesting betting strategy in the Andar Bahar game is the Hot or Cold Strategy.


  • Cold Bets: Here, Cold stands for betting on the side that has lost most of the time. This is because, at any given moment, this losing side could be the winner.
  • Hot Bets: The bets placed on the winning team simply because they are winning is called the Hot bet.

Although this bet is not strategic in nature, it is a fun way to decide on which side you want to bet in Andar Bahar.

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#8: Play with the Least Betting Amount

One of the reasons you selected a good online betting site is so that you can sit back and enjoy playing more rounds with less minimum betting rate and more payouts. So, it is given that you should always bet with the minimum betting rate available on the site.

  • Since Andar Bahar is one of India’s most-played casino games, the minimum betting rates here are usually high.
  • So, it is important to bet with whatever minimum betting stake is available to save the money you started playing with.

Speaking of saving money that you already had, let’s look into the next pro tip!


#9: Set an Affordable Betting Limit keeping Bankroll in mind.

Once you learn how to play Andar Bahar online, the game of Andar Bahar can become addictive and hence most of the time you end up losing more than you intend to. This is why it is important to bet carefully and responsibly online.
  • One way to do this is to set a betting limit before you start playing any round. This can be done by setting aside a certain amount specifically for playing the game.
  • Another way to set limits is to maintain a daily betting limit, or a weekly betting limit before play. Once this limit is exceeded, you must stop playing.
  • Besides this, the best way to set the limit is to set a certain amount of time when you can play Andar Bahar online. These hours should not exceed too many hours. Pro players maintain a good relationship with gambling and are always in control of it rather than vice versa.
To help you set these limits, you can use online sites like W88 that ensure responsible gaming and also help with gambling addiction.

#10: Leave when you lose too much

The last and most important Andar Bahar strategy used by many pro players is to leave the table when too much is spent. This is also an exception to the aforementioned Andar Bahar trick.


  • Knowing when to leave the Andar Bahar game room is the best way to save the money you already have.
  • If you feel like you have spent more too quickly, even when your betting limit has not been met, then it is advised to leave the game room and come back another day.
  • That being said, it is also important to leave the Andar Bahar game room immediately even if you win more rounds than lose. This is because sometimes people end up losing more money than winning.

Again, developing and maintaining a good relationship with gambling by keeping healthy habits when playing online, will definitely let your skills shine as a pro gambler.


With this, we conclude the 10 pro Andhar Bahar Winning Tricks that pro players use to play. You can find your go-to gambling site and start applying these tricks at a good game room there. Or you can take our suggestion and join W88 and start playing in their game rooms today! Joining W88 would give you the benefit of boosting your account with a ₹12,000 bonus so that you can play more Andar Bahar rounds with ease and enjoyment.

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