How to win Baccarat online consistently & Earn $200 per day?

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Testing your luck every now and then can be a thrilling experience. No, we are not asking you to go bungy jumping without the rope but are simply telling you to play more of Baccarat! Since you are here, you probably know that Baccarat is one of the famous casino games purely based on luck. However, this does not mean that you cannot strategize and come up with your own Baccarat game plan to keep winning and earning. How to do that? Let’s look into it.

Methods to Win More and Spend Less in a Baccarat Game

Before we look into this, we need to keep in mind that the most important thing when playing Baccarat online is to keep your cool whether you are winning or losing. This is because, in the end, Baccarat is a game meant for having fun and enjoying yourselves. So, turning over the Baccarat table when you’re losing won’t help you enjoy the fun-induced game. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t be determined to win. Follow our 10 methods as a beginner and become a consistent winner at Baccarat games.


Method 1: Create and maintain a permanent betting account

The very first method to keep winning Baccarat online and expanding your cash balance is to create a permanent account. These can be considered the basic steps you need to take to start building your way to the top. This account should have the following:

  • A unique username and strong password: Your betting account should have a unique username to make you stand out. Besides this, make sure you insert a strong password adhering to the password requirements on their respective sites. Your password must be something which is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess. Keeping these two things can help you protect the money you deposit as well as earn and can come in handy especially when you need to withdraw the money.
  • An active Email ID/Phone Number: This is another thing you need to keep in mind. Keeping an active Email ID or Phone Number would help you stay updated on new deals and much more. This way you can never miss a chance to grab bonuses that could help double-up your money. Not only this but in case anybody tries to hack your account, you can get update notifications which could help you save your important details and your money.
  • Accurate Verification Details: After making an account, it is important to verify your account. Doing so would help you protect the money you earn on online casinos since these details are cross-checked during the time of withdrawals. Thus, it is also very important to add accurate verification details to your account. Not only this but it is also important to update your details if you make any future changes to your legal documents.
  • Deposited Money: Lastly, it is important to maintain your account by depositing money every now and then. You can start by depositing the minimum amount. For this, you need to find out the best site with the minimum deposit rate. This is perhaps the most basic thing you need to do to earn more when playing Baccarat – you need to deposit, play and double-up your cash. This way, you need to maintain your account by staying active and wagering your money.

Owning a well-made account like this would give you an edge when it comes to playing Baccarat as you will not only be a fully verified member but also be a part of the site’s official family. The latter would help you gain many promotional opportunities to get discounts on online Baccarat games and much more! So, choosing the right online betting site is very crucial in this method as well.

Note: It is important to remember that you should make only 1 account for each gaming site. Using multiple accounts on one betting site is considered to be a fraudulent activity leading to immediate loss of all the money that you have earned.

Method 2: Choose the most efficient Game Room

The second method you can use to win more at Baccarat online is by choosing the most efficient game room. In the betting world, it is important to keep in mind, that there are many game rooms with great benefits. However, not all of them are the same as there can be differences in prices. Thus, when selecting a good game room for yourself you need to make sure of the following things:

  • High Pay-Out Rates: An important aspect when choosing a game room is to check their payout rates. This means that you need to choose a room that offers a good amount of money upon winning. You need to do this by short-listing and comparing all the game rooms of your interest.
  • Low Commission Rates: Additional to the previous point, you need to also find a game room that has low commission rates. Usually, the minimum commission rates in Baccarat are 5% and sometimes they go up to 25%. However, there are some rooms that offer lower commission rates. These rates are a sum of money you pay to the dealer or the Baccarat table before leaving. These commission rates, also known as House Edge, apply to only the bets made on the Banker. We will be taking a closer look at the betting odds and pay-outs from a closer lens further down the article.
  • Active Room: Besides these, using an active game room is crucial. This goes without saying because the more people present in the room, the more bets are placed. As a result, the winner gets more money. Having an active room full of people can also help you make friends online and it is always good to make new contacts. Besides that, it also adds to the thrill of gambling and testing your luck and strategies as a whole.
  • Easy-to-use Interface: The game of Baccarat consists of many rounds. These rounds are fast-paced where you need to make your bets within the span of 10-15 seconds. Thus, choosing an easy-to-use game room is crucial. These kinds of game rooms usually have their betting options laid out right in front of you so that you can make quick bets. Not only this but their chips are placed in an order that you can easily distinguish and pick from. Additionally, it is important to use a room that has large icons that are not confusing. This way you won’t miss out on making bets that could get you more money.


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Method 3: Learn how to read the Gameplay

  • One of the most important methods yet the basic one is to understand how to read the Gameplay. This also means that you must be thorough with the rules.
  • As mentioned above, Baccarat is a game that is fast-paced in nature. So, you need to read the game and understand what is going on at an equal speed.
  • You might also need to use the basic math skills you learnt as a child here to calculate the cards dealt quickly.
  • Understanding the gameplay would help you be in control of who you bet on as well as the amount of money you bet.
  • Additionally, it can also help you create new strategies that you can try and test with each new round. Doing this can help you figure out the strategy that helps you earn the most and you can use it to make further bets.

Method 4: Adhere to the conditions of the selected Game Room

  • The terms and conditions of anything are usually ignored however, it is advised and logical to read the terms and conditions thoroughly for the sake of your money, even if it is long and boring.
  • Understanding the terms and conditions is important so that you make the right choices when depositing your money in a certain game room. However, just reading the terms and conditions of any game room is not enough as you will have to abide by these rules in online casinos.
  • It is important to be very respectful in forums and maintain a reputable status as a player. If you are caught indulging in any fraudulent activities, your account can get suspended and you will lose all your money.
  • You need to pay close attention to the conditions related to the minimum deposit amount, withdrawal amount, verification details, betting rates and pay-outs.
  • Besides this, you should also read the terms and conditions related to the promotions and bonus codes carefully. Complete the required rollover/wagering requirements on time to win the extra bonus cash.
  • Avoid using fake details, foul language, and being disrespectful in the live chat to the dealer as well as your fellow players. Doing these basic things would keep you from being reported and losing your money.

Method 5: Place your bets wisely – Banker, Player, or Tie?

Although placing bets is the most basic rule of the Baccarat gameplay, many people tend to place their bets without thinking. Yes, doing so can be part o the fun however, if you want to win more than what you pay, you should place your bets carefully. Firstly, it is important to know that the chances of winning the bet at Baccarat are not completely 50-50.

Choose to bet on the Player, Banker, or Tie on the Baccarat Table

Banker: The Banker side of the table is usually the place where most of the bets are placed mainly because there is a higher chance of winning. However, betting on this side also comes with its own disadvantages such as house edge and more third card rules.

Player: The Player side of the table is one of the two most used to make bets. The advantages of betting on the Player are that you won’t have to pay house edges and there are few third card rules. However, the chances of the Player winning are less than the Banker’s chances of winning.

Tie: You can even place your bets on ‘Tie’ although the chances of winning the bet placed on Tie is even fewer than the other two sides. However, if you win the Tie bet then you will get the amount of money you bet back.

From this, we can conclude that betting on the Banker is a safer option to increase our earned money although there is a commission rate that you will have to pay when leaving the table. However, further down the article, we have mentioned the betting odds you can look into to form your own betting strategy.

Method 6: Always start with small bets

  • When learning how to play Baccarat, you should know that you are still learning. Thus, you are prone to making many mistakes.
  • However, some of these mistakes can be dodged with ease if you take the right steps. One of these little steps that you can take is our next method of betting with the minimum amount required.
  • For this, you need to find a game room that offers the minimum betting rates. Some game rooms have their minimum betting rates set at ₹60 while some offer the rate of ₹10. Choosing the latter is obviously the right choice.
  • However, choosing a room like this can be difficult as the bets made would also sum up to a less amount, unless there are many players. So, choosing the right game room automatically becomes a good Baccarat strategy.
  • Once this is done, you can make your bets starting with the minimum amount. If the amount is as low as ₹10 and you have enough cash to raise the bet, then you can do so gradually.

Method 7: Don’t be afraid to switch things up

  • Continuing the previous point comes method 7, which reminds us all that it is alright to switch things up. Remember, the purpose of playing Baccarat is to earn more as well as to have fun. So, switching your gameplay is absolutely alright in the game. Sometimes it is also best to just leave it all up to luck.
Baccarat Online 01
The chances of winning Tie bets are few but not zero!
  • That being said, you can also try switching your gameplay by choosing to play with “Strategy Number 2”. Yes, when playing Baccarat, you can always have more than one strategy that will give you the same outcome – you win and earn more.
  • As mentioned above, you can also raise your bets if you are feeling a little bold and earn back more than you bet.
  • Additionally, sometimes try betting on a “Tie”, you could have Luck on your side.

Method 8: Make use of promotional offers and bonuses

  • The best way to double-up your cash at a quicker pace is by making full use of the promotion offers or bonus codes available at the site you signed up for.
  • These offers usually change frequently and bring to you even more surprising bonuses. On national holidays, you might even get limited-time offers with great gifts that you can watch out for.
  • Some of these offers directly apply to Baccarat while some apply to the Casino wallet that you can use to play Baccarat.
  • When joining, you should apply for a first deposit promotion, to kickstart your betting journey.

Method 9: Always Maintain a Budget

  • Baccarat is a fun game that takes place quickly. It is one of those Casino games that are thrilling right from the moment you join the table.
  • In the span of 10 minutes, you can play many Baccarat rounds. This also means that you can end up spending more than you should in just 10 minutes.
  • So, it is important for you to maintain a budget whenever you play your Baccarat games.
  • Sometimes, it is also alright to skip some rounds in between and make bets mentally to keep the entertainment flowing.

With this, we come to our last and important method

Method 10: Learn when to leave the table

Lastly, and most importantly, you should know when it is time for you to leave the Baccarat table.

  • The main reason gambling is shunned is because of its addictive nature. Baccarat is definitely one of the most addictive games in Casinos.
  • So, when you have completely spent your daily budget, and have the urge to grab your card and deposit more money for the day, it is time to step down from the table.
  • Sometimes, you also may have to step away from the baccarat table for weeks or months, which is absolutely alright. This is perhaps the best strategy you can use to save money by not spending it.
  • Luckily, the top 5 online betting sites in India ensure responsible gambling that can help players keep in check their control on their hobby.
QUICK TIP: Banker Hand has more chances of winning

Betting Odds you can use to strategize

Now that you know about the top 10 methods used by Baccarat masterminds to construct their strategies, let us look into another main aspect of the Baccarat table, which is the betting odds and payouts. Understanding these would help you create a good strategy on whom you should bet for each round.

Betting Hand


Winning Odds


1:1 44.62%
Banker 0.95:1





As you can see from the table, the Payout for betting on each hand is different as well as their winning odds.

  • Here, the bets placed on the Player will have a 44.62% chance of winning with a payout of 1:1.
  • As for the Banker, the odds of winning are higher at 45.85%, however, a 5% commission or house edge is taken away.
  • The odds of winning on a bet placed on “Tie” is low at 9.53% and the payout for it is 8:1. You will get your bet money back in case of a tie.

Keeping this in mind, you can place your bets by weighing what you can profit from despite the disadvantages.


This brings us to the conclusion of the methods on how to win Baccarat consistently. You can use these methods as guidelines to draft your own strategies. Do not forget to test all the strategies you come up with. Playing Baccarat is a fun game but it is important to stay in control of your gambling hobby. That being said, you can now explore the top five betting sites in India using HappyIndia88 and kickstart your journey to becoming a Baccarat pro.

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