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Discover 10 Best Online Casino Winning Strategies of 2022. Use the Top 3 Online Betting sites: Dafabet, W88 & Betway to increase your earnings to ₹7,000 daily.

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Everything is going online these days and so have many games. However, as adults, playing games that could give you money is something more appealing, and nobody does this job better than online casinos. But choosing which site to play games at as well as where you can not only put your money in but also trust can be very difficult. This is when HappyIndia88 comes in to save the day where you can explore some of the top sites in India to play Live Casino online games at the cool game rooms they offer.


Why You Should Use Online Casino Winning Strategies?

But again, just choosing a good site to play online casino games and finding a good game room would only give you an edge over other players because it is indeed a basic pro move you should always be sure to make. However, there are some steps that you must take as well to ensure you win more. This is why we have accumulated 10 other pro moves which you can apply and use to increase your winning rate by 98%! Let us take a look at these, one by one, and explore why they are important to use towards the end.

1. Select Your Online Casino Game Wisely

Yes, you can play many games at online casinos on the sites recommended by HappyIndia88, however, your goal is to earn as much as you can so selecting which online casino game is the most beneficial to you is extremely important.

  1. Low Betting Rate: Although all casino games are fun, they do not cost the same exact price. That is right, some casino games are cheaper to play while some have very expensive minimum betting rates. If you want to win money then you should definitely choose a game which offers low minimum betting rates.
  2. Easy-to-Play: The second thing that you want to make sure of when picking a casino game to play online is that its rules are easy to understand and the gameplay easy to grasp. This is because finding easy-to-play games can help you be more comfortable as a first-timer in online casino game rooms and is an even better way of helping you understand how online casinos exactly work.
  3. Less Betting Rounds: As you know, you will have to place bets with real money-bought chips in online casino games, however, some casino games offer many betting rounds in a single round. This causes you to make more bets. Thus, when choosing a game room you should choose one with the least betting rounds or no betting rounds at all.

These three points could help you pick your game which will prevent harming your wallet in any way. Once you have found a good game to play, you must be mindful of maintaining all the below strategies to increase your winning rate. However, in most cases, this would also mean that you cannot play the game you want to play. This is why you should choose a good site and game room which provides you with low betting rates.


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2. Be Thorough with the Game Rules and Gameplay

Now that you have found which casino game is more suitable for you, you should learn the game rules of the game thoroughly. This is because when you know everything about the casino game, then you can focus and play more efficiently.

  • It is important to note that although most casino games have similar names, they come in variations. For example, Poker is a widely known game that you should avoid according to the first strategy here.
  • However, 3 Patti is a variant of Poker that you can play as there are only 3 rounds. This way, 3 Patti, although known as Indian Poker, varies in its rule in many ways.
  • So, to avoid being confused in the game room, it is not only important to learn the rules of the game thoroughly but also to go through them again whenever you start playing the game.

Memorizing the gameplay becomes essential as well. That being said, this tip is put at the #2 pro strategy because many people complain about online casino fraud. So, by reading the rules again you will instantly know when something has been changed and can save yourself from any fraudulent activities. But if you use our recommended sites below then you won’t have to worry about such a thing as they ensure quality safety for their customers in many ways.

3. Start Betting with the Minimum Betting Rate

With the goal of winning and earning more in mind when making an online casino register at your preferred site, one of the main reasons you compromised on playing classy expensive casino games was to find a game with a minimum betting limit but let me tell you, this does not have to last forever.

  • It is important to use the minimum betting stake available on the table to make your bets initially. Think of this strategy as a baby learning to walk before they can run.
  • Thus, as a beginner, you are still in your learning stage and this means that you can lose more than win as you are trying to find your own strategy by playing.
  • Starting betting with the minimum stake could help you gain experience at a low price. Eventually, you can increase the amount you stake depending on how confident you are.

That being said, even when you become a pro gambler, it is important that you always start by staking small amounts because this way you can build up your betting strategy by trying and testing many betting ways. However, to do this there are two important things that you must do, the first one is to find a good site that offers low minimum betting stakes and the second thing is the next strategy that many gamblers use.


4. Set Betting Limits for Yourself

When it comes to the question is online casino Legal in India, the answer is blurred because gambling is looked at negatively. However, it is one of the coolest skills to own and to keep this skill cool pro gamblers make sure they are in control of how much to spend and know when to stop, and if you want to be one like them, then you have to follow this important strategy to save more by setting a betting limit for yourself.

  • This betting limit can come in the form of time or money because both can be spent, and it means that you have to set aside certain a fixed time or a fixed amount that would only be used for playing online casino games.
  • If you decide to set money aside, which is a great idea, then you can set daily or weekly limits for how much you use.
  • However, if you decide to set a time limit, then be sure not to keep it more than 2 hours per day or every alternate day.

Limiting yourself, which basically means holding yourself back is a great way to maintain a disciplined and healthy relationship between you and gambling because even pros agree that you are the one who should be in control of your gambling and not the other way around.

5. Use Ready-Made Betting Systems to Win

You must be wondering that whatever you have read so far are betting strategies, and well yes they are! But there are some strategies, also known as betting systems, that are specifically designed by great thinking for investors and gamblers to place their stakes in such a way that they maximize profit and minimize loss.

  • This is a great way to help you use the aforementioned limits that we hope you have set for yourself.
  • One of the most common betting strategies used in the betting world is the Martingale betting strategy where you must increase your betting stake every time you lose a bet to get back the lost money when you win again.
  • The reverse is also applicable where you increase the betting stake when you experience a win to double up your cash quickly.

As appealing as this most famous strategy sounds, the Martingale strategy has a lot of risks and is specially made for high rollers. So which strategy would suit non-high rollers the most, let’s find out below.


6. Bet with a Goal Using the Labouchere System

Out of the two most appealing tips for online casino for online beginner gamblers, the Labouchere System is the one you can have the most fun with while placing bets but that is only if you like doing some simple math.

  • The Labouchere System requires you to keep a goal in mind, a goal of how much you wish to make by the end of certain rounds or times. Betting rounds is more application here than time.
  • For instance, let us use the example that you wish to make ₹40 by the end of 5 betting rounds with the minimum betting rate being ₹10
  • So, we will now divide your goal into smaller units 8, 10, 5, 15, and 2 which all add up to make 40. Now using the first and last digit in the sequence, which is 8 and 2, you must combine them to use that as your betting stake, which makes it ₹10.

This way, when you win the bet, you must cancel the used numbers and repeat the procedure with the new first and last digits in the sequence till everything is over. After 4 betting rounds, the number of times you win can determine whether you wish to stay back and play more or go home for the day.

7. Use the D’Alembert System to Save More

The next best strategy that you can use to earn more and give less is very similar to the Martingale Strategy, however, the D’Alembert Strategy is tweaked enough to let everyone use this betting system more conveniently.

  • In the D’Alembert system, you must bet with the minimum betting rate on the table. If you lose the bet, you must increase your amount by 1 unit only.
  • However, if you win the bet, then you must decrease the amount by 1 unit. This way, you will be maintaining a balance between how much you win and how much you lose ensuring not much difference in profit and loss.
  • Like the Martingale System, the D’alembert System also has a reverse order where you must increase the betting stake if a bet is won and decrease it if the bet is lost.

Using the D’Alembert System is the best way new gamblers can earn more in less time as it is very beginner friendly. All you must do is set betting limits and keep rotating the money you won to win even more!


8. Observe, Strategize, and Play

When you enter a live casino online, everything might be mesmerizing and you might want to immediately jump down to place your bets. However, pro gamblers never do this. Surprised? This is because when pro gamblers enter a game room, they do so with an analytical mind.

  • Pro gamblers need to know their playground well and so the first thing they do is observe how the game is going at the moment. Not only this, but they also look at which bet is winning the most.
  •  Then they move on to selecting which strategy would seem fit for the ongoing situation in the game room. Sometimes, they even come up with their own on-the-spot strategies to place bets.
  • Once these two are done then they sit calmly and place their bets with the minimum betting amount and test out a few things before gradually increasing their betting stake.

But do not get us wrong, because their observations do not stop here. Sometimes they even skip rounds to make further observations and then jump back in to bet again. This is because looking from a third person’s view by taking a step back can help you discover more ways to help you win strategically.

9. Make Use of the Live Dealer Cam

We have mentioned above that there is much online fraud taking place when it comes to online gambling games for real money, so this strategy of making use of the Live Dealer’s camera, is to not only help you keep safe from such activities but also would help you plan your strategies thoroughly.

  • When selecting your game, you will also need to select a game room. And this is when you need to make sure that the game room you select has a live cam option to view your dealer dealing the card.
  • This is because in online gambling many people feel safe watching the dealers deal cards whether they are beginners or pros.
  • Some games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, and Poker, require you to pay close attention to your live dealer’s screen to help you place accurate bets.

That being said, even if you are playing Sic Bo is it advised to keep your live dealer’s screen on to keep a watchful eye on how they are dealing the game with you. If you notice anything shady with their hand movements, then you must leave the room immediately, or bet report and leave.


10. Respect Time and Money

The last and most important rule that you must follow regardless of whether you joined the online gambling world today or have been a master for the past 10 years, is to respect time as well as money when playing at live casinos.

  • As it is mentioned above, Time and Money can be spent and sometimes spending happens recklessly, especially when there are addictive casino games to choose and play from.
  • This is when gambling takes over you which in turn turns this cool skill into something that is looked at in a negative light.
  • Thus, as mentioned above, setting betting limits is a great way to manage and respect time and money professionally.

That being said, this betting-limit rule should be maintained strictly, and this means that even if you are winning continuously, but your betting limit – money or time – is over, then you must leave for the day. This is a great way to maintain discipline and enjoy gambling online in the most fun way.

Play at the Top 3 Casino Sites to Increase Your Winning Rate

Now that we have thought you about all the cool strategies you can use to play and win more at online casino game rooms, let us also warn you that the results of using these strategies will not come out instantly. Instead, you must take your time and be patient with yourself when finding which strategy suits your gameplay the best. But till then, you can always use cheat codes and take advantage of opportunities to get some free cash!

#1 Dafabet Offers ₹8000 on First Deposit

The first place that you must definitely visit is the Dafabet site, India’s go-to betting site. Although it specialized more in its coolest sportsbooks, the Live Casino section is something that attracts many people from the sportsbook domain.

Organized and Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Not only this but Dafabet is very beginner friendly as you will be able to navigate through most things when you first enter the site.
  • What is even cooler about this site is that you can expect VIP treatment upon making a Dafabet new account as all new accounts are deemed as Bronze VIP members.

#2 Grab ₹12,000 via Free W88 Welcome Bonus

The second most exciting and beginner-friendly place you can find to apply the aforementioned strategies and play at is the W88 Live Casino section which is almost always full.

Biggest Casino Bonus Deal for Beginners
  • Perhaps the highlight of the W88 app is that it offers up to ₹12,000 on its Live Casino section.
  • Not only that but you can get this great cash bonus at the expense of depositing only ₹500 as your first deposit.

#3 Betway Gives Weekly Free Bet Worth ₹500

Last but not least, we have Betway which is every worried gambler’s safe place. This is because Betway is great at putting its customers first by letting them set betting limits to which they will adhere strictly.

A whole lot of Game Rooms to choose from
  • When you enter Betway’s Live Casino domain nothing will mesmerize you as all the game rooms they have, and picking one would be difficult since all of them are equally amazing.
  • Not only this but the most appealing thing of them all is that upon spending more than ₹500 every day, you will get a Free Bet worth ₹500 every week!

3 Ways in which these Online Casino Winning Strategies Help You

Now that we have looked into the top 10 casino strategies to win let as well as the top 3 sites you can apply these strategies to, let us get back to the main question of why using these tips to win online casino games is important by looking into the 3 ways of how it helps gamblers turn into pros.

1. Maintain a Good Relationship with Gambling: Using betting strategies makes casino games more authentic as casino games require a lot of wits. Thus, when you use a good betting strategy you are in turn building a good relationship with gambling, breaking free from stereotypes. This way the utilization of betting strategies portrays gambling as some sort of art.
2. Maximize Profit and Minimize Loss: The other and the handiest reason to use online betting strategies is that it helps you maximize your profit and minimize your loss in many ways. This is indeed very true when you use the 2 strategies mentioned above to place bets online as it makes the process of placing bets fun and also helps you maintain the limit you set for yourself.
3. Helps You Enjoy the Thrill of Gambling Online: Wonder why James Bond looks so cool when playing casino games? That is because he thinks when placing bets and shows off his smartness by using certain betting strategies. Well, this is because casino requires you to use betting strategies where you can earn more and have a good time by experiencing the thrill of online gambling to the fullest.


This was all about the online casino winning strategy that pro gamblers use to earn extra cash online by playing some of their favourite games. Using these 10 strategies, you can now build your way up in the gambling world step-by-step, one strategy at a time. Be patient with yourself and in no time you will be earning up to ₹7,000 daily. But till then make use of the free bonuses by India’s top online betting site Dafabet, W88, and Betway, and play at their Live Casino game rooms where entertainment never ends!

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