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In this guide, HappyIndia88 will reveal top 10 online blackjack tips and tricks. Apply those to boost your winning chances to 95% & daily earnings up to $250!

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Blackjack is a widespread live casino game that you play against the dealer. The game is entertaining but not easy like other casino games. It needs skill and some tips and tricks. In this guide, HappyIndia88 reveals the top 10 beneficial blackjack tips and tricks to enhance not just your play but also your winning possibilities.

#1. Learn the basic playing strategy

  • Blackjack is not a predicting game where occasionally you hit your 16 against a live dealer with 10 upcards whereas additional times you stand.
  • Bright mathematicians have been analyzing the game of blackjack for around 60 years, and they have established without suspicion that there is an optimal path to play each hand dealt with you.
  • This optimal blackjack technique, named the basic playing strategy, permits a player to undervalue the house edge to smaller than 1% when a player utilizes the approach to play each hand.

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#2. Avoid placing the insurance stake

  • Don’t put the Insurance wager no matter the cash you wagered on your hand while playing blackjack online at Fun88.
  • Insurance is a worse bet. You will be betting that the live dealer has a 10-value downcard to proceed with the Ace upcard which means giving the blackjack
  • A winning insurance stake pays 2-1 but the winning odds are worse than 2-1.

#3. Avoid progressive strategies

  • Mind on the size of your bet based on whether you won or lost the last hand is a losing bid.
  • You must only bet better when there are more high-valued cards vs low-valued cards in the deck of cards not yet played.


#4. Avoid playing on continuous shuffler tables

  • Constant shuffling devices are devices that mix the cards per round, which results in more hands dealt per hour which is acceptable for the casino, and more focus of your bankroll to the house edge which is eventually harmful to the player.
  • Play on tables that employ a standard automated shuffler or where the live dealer manually mixes the cards.

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#5. Play with liberal playing rules

  • Lookout the blackjack tables to discover the most liberal playing rules. Play only on those tables where a blackjack pays 3-2 and ignore all games where the profit is 6: blackjack, or poorly, precise money.
  • Other liberal blackjack rules are the live dealer stands on soft 17, punters will be double down on any 2 cards, and doubling after duo splitting is permitted.


  • Learning the proper manner to hit, stand, split and double down your hand is necessary. You’ll cut the house edge 1-2% up to 0.5%. Check out the primer below:
    • Stand when your hand is between 12-16, and the dealer has 2-6.
    • Hit when your hand is 12-16 and while the dealer has 7 Ace
    • Always separate Aces and 8s
    • Double 11 Vs the dealer’s 2-10
    • Hit or double 6 Ace

#6. Never divide a hand of two 10s

  • A hand having both cards with the value of 10 is a superb hand to hold because the total hand value is 20, the nearest to 21.
  • When you own such a hand the dealer has no other choice but to hit a 21 to win. The probabilities of that occurring each time are infrequent.
  • When it comes to dividing a hand of two 10s in the game of blackjack, the ultimate bar must be: 
    • Intermediate participants should never split and always firm on 20.
    • Card counters will occasionally split into 10 decks.
    • Savvy tournament punters would periodically split when they want more bet chips, particularly if it’s the final hand.

#7. Do not split a hand of two 5s

  • A hand owning the 2 5s contains a total hand value of 10 – the finest way to go ahead is to double down.
  • Splitting is not a significant belief because it simply doubles your odds of landing 2 hands both of which are worth 10 singly.
  • Better keep one moderate hand that you can do something about than 2 of them that you cannot perform much about. This tip involves a pair of 4s and 10s.


#8. Know double down timing

  • The entire significance of playing blackjack online is to win against the live dealer.
  • If you believe that you hold a statistical edge, then that’s your go! Generally, specific hands are sounder to take benefit of.
  • Doubling down in a blackjack game indicates multiplying one’s bet by 2 in the middle of a hand and acquiring an extra card. It is a scary a bit move however extremely well worth completing when:
    • You own a hard 9 or 10 (with no Ace)
    • Your hand total is 11
    • You hold a soft 16, 17, or 18 (with an Ace)
  • However, you don’t need to double down when the live dealer displays an Ace, as the odds of them obtaining a blackjack are high.

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#9. Cash build-up

  • When you begin to have a run of suitable luck in blackjack, you must start to improve your stakes a little – it has the impact of raising the betting pool.
  • Suppose you lose a hand, lower back down to your initial stake, and make it back up slowly.
  • You would exclusively require a few splits and doubles before you form to catch a good run.
  • The fact is that coming up with a number you are glancing to achieve would be valuable in rising your bets up from lower stakes to high. You’ll sense like a blackjack pro in no time.


#10. Ignoring your competitors

  • One skillfulness that rookie blackjack participants forget to enjoy is the benefit of peeking at the dealer’s cards.
  • Most individuals glance at their cards and nothing more than that. However, experienced players check their own cards, the dealer’s card, and their competitor’s cards on the table.
  • The playing determinations of other participants on your table contain no consequence in the long run on your winning odds.
  • Blackjack is not a group sport. Always employ the fundamental playing strategy regardless of the other player’s playing hand approach, how much you bet, and whether you lost or beat the last sessions.


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