10cric account verification – Verify Quickly within 3-5 mins

Wondering how to do 10Cric account verification? Follow the 3 steps guide quickly to get your account verified in 5 mins, get your bonus & withdraw it smoothly.

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For each bookie, account verification is a vital step. This is employed as part of 10cric bookmaker’s “anti-money laundering” duties, in addition to being a technique of legitimizing yourself. It is something that every Indian user goes through. You only need to upload a few images because you already filled in practically all of your information during registration.

3 steps – How to do 10cric account verification?

HappyIndia88 will let you know, this process won’t take more than 5mins if your documents required are handy. It is fairly simple to get your 10cric account verified. Follow the below 3 steps to begin the process.

Step 1: Log in to your 10cric account with proper credentials

10cric account verification

  • Current players must visit 10cric and enter their proper credentials to make 10cric account verification.
  • New members must create an account at 10cric Register and then follow the below steps.

Step 2: Select account verification from the menu bar

10cric account verification

  • Open your account menu from the upper right corner of the screen after logging in.
  • Select ‘Account Verification’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Upload required documents for 10cric account verification

10cric account verification


  • Choose the ‘Document Type’ you want to upload from the drop-down menu and click the “Upload files” button.
  • Choose a file to upload: take a photo, upload from a library, or browse and upload a file from your phone or computer.
  • After you’ve chosen a file, it will be instantly uploaded to your 10cric account.
  • That’s all! Easy right? Quickly finish your 10cric account verification and enjoy betting on your favorite game.

Required File Format for uploading documents for 10cric account verification

Here’s a list of documents that are appropriate.

  1. JPG or PNG files are the only ones that will be approved.
  2. Scanned copies, screenshots, PDF files, and password-protected items are not acceptable.
  3. If you want to upload a bank statement, save it as a PDF file.
  4. Within 24 hours of making your first successful deposit, the upload area of your account is activated.

10cric accepts the following documents as proof of identity

  1. PAN Card
  2. Passport
  3. Driver’s License

10cric accepts the following documents as evidence of address

  1. Bank Statements.
  2. Utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.) issued in your name that reflect your complete residence address and are less than 6 months old.
  3. A receipt of tax payment

8 Points to remember to make successful 10cric account verification

A document must meet the following requirements.

10cric account verification

  1. The image must be complete and all of the document’s edges must be visible.
  2. Documents must be recent, expired documents will not be accepted.
  3. Damaged, cut, or damaged documents will not be accepted.
  4. Not a copy of a print, but a copy of the original.
  5. Documents must be in color, black and white documents will not be accepted.
  6. Documents of poor quality or that are blurry will not be accepted.
  7. Documents that have been modified with graphical software are not approved.
  8. Documents must bear the proper stamp of the issuing authority to be considered legitimate.

4 Reasons why 10cric account verification is necessary?

1OCRIC account verification is important for various reasons. Below are the 4 main reasons as to why is it necessary for a gambler to do 10cric India account verification.

10cric account verification

  1. To check for stability of gamblers – Many gambling addicts lack the financial means to place their bets. By passing a verification process one can find can be discouraged due to a lack of required documents and may end up quitting gambling.
  2. To check for gamblers’ legality – 10cric India adheres to responsible gambling guidelines, which include prohibiting underage participants from betting. Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to enter the arena.
  3. Money laundering can be checked – Because the transaction involves lakhs of rupees and several national and international banks, it is critical to ensure security for all participants and prevent becoming a money laundering hotspot.
  4. To make a successful withdrawal – One cannot withdraw funds until your 10cric account has been verified. Betting sites take money-laundering rules very seriously, therefore you must validate your account before making any withdrawals.

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Hope we made it easy for you to get your 10cric account verification done in lesser time. Also, we made you aware of why is it necessary to verify your 10cric account. So now that you have fulfilled all the essential requirements of 10cric, it’s time to level up and begin your betting journey. Do collect your freebies and have a great time gambling at 10cric!

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