5 Basic 10CRIC login issues: Solve quickly & easily – 3 ways

Having difficulties logging into your 10CRIC account? No worries! Here are 3 best solutions to solve 10CRIC login issues. Continue your 10CRIC betting journey!


10CRIC login – Latest links 2022

The 10CRIC India login process is a little different from the signup process, but it’s just as easy. Firstly you need to visit the 10CRIC official site to log in.

10CRIC login issues

  • New members must create their accounts at 10CRIC Register.
  • Then simply click the Login button in the upper right corner of the 10CRIC page.
  • A dialog box will open up, enter your username and password, and you’re all set.

5 common 10CRIC login issues faced by punters

When the 10CRIC login issue arises, the pop-ups on the page usually show the causes. However, there are occasions when the screen is blank. Though other problems can emerge, the following are the 5 most common 10CRIC login issues.

10CRIC login issues

#1. Wrong password – The majority of login failures are caused by incorrectly filled-in usernames & passwords. Because we can’t see the passwords most of the time due to privacy settings, we type them incorrectly.

#2. Account locked – If you make too many erroneous sign-in attempts in a short period of time, your account will be automatically locked as a security measure. In some circumstances, you’ll receive an error message that says your user account will be temporarily blocked if you try to log in unsuccessfully too many times.

#3. Browser cache – It’s possible that you have old files in your “browser cache.” These files can sometimes cause the browser to malfunction resulting in a 10CRIC login issue.

#4. Slow network – You’re more likely to experience a 10CRIC login issue if your network is unstable or slow. Due to a sluggish internet connection, the pages may even time out.

#5. Multiple logins – Intentionally or internally if you try to login to 10CRIC on 2 different systems at the same time then you are sure to face a 10CRIC login issue. Since it strictly follows one system at a time policy.

3 instant solution for 10CRIC login issues

Well now that we are aware of what are the various 10CRIC login issues one can come across. It’s time to look at how to fix it. So if you face a 10CRCI login issue, be cool & follow the below 3 solutions.

10CRIC login issues

#1. Reset password – Reseting password clears 50% of your problem max times. If you request a new password, your account will be unblocked & you can smoothly resume your 10CRIC gaming adventure.

#2. Login after some time – If you receive an error due to high traffic, try logging in again later or when traffic is low, such as at night or during work hours.

10CRIC login issues

#3. Contact cs team – If the above 2 fails, you can always call the 10CRIC customer service team. To do so, go to the website’s homepage & click on live chat that is available 247 to clear your doubts.

4 silly mistakes to avoid while 10CRIC login

Haven’t faced any such 10CRIC login issues to date? Well and good! As the saying goes “Precaution is always better than cure”. Below are the 4 common silly mistakes you need to know to avoid facing 10CRIC login issues in the future.

10CRIC login issues

  1. Incorrect username – When inputting your 10CRIC username, be cautious. A small white space into your username, the system will interpret that space as a character, and your username will be invalid.
  2. Wrong password – If you have updated your password recently, then make sure you are inputting the updated password. Password is always encrypted for security purposes so type it correctly.
  3. Using slow-speed network – Don’t forget to check your internet connectivity before trying to log in. A slow-speed internet may lead to page time out & ultimately lead to login failure.
  4. Incorrect link – Visiting the wrong website & trying for 10CRIC login is simply foolishness. Always check if you are on the right path & then go for login.

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Be intelligent and attentively read this article to learn how to get out of 10CRIC login issues. It may not always be possible to contact professionals in the event of an emergency. To help yourself, you’ll need some basic knowledge. Even if you believe you have adequate computer skills, they will be useless if you are unable to use them. In these instances, be calm & composed, and employ the tactics listed above for the best results.

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