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Having nothing to do after coming home from a long day at work has to be one of the most boring things in the world. This is why you tend to look for forms of entertainment. Yes, you may manage to turn on the TV and watch sports matches going on but would you truly be entertained? How about joining in on the fun then? Join 10CRIC using our easy guide and enjoy being a part of sports matches from the sidelines and more!

The Easiest Way to Sign Up at 10CRIC – A 4-Step Easy Guide

By now, you already have an understanding of the benefits of 10CRIC and that it is a completely safe online betting platform in India. You can now go ahead and follow our simple guide on how to register an account on 10CRIC’s official site.

Step 1. ‘Join’ 10CRIC India by filling in your personal details

  • The first step to registering at 10CRIC is to find the official 10CRIC India site and (1) click on ‘Join Now‘ available at the top right side of the homepage, as shown in the image below.


  • You will then be taken to a page where you will need to fill in your details. As you can see it is divided into 3 sections. These include your Personal Information, Contact Information, and Account Information.


  • The first part requires you to (2) fill in your Personal Information. So, what you enter in this section will become the basic part of your profile at 10CRIC India. It is important that you enter the details carefully.
  • Mr/Ms: The first thing you need to select is your preferred honorific, that is “Mr” or “Ms”.
  • Name and Surname: As you can see, there are two boxed available for your name and surname respectively. Here, you will enter the name exactly how it is written on your PAN Card or Bank Account. When you enter your surname, make sure that you do not use any characters. So if your surname is “D’souza”, you need to remove the apostrophe mark.
  • Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth here by selecting the numbers from the drop-down menu. You need to be of age 18 or above to register at 10CRIC.
  • Email Address: Next, you need to enter a valid Email ID. Be sure you enter an Email Address that is active to receive updates and notifications about your account and the latest deals.

Note: It is important that you enter these details exactly as it is written in official IDs like your Bank Account or PAN Card. This will help with account verification.

  • (3) Click on the ‘Next‘ button and go to Step 2.

Step 2. Enter your Active Contact Information

  • Next, you will need to (4) fill in your Contact Details.
  • Begin with selecting your country from the drop-down bar. If “India” is already selected for you, you do not need to change anything.
  • Phone Number: After this, you will find 2 rectangle boxes where you will need to enter your phone number. The first box will have your country’s telephone code and the second box will contain your phone number.


Note: India’s telephone code is +91. Make sure you enter the correct and active phone number.

  • Address: Moving on, you will then have to enter your address. Again, you need to enter the address linked to your official IDs. Also, the address you mention here should be cut short.
  • City and Pin Code: Select your city and enter the accurate area PIN code. If you do not know your area PIN code then you can use google to find out by entering your address in the search bar.
  • Once done, you can (5) click on ‘Next‘ and go to step 3.

Step 3. Enter your Account Details Precisely

  • Step 3 requires you to (6) fill in your Account Information. This includes adding a user name that stands out and entering a strong password.


  • Username: Remember to be unique and create with your username as it should stand out. Not only that, it needs to be a name that is at least 6 to 20 characters long. Additionally, you need to create a name using only letters and digits.
  • Password: Just like your username, your password must be unique. It also needs to be 6 to 20 characters long. As suggested, you need to create a strong password that is also easy to remember. So, feel free to use letters, numbers as well as special characters to make it strong. However, spaces are not allowed in your password.
  • After confirming your password, you need to (7) enter your preferred form of currency. Here, INR will already be selected.


  • Next, you will be given a captcha code consisting of numbers and letters in a distorted way. Be sure to enter the correct code in the box next to it. If you cannot understand what the code is, you can click on the ‘Refresh‘ button available next to the code.
  • Lastly, and only after going through the terms and conditions, (8) click on the tiny box stating that you have agreed to the terms and conditions, and then go ahead and click on ‘Create my Account’.

Note: Immediately after you create your account, you will find a pop-up box asking you to make your first deposit. Before you enter the details, you will need to go to the promotions section and look at the 2 10CRIC Welcome Bonuses available for new accounts.

Claim 2 hot promotions for new members at 10CRIC India

The first and most appealing sportsbook promotion in the sports betting market is 10CRIC’s Sportsbook Bonus. With this, you can earn 100% cash back up to ₹30,000 on your First Deposit Bonus of ₹1,000. Additionally, if you manage to completely claim the promotions, you can also win 10 Free Spins on the gaming slot “Idols of Fortune”


The second and equally appealing 10CRIC Welcome Bonus is its Casino Bonus. Here, you can get a 150% up to ₹15,000 bonus on 10CRIC’s Casino Games. Just like the above promotion, the minimum deposit amount for the Casino Games Bonus is ₹1,000. Besides this, you can win a Free Bet worth ₹500 if you manage to claim the promotion fully. To add to the offer, if your first deposit amount is ₹10,000 and above, you will win an extra bonus of 10%.

Find answers to 5 important questions about 10CRIC

Now that you have applied for a new 10CRIC account, you can explore the site to gain a betting understanding. However, there probably would still be many questions on your mind. Below mentioned are 5 important questions about 10CRIC that you should know the answers to.

Why do I need to verify my details?

Uploading documents on sites can be a scary move especially when these documents are sensitive to your identity. So this question is definitely something that most new joiners have. The reason you need to verify your details is for security purposes. Verifying your details on your newly made account with lock your spot with 10CRIC’s database. So if there are any issues in the future, they can be resolved immediately. Besides, doing your 10CRIC Account Verification is good and important to avoid any fraudulent activities. To verify your account at 10CRIC you will need your passport, PAN card, or Driver’s license

Is 10CRIC safe to use in India?

Knowing what you are signing up for is always good and so this question is completely valid. So, Yes! 10CRIC is one of the most trusted platforms used by many Indian gamers. This online betting platform is licensed by Curacao Government.


You can also check the 10CRIC customer reviews for more credibility. Besides this, one of the best cricket players, Chris Gayle, poses as their brand ambassador giving the site a high market value. So, there is absolutely nothing to worry about because betting and playing 10CRIC is completely risk-free.

Can I withdraw my bonus immediately after applying?

The best part about 10CRIC is its promotions with exciting bonus offers, as mentioned above. So it is natural that you would want to earn your winnings immediately. However, you can only withdraw your bonus once all the rollover or wagering requirements are completed. To know what these requirements are visit the terms and conditions page on the 10CRIC official site. Besides this, when the bonus money is turned into real money by completing the rollover or wagering requirements, then you will be able to withdraw the real money.

Are my personal details safe with 10CRIC?

To test this let us look at the process of changing the details on your account. If you wish to do so, you will have to email the 10CRIC customer care team with the details of what you wish to change. Not only this but you will have to send a document for proof. This applies to even if you want to change a typo in your name. Another way to check the security is the SSL certificate. You can access that by clicking on the ‘lock’ icon near the official site’s link, as shown in the picture below.


So, absolutely yes! As mentioned above, your details will be locked in 10CRIC’s database so that they can be retrieved in times of need. It is also important to enter your accurate details. Not only this, but your details should match the verification documents that you will be uploading. Thus, 10CRIC is very strong when it comes to their security and your account is very safe in their hands.

How do I know I can gamble responsibly with 10CRIC?

Since 10CRIC offers exciting games and back-to-back promotions, it is possible that you may get addicted to gambling. Thus, there may come a time when you probably would feel like stepping away from gambling and placing bets to save money or just to take a break. However, this does not mean that you should leave behind your hobby as gambling is considered to be a cool skill.

10CRIC cares about your security as well as well-being. Thus, it ensures that you gamble responsibly and take charge of gambling rather than it being the other way around. So, instead of deleting your account and leaving the 10CRIC family, you can apply for self-exclusion. To do this, you can send an email to 10CRIC’s customer support and mention the period of time you would like to step away from gambling with the reasons. Not only this, but 10CRIC can also assist you with links that could help you with your gambling addiction.

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3 Benefits of Joining 10CRIC India

  1. Entertaining to its Core: At 10CRIC you can spend your time betting on intriguing sports games by just sitting back and relaxing at home. Not only this, but you can also use 10CRIC to play online game slots as well as Live Casinos. With the app, you can gain access to a world full of entertainment at the tip of your finger. This is the best way to unwind and earn money.
  2. Easy Transaction Process: Speaking of money, 10CRIC is one of the safest betting platforms when it comes to it. It is a place that prioritizes its customer’s fun time. This means, that they offer an experience where you do not have to worry about depositing money online. The transaction process is quick as well as easy that comes with a wide range of payment options.
  3. Amazing Bonus Deals: Lastly, 10CRIC offers some of the best bonus deals. Existing profiles have access to promotion deals that give out weekly bonuses. Not only this, but as a new joiner you will get access to 2 of the best Welcome Bonuses available in the online betting world.


10CRIC registration would allow you not only to be updated on the sports matches going on around but also to be a part of it by placing your bets on teams. Besides this, it gives you tons of casino games to play. You can get a chance to win big bonus offers by 10CRIC and double your money by sitting back and enjoying the entertainment. Join 10CRIC today and claim the aforementioned exciting promotions today!

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