7 Best 10CRIC tricks 2022 – 90% Guaranteed win for newbies

Visit 10CRIC, the best online Casino & Sportsbook in India! Learn the Top 7 10CRIC tricks for newcomers to ensure a 90% guaranteed win in betting and gambling.

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Time is money, no matter in which world you reside in. That’s why we present you the top 7 well-researched 10CRIC tricks for newcomers, which ensures a livelihood without time-consuming mistakes and a 90% guarantee to win in online betting and gambling.

#1. Make boundaries in your bankroll

Use the rule of 50:30:20 to ensure that you don’t go wasting your all hard-earned money on 10CRIC. Divide your bankroll into three sections, needs, wants, and investment.

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  • Needs: Keep 50% of your bankroll in needs sections that handle your day-to-day expenses like groceries, EMI, bills, etc.
  • Wants: Put 30% of your bankroll aside for all the wants in your life, trip, betting, gambling, fancy restaurants, etc.
  • Investment: Learn to invest at an early age and keep 20% of your bankroll in investing for the future.

Spend 30% of your bankroll as you want but don’t go spending more than that on gambling to sustain a balanced life.

#2. Take advantage of available bonuses

10CRIC offers the best deals in promotion for newcomers and even for the existing players, it provides daily and weekly reloads for existing players to support their activity and ensure welcome hosting.

  • Sportsbook welcome promotion: Claim 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹30,000 and 10 free spins in 10CRIC Wild Wickets.
  • Live Casino welcome promotion: Get a 100% first deposit bonus of up to ₹20,000 in Live Casino wallet with code BOSSPLAY1.

Claim 10CRIC welcome bonus by just signing in at 10CRIC, making your first required minimum deposit, and fulfilling rollover requirements to unlock the winning bonus amount.

#3. Understand more than just fundamentals

If you want to excel in the world of online betting on sports and gambling in casino card games then you have to learn more than just fundamental basics.

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  • The importance of knowing fundamental basics is deniable but that’s not the only aspect of online betting and gambling.
  • You should be aware of various aspects to become a successful bettor or to increase the chances of becoming a successful bettor.
  • Strategies, following developments, adapting to changes from offline to online are the important aspects to look after in order to become a successful bettor.

Understanding further aspects are the key and most important 10CRIC trick to boost your winning, register at 10CRIC, and win real money.

#4. Don’t chase huge profits

You might end up losing all your small profits if you go on chasing huge profits desperately.

  • A simple strategy to keep winning at 10CRIC live casino is being happy with smaller profits, as these small profits give large returns overall.
  • Chase small profits instead of risking yourself to large losses, chasing huge profits also means chasing large losses as the probability is uncertain.
  • If you are starting your online gambling journey then we would suggest you start with multiple small wagers on different games instead of one large bet on a single game.

Chasing small profits won’t make you rich but will definitely teach you how things are done without risking lump sum money in a live casino.

#5. Analyze and calculate the probabilities

The success in online betting depends on the probability of winning the bet, which is the most important aspect of the online gambling world.

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  • The entire procedure of online betting entails a plethora of probabilities, which are represented by the betting odds at 10CRIC India.
  • Betting odds are presented by the betting professional experts in sports and casino games to provide an idea for the players to bet on which team or side.
  • Newcomers often mistake it with a multiplier for their potential winning returns whereas they are the probability that betting associate provides for a specific event.

10CRIC provides odds to understand quotas and how they are increased, understand what it means to you and use it to your advantage.

#6. Pick single and place smaller bets

There are three types of bets: system bets, accumulator bets, and single bets. The popularity of former ones depends on different players.

  • Single bets are the most commonly used bets, they are safe, simple to understand, and elegant to use, it requires some luck and extensive knowledge.
  • ‘Bet more to win more’ – don’t you hear this phrase all the time but the truth is, it is incomplete as it doesn’t tell you that there’s also a possibility of losing more if you bet more money.
  • Smaller bets save you from large losses, suppose you bet ₹100 in one round and end up losing but if you bet ₹5 in one round, then you can play 20 rounds before you lose ₹100 again, which is absolutely impossible.

Waging small bets and single bets are the key aspects of winning at 10CRIC sportsbook, have fun gambling.

#7. Consider the timing of your bets

Understand the worth of your time and bets, wager the bet when the odds are available on the market.

10CRIC tricks 03

  • Indulge in live betting, then you can ensure the probability of odds while watching the match to be sure of your betting options.
  • Early bets come with different sets of risks, therefore it’s better to wait for live betting and betting at the very end of the match.
  • What if the player is injured in between the match and ends up changing the odds completely, this will change your odds of winning and the value of your research.

Hence, choose live betting and better betting odds to win at 10CRIC.

Explore the online betting market and start your online gambling journey to earn some fun-earned real money.


We respect your time and therefore, provide you the top 7 well-researched 10CRIC tricks for newcomers, which ensures a livelihood without time-consuming mistakes and a 90% guarantee to win in online betting and gambling. Sign up at 10CRIC and claim welcome bonuses of up to ₹30,000.

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