10CRIC under maintenance – why so & what should players do?

10CRIC not working? Know-how & why 10CRIC is under maintenance. Don’t worry & learn what players should do when 10CRIC under maintenance pops up on the screen.

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What does 10CRIC under maintenance mean?

Website is the foundation of every business, it’s your presence in the online world and it’s your shop in the virtual world; where people visit to know your company, find your contact information and purchase your products. Visit 10CRIC customer reviews, find out everything about 10CRIC India.


10CRIC under maintenance means that the website has disabled its functions for some time and redirects players to the temporary page, indicating that the website is under maintenance.

5 Reasons for 10CRIC to go under maintenance

Whenever you come across such pop up on your screen, websites don’t provide any reasons for disabling the functionaries of the website but we got your back here. Know 5 possible reasons for ‘10CRIC under maintenance’ pop up on your screen when you visit 1OCRIC.


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  1. Server Overload: If a website is hosted under a shared server by the host then an excessive rush of customers will create a surge to the site and the host will suspend the website to save other websites. An unexpected rush can make a website crash or disable the functions of the website due to web traffic.
  2. Hardware & Software issues: Surprisingly power failure is the most common and tops in the list for the reasons for the website to go down. Downtime possibility is increased due to the absence of periodical hardware maintenance and service program that could result in an unexpected failure.
  3. Malicious Cyber Attack: One needs to be aware of the traffic, as a sudden rush of web traffic can be the cover of hackers or malware to cause a major outage. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is an attempt to send huge fake traffic on your website to take the website down.
  4. Weak DNS connection: Loose connection between the server and Domain Name System can make the website go down. Wrongly spelled server’s name in domain’s registrar can be the culprit of the website’s slow connection.
  5. CMS Complications: The content management system has its own hiccups. A website can go down the cause of bad code, botched plugging, and system database issues. Frequent updates via WordPress and CMS should be followed up by the frequent check-up of websites for any errors.

What to do when 10CRIC not working?

The only thing a player can do is have patience and wait for the site to resume its functions. Have faith in 10CRIC India as you trust it enough to put your money in, the first place and reboot your system to avoid any uploading problem from your side.


If you get a problem in uploading the website pages then unplug your modem and router, wait for 10 seconds and plug them again to try uploading the pages again. If the problem still remains the same then contact your local network hardware to look into it.

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There are no worries when a website goes down, you won’t lose the money you deposited in 10CRIC. Most of the time, 1OCRIC under maintenance due to the simple reason, 10CRIC to disable its functionaries can be the routine website maintenance procedure and nothing more. So, don’t worry and have chosen to have faith where you invested your money.

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