What are 10Cric withdrawal issues in India: Get quick answer

Can not withdraw your money from 10Cric account? Know what are 10Cric withdrawal issues in India by HappyIndia88. Get it resolved quickly via customer support!

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3 Common 10Cric withdrawal issues faced by members in India

The online betting market is a high-class enterprise. People visit online betting websites to bet on their favored sports or casino games either for relaxation or to make money.

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While cashing out the winning money via withdrawal process at 10Cric which is one of the top 3 online betting brands in India, members encounter 3 common issues listed below:

#1. Playing on a fraudulent site via wrong access links

  • Facing issues while making 10Cric withdrawal winnings can be a sign that the casino is trying to cheat by using fragile reasons or even canceling withdrawal requests.
  • You must be careful of fraudulent sites which act as genuine online sites with an almost similar domain name but, in reality, they’re different and appear like 10Cric. There are several sites like these online.
  • Always visit honest websites to check reviews and access 10Cric login links for newcomers.

#2. Haven’t fulfilled the rollover requirement

  • 10Cric demands its players to wager their deposited money a specific number of times before they can withdraw any winnings from the earnings.
  • If a 10Cric declines to release your winnings, first you must check and verify that you have completed the wagering necessity before trying to make a 10Cric withdrawal again.

#3. Failed to provide proof of identity documents


  • Before a 10Cric can approve the withdrawal of your winnings, it has to verify your identity with the casino.
  • Among 10Cric’s essential Terms and Conditions is identity verification, and you must read the user agreement before signing up your betting account at 10Cric.
  • To avoid 10Cric withdrawal issues, members need to provide the mandated documents for the same.
  • They contain an ID, proof of deposit, and a utility bill for the last 90 days.

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2 Solutions to overcome 10Cric withdrawal issues by HappyIndia88

If you faced all the above conditions of 10Cric withdrawal issues to release your money then, there are 2 modes you use it. Those are listed below.

1. Contact customer support with proof

After winning money at 10Cric and you come across some 10Cric withdrawal issues, the foremost step must be to quit the game until you get the issue solved.

  • Enclose screenshots of your winnings, payment history, balance, chat history, or save emails if any. These are all essential in the matter of controversy.
  • Move to reach out to 10Cric customer care service and listen to their view of this case.
  • If they tell you a violation of your claim, assure that you understand everything.
  • Keep them defining everything so that you can understand which violation you assembled.
  • If they try to ignore you and don’t offer any reason or facts, take the next actions.


2. Get in touch with the gambling council

Discover the gambling committee controlling the 10Cric and report them via email.

  • Such data is provided by the 10Cric casino in the website’s footer area.
  • Since 10Cric appreciates its prestige and strives to avoid players’ grievances, it will do its finest work to restrain the problem.
  • They may suggest you other offerings on top of your winnings, including free spins and other rewards.
  • If the above approaches don’t produce any gains, go the legal route.
  • However, remember that most online betting casinos may be based outside your homeland, which implies you’ll need a lawyer from
  • where the casino is located. The procedure of filing a case could be costly and exhausting.


In the end, it is always more profitable to choose an online casino that reliably settles winning money. The most uncontroversial manner to do this is to discover a reputable resource that deals with all the most acceptable paying online casino standards – 10Cric India it set a focus on ensuring to overcome 10Cric withdrawal issues process is simplified.

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