3 Patti Tricks to Win Online: Use 12 Tips & Win ₹7,000 daily

12 Proven 3 Patti Tricks to Win! Discover & Follow 3 Patti Tips And Tricks to boost your 98% Winning rate. Save & Buy your dream house by earning ₹7,000 daily.

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Playing Online casinos has given many budding gamblers the to enhance their gambling skills freely as long as they use a legal and good online betting site. The case is the same for many Indian Gamblers as they enjoy playing their favourite online casino game 3 Patti. However, the 3 Patti casino game is not only famous in India but is known by various other names across the globe like 3 card brag or 3 card poker.

Yes, the 3 Patti game is an Indian variation of poker which is even more simple to play than Poker itself. So learning how to play Teen Patti online is simple, but winning the game will require you to adopt some 3 Patti tips and tricks. So, here we have accumulated 12 pro 3 Patti Tricks to win online that would help you earn around ₹7000 every day using online betting sites like Betway.


#1 Play at a Legal Online Betting Site

In India, the legality of casinos online is very blurred because the rules of gambling, although they exist, have not been altered for a long time and they only cater to physical casinos. So, as long as an online betting site has a legal license from any foreign company, online gambling is allowed. However, there are some responsibilities that you have to take from your end as well. One such responsibility is finding a good legal online betting site to play Teen Patti at. To do this, you must be mindful of 2 important online casino aspects:

  1. Legality: As mentioned above, in order to be safe from any fraudulent online casino activities, it is important to first check whether the online betting site you choose has a legal license from a foreign company. Besides this, you should also ensure that their license is up to date and offered by a legal foreign company.
  2. Responsibility: The next important thing you must make sure of when selecting an online betting site for 3 Patti is that they ensure responsible gaming. This means that the site should allow you to set betting limits for yourself and offer reasonable bonuses as well as low betting rates.

Finding these 2 important things in an online betting site makes that online betting site a good one that will help you win more cash as a gambler. We recommend using Betway Live Casino as your go-to gaming site as it not only offers legality and responsibility but also amazing bonus offers where you will get ₹500 free bets for every ₹500 you spent.

#2 Use a Good Game Room

Now that you have found your online betting site which is legal and safe the next tip you must follow is to find a  good online game room available on the online betting site. This means that you must explore your online betting site and find the best game rooms that cater to your needs as a gambler and let you play smoothly without any hassles. To do this, like the above point, you should look for these two important aspects of the game room:

  1. Easy-to-Use: The moment you enter the online game room where you choose to play 3 Patti, you should be able to understand most of the navigations there, that is how it works and what you must do to place bets. Besides this, you should also make sure that your game room has a live dealer cam that you can monitor.
  2. Low Betting Rates: Another important aspect of your game room should be low minimum betting rates. This is important, especially when playing casino games like Teen Patti online, the Indian Poker. Online casino games like 3 Patti have many betting rounds and so, you will have to bet more than once in 1 single round. So having a game room that offers low minimum betting rates is best.

Most online betting sites have partnered with many game room providers in the gambling world. However, not all game room providers offer the same services to their customers. This is why it is important that you look for an online game room provider that offers the above two important aspects. Of course, if they offer more service then that is even better.


#3 Understand the Terms and Conditions

This is an area which is mostly avoided almost everywhere by everyone, except for pro gamblers. Yes, reading the terms and conditions section can be very boring but when it comes to online gambling you must never ignore the terms and conditions of the online betting site as well as your game room provider.

  • This is because the most important rules of online casinos are hidden here.
  • That being said since this section is ignored many online casinos tend to scam people by adding things the players do not agree with in their conditions section knowing that the players will ignore it.
  • So, learning about the basic terms and conditions of the online betting site as well as the game room is essential to avoid violating the conditions or indulging in anything you do not agree with.

Learning the terms and conditions can be boring, but if you want to be a pro player and avoid any trouble while having the leisure of endless entertainment, then you must carry out the task as a part of your research for finding the good site and game room to play 3 Patti at.

#4 Learn the Betting Odds and Payouts

As mentioned above, 3 Patti online is a game which is an easier variant of Betway Poker and thus, whoever gets the best hand in the game would deem the winner of the bet.

  • Since there are many hands in online Teen Patti, the odds and payouts of them will be different. So, it is important for you to look at the betting odds and payout of the table in the game room.
  • So, when you play 3 Patti and you get a hand which has the highest odds of winning, then you must be wise when choosing to fold or play further. Refer to tip #6 for further instructions.

Once you learn the odds and payouts you can make accurate decisions when playing 3 Patti online. Besides that, you can also notice whether your live casino game room online is cheating you by offering fewer payouts than what you should be receiving.

#5 Use the Minimum Betting Amount to Play

One of the important criteria for finding a good game room to play 3 Patti on the online betting site that you selected was to look for the lowest minimum betting rate. Thus, you must use this lowest minimum betting rate, especially as a beginner.

  • It is emphasized above that Teen Patti is a game which is an easier version of Poker, however, the gameplay is almost similar as 1 round has many betting rounds.
  • This means that you will have to wager again using the same amount or more. Thus, it is wise to use the least betting rate available at your casino online.

Besides this, using the minimum betting limit, as a beginner is important because you do not really know how many rounds you can lose and thus, betting double would in the end not give you the expected payout.


#6 Know When to Fold or Play

Since 3 Patti is an easier version of Poker, there will be many betting rounds in one round. The difference is that in most 3 Patti games, you will have to at least 1 or 2 more betting rounds. Although more betting rounds in the game were introduced as a nice way of enhancing the entertainment, it is also the most crucial time of the gameplay as you must make a decision between 2 options:

  1. Fold: The first option you will receive is the Fold option. When you decide to continue playing with the cards that are already dealt to you, you must click on Fold. This must be done only when you are confident in the hand dealt to you.
  2. Play: If you think that you can and will get a better hand when you get another card, then you must click on Play. Doing so would require you to wager the same or double the stakes again. This must be done if you are sure that you can get a better hand to win the round.

Knowing when to Fold and when to Play in the 3 Patti game online is important as it will determine whether you will win or lose the hand you already were dealt. Thus, to be more accurate, you must look into the online 3 Patti game play and memorize the best card rankings thoroughly.

#7 Observe the Game Play

Now that you know most of the basic things that you must do in a 3 Patti game room which will help you boost your winnings, let us look at some tips and tricks that will help you save your money while earning more.

  • The first thing you must do when you join a 3 Patti table is to observe the gameplay and understand how it flows.
  • This means that it is not necessary to start your game immediately after entering the game room. You should observe and keep track of which hand wins more and which ones don’t.

Thus, you must make sure to sit back and watch a few rounds before you place your first bet in the game room. It could help you analyze as well as strategize your own game plan and how much you wish to spend and earn.

Note: Sometimes just watching the gameplay can get boring, this is when you can use the hot or cold strategy to decide when you can bet next. Based on your Belief, if you think that the Dealer will win in the next round, this will be cold, meaning you can skip this round. But if you believe that the player will win the next round, you can place your bets as the player, this will be a hot bet.

#8 Use 3 Patti Betting Strategies

When online gambling you often have 2 options, one is to observe the game and come up with your own strategy to save more and spend less or use a ready-made one that will help you boost your wallet earnings in no time, especially as a beginner. 2 of the most famous online betting strategies include:

  1. Martingale Strategy: In the Martingale strategy, every time you lose you must double up on your betting stake so that when you win you can earn back what you lost.
  2. Reverse Martingale Strategy: In the Reverse Martingale Strategy, you must double up your betting stake every time you win to receive more payouts as you reach your betting limit.

Using online betting strategies is a task and will require you to be mathematically sharp. However, the best part of it is that you will not only have fun playing 3 Patti but will also have fun deciding on how much you need to wager in the coming rounds. Thus, using an online betting strategy is a good way to be immersed and mindful at the same time when playing 3 Patti online.


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#9 Try Different Game Rooms

Another important trick to use when playing 3 Patti online to win is to check out different game rooms available on the online betting site that you choose. Of course, this will either require you to bend the rules of trick #2 or you could use this tip hand-in-hand with the aforementioned trick.

  • Trying different game rooms when playing 3 Patti online would not only help you learn the game quickly but it would also make you more adaptable to the gameplay.
  • Using different game rooms would mean using different betting rates to play with which could help you win even more if you find a better game room. This also applies to your online betting site.

So if you find a game room that you enjoy using more than the one you were initially using, you can switch. If the second game room offers a slightly higher minimum betting rate, then you must consider the next 3 Patti trick to win.

#10 Set a Betting Limit

In continuation with the aforementioned tip to win more at 3 Patti, you should consider setting a betting limit for yourself. Doing so has many benefits which can help you control yourself and not spend too much.

  • This ensures that you maintain a healthy relationship between online gambling and yourself as well as makes sure that you do not spend a lot of money unnecessarily.
  • You can remove some money aside to play online betting and then set daily or weekly limits for yourself that you can spend without any regrets.

Doing this simple thing could help you develop as a good and responsible gambler. Additionally, using online betting sites which not only ensure responsible gaming but also helps you set daily limits, like Betway India, can be the most beneficial. Betway even offers help for gambling addiction and allows account suspension if you opt for it.


#11 Know When to Leave the 3 Patti Table

Again in continuation with the above tip, many pro gamblers are called pros because they are in control of their gambling as well as their money. This also means that they know when to quit the 3 Patti Table for the day.

  • As mentioned above, setting a betting limit for yourself would help you control your money, and once when this limit is over for the day, you must make sure that you get up from the table and stop playing for the day.
  • This also applies to when you are winning continuously at the 3 Patti table. This way you can be in control of yourself which would also allow you to come back to play the game again.

Gambling is a cool skill one can own but what makes people turn their heads from this skill is the fact that it is addictive. However, if you are a responsible gambler, owning the skills of gambling makes you ten times more attractive.

#12 Test Your Luck and Have Fun Betting

The last important trick to win 3 Patti online is to just test your luck and see the outcome. This pro tip is used and given by many top gamblers.

  • The most fun part about playing at online casinos, which is also the essence of casinos around the world, is testing how lucky you are by placing bets.
  • So, you must first learn how to maintain your cool demeanour on the 3 Patti table by testing your luck without using any strategies.

Interestingly, when you do this, you can suddenly switch up your game and pull out a winning strategy, after all when playing the 3 card Poker game you must bluff to win.

In Conclusion

These were the pro 3 Patti Tricks to win used by top gamblers across the globe. Using these tricks can take time however the most important thing that you must do is practice. This also means that you must play the 3 Patti casino games online using an online betting site like Betway that ensures you game online responsibly. Using all these and a site like Betway would definitely boost your winning by 98% as you earn more the more you master these skills.

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