12 Andar Bahar Winning Tricks – Pro Tips to Win ₹5,000 daily

12 Winning tips & tricks for Andar Bahar (अंदर बहार) online casino game to increase the winning rate up to 98%. Follow the tricks Chart to win ₹5,000 every day.


Andar Bahar is the second most popular online casino card game in India after baccarat and players are earning millions of dollars with Andar Bahar tips online on daily basis. You can join that team and become one of the players to earn thousands of dollars every day. Read the tips and tricks for Andar Bahar by online gambling professionals at 10cric & W88cric and enhance your chances of winning ₹5,000 every day in an hour of playing and fun. Keep reading this article to know how to win andar bahar in casino online.

#1. Start by Placing Small Amount of bets

Initiate the game with small bets, specifically if you are a newcomer. Betting low in the game will allow you to remain to play the game in the long run. Besides, you would be doubling your stake per defeat to enhance your bankroll. As you move forward, you can be getting chances to boost your stakes. Even skilled players maintain themselves secure by setting small bets. It is more profitable in the long run, and you will protect your bankroll from failing.


Hence, keep track of your betting stake and don’t go spending all of your hard-earned money in one go at Andar Bahar online. Keep a portion of your bankroll, less than 5% to spend on online gambling and divide your betting limits accordingly. If you are an organized person and obsessed with lists, there’s no better option than creating a sheet for your expenses and monitoring them.

#2. Favour Andar over Bahar for Better Odds

There’s an extremely simple answer to the question: Why should you choose Andar over Bahar when Andar pays less than Bahar when you win? The odds of the Andar betting option are greater than Bahar. Bahar might provide you slightly more money than Andar when you win the bet on it, but the chances of Andar winning the game is more when compared to bahar.

Odds on Andar are 51.01% and the odds on Bahar are 48.99%, you might have thought that the odds on Andar and Bahar will be 50-50 but that’s not the reality. In reality, Andar has a greater chance of winning the game compared to Bahar. Hence, if you apply a Martingale’s strategy to the Andhar Bahar game we would recommend being loyal to the Andar pole.

How to play Andar Bahar online? We have got a complete guide to knowing the rules, understanding gameplay, and real money examples.

#3. Martingale Strategy in Andar Bahar Betting

Players keep on doubling the betting amount until he wins the game, balancing out the losses. In the Martingale strategy, the player starts with the least betting amount and continues to double that betting amount each round until he finally wins and gains his previous losses back. A most important condition to fulfill in order to make the Martingale strategy work is being loyal to one side throughout the game till you choose to follow the Martingale strategy.


For instance, if you began with placing a bet of ₹5 on andar and lose the bet. Place a bet of ₹20 on Andar in the second round, if you lose again; place a bet of ₹20 on Andar. Suppose you finally won in the 3rd bet, you will receive ₹40 in return. Balancing out the losses of previously lost bets and giving a profit of ₹5. Martingale Strategy can be considered as the Andar Bahar Winning Formula.

#4. Anti-Martingale Betting Strategy in Andar Bahar

Well, the name suggests the most itself, following a strategy opposite of Martingale betting strategy is known as Anti-martingale betting strategy. In this strategy, players tend to keep placing the bets while increasing the size of the bet in every round until he loses the game. Same as the Martingale strategy, players have to be loyal to one side till the very end of the Anti-Martingale strategy.

Suppose a player place a bet of ₹10 on bahar and won the round, he will place the bet of ₹20 again on Banker. If he wins the bet again, he’ll place another bet of ₹40 on the banker. If you lose this bet, he can either stop playing the game or restart following the Anti-Martingale strategy by placing a bet of ₹10 on bahar again. This way, he won ₹60 in total and lost ₹40 in 3rd bet, making a profit of ₹20. Hence, the Anti-Martingale strategy is more profitable compared to the Martingale strategy as an Andar Bahar trick.

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#5. Hot & Cold Strategy – Red & Blue Spot

The hot & Cold strategy is based on superstition, if you believe in your luck and are willing to try this strategy, it might do wonders for you. Without further ado, let’s get into the main aspect of this Andhar Bahar trick, which is to make to earn more money.


  • Andar is marked as a blue dot and bahar are marked as a red dot by online betting sites to represent the previous winners in the left bottom corner of the screen. After reviewing the previous winners, there are two options that any player can select depending on his belief system.
  • Hot Strategy: A player who believes in hot strategy will bet on the side which has won the most in previous rounds predicting that it is more likely to win than the one which is losing often.
  • Cold Strategy: A played with a Cold strategy belief system will bet on the side which has lost often in the previous rounds predicting that it might win the next round after frequent losses.

#6. Odd or Even Strategy – Based on Superstition

Odd or Even is another superstitious strategy like Hot or Cold, it is based on the value of the first card. The dealer draws the first card and then players get the chance to place the bets. Those who believe in the Odd or Even strategy, they bet according to the number on the first base card.

  • Even number: If the number of the first card is even, that is a multiple of 2, then Andar is more likely to win.
  • Odd number: If the number on the first card is odd, not a multiple of 2, then Bahar is more likely to win.

We listed this strae=tegy in case you believe the most in your luck and are willing to take a risk. We don’t recommend following this Andar Bahar trick because there are many proven winning patterns available in the online gambling market to use and win.

#7. Hit some Main & Side bets once in a while

There are 4 side bets you can utilize while playing Andar bahar at 10Cric to expand your endearing prospect. The payout is much high for most of the side bets. Furthermore, there are chances to win a better amount based on diverse combinations from the side bets.


Suppose you place a bet on a red or black color the probability is 50%, and it will generate a payout of 1.9x of your stake portion. If it is put together with the standard bet (Andar or Bahar) the chance to win more boosts. Placing bets on a side bet is the best andar bahar winning strategy for rich gamblers.

#8. Know the Rules & Check the Variations

No matter how familiar you are with the rules of Andar and Bahar, you must look into the gameplay guide given by the online casino games provider to understand the rules of Andar Bahar in case they are simplified or altered by the casino. House edge, RTP, and payout percentage can vary from one provider to another, even the minimum betting limit varies from one online casino game provider to another. That’s why it is important to know the rules and variations before playing the game.

There are many variations of Andar Bahar, slightly altered by different online gambling sites to satisfy the needs of different players. Check the variations in the instruction section of the game before placing your bets. The simplest game can be made complicated by altering the simple rules and players can lose a large sum of money because of such misunderstandings.

#9. Don’t forget to claim the Worthy Promotions

Promotional deals work like a magnet to attract customers and they often do wonders for online betting sites until they encounter a really smart player who has already read our article. The trick is to find an online gambling platform with a better welcome bonus deal, some offers free credit without giving a single penny. Locate the platforms that offer 100% or more return on the deposit amount up to the highest amount possible in comparison.


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  • Dafabet: Win a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹8,000 in your Live Casino wallet on 1st deposit.

#10. Ignore the Urge to use Cheating devices

Any application, website, or device that promises to make you win instantly will create a great desire to use it, but they are no more than a scam on you and your wallet. No one can break the algorithm of online gambling sites, the most anyone can do is create closer strategies to balance out the losses by winning more.

Andar Bahar works on the principle of RNG, a random number generator and that’s why no cheating device can help you win every round on the online andar bahar casino card games. Hence, we recommend avoiding the temptation of investing your money in cheating devices and realizing that it was all a waste of time. Believe in your luck and follow other proven and relevant strategies to win more real money. Follow the pattern of Martingale’s strategy and many more Andar Bahar game tricks rather than believing in cheating devices.

#11. Select the Right Live Casino to play Andar Bahar

There are many factors to look at before choosing the ideal online gambling platform for yourself. We are here to help you decide on the best platform with 3 vast factors to consider while choosing the website.


  • License: Playing Andar Bahar at a legal online casino is not only important but safe and safety comes before money. Always look for a legal license for online gambling sites before playing the games. We recommend playing Andar Bahar online casino games in 10cric, licensed by CURACAO, and W88cric, licensed by PAGCOR.
  • Features: What does the right online gambling platform offer? Extensive range of products, valid SSL certificate, safe transactions, fast withdrawals, Android & iOS compatible applications, low house edge, better odds, and great RTP percentage. Look for all these features in any online gambling site to judge its credibility.
  • Services: Promotional deals and customer care services are the two main factors to look at in online gambling services. Better promotional deals show the strong finance of the online betting site and the 24×7 available team of great help for customers represents the thought process of online gambling sites, choose the best one.

#12. Conduct Responsible Gambling Code

  • Time Management: You need not give 10-12 hours to online gambling in a day to earn real money, 30 minutes a day is more than sufficient. Online gambling is addictive but you need to keep control of your time, you can have fun and blow off the steam of the day but don’t indulge in it 24×7. Treat it as a part-time job rather than a full one.
  • Money Management: No matter what amount you earn, don’t spend more than 5% of your monthly salary on online gambling. New players often get addicted and end up spending their money instead of winning more. The aim is to gain more and lose less, you should balance out your losses with the winnings. Keep track of your money.
  • Emotion Management: Players come to play online casino games for fun and blowing off the steam of the day, but that depends on the winnings and losing frequency. Somedays, you just might lose more than you win and that’s when you have to control your emotions. Don’t let a loss comes in the way of your winning at Andar Bahar.


Now that you have got acquainted with Andar Bahar Winning tricks, play Andar Bahar online casino game at 10cric.com or w88cric.com to earn huge profits of real money with great odds, greater payout, and greatest RTP rates. We can guarantee your winning rate will increase up to 98% if you follow the 12 tips and tricks for Andar Bahar religiously. Begin by claiming a 150% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000 at 10cric.com and a 150% bonus up to ₹12,000 on w88cric.com, these two are the prominent online gambling websites in India.

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