12 Easy Andar Bahar Tips and Tricks to Earn ₹7,000 Every Day!

Follow 12 Easy Andar Bahar Tips and Tricks crafted by Andar Bahar Game Masters to become a Pro Yourself. Play at Betway & get a chance to win up to ₹7,000 daily.

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Playing Andar Bahar is always a fun experience whether you are a beginner or a pro because it is one of the easiest online casino games to learn and the most fun way to help you earn money in less time. However, in order to do that later, you must pick up skills from your own site which will increase your winning rate by 98%! So, let us introduce you to the 12 pro tips every gambler who makes a living by betting online uses to earn more in less time. So, get ready and learn how to master these 12 pro tips using HappyIndia88 and Betway as your official betting site and guide.

Why Using Tips and Tricks in Andar Bahar is Important?

Before we get into the pro tips that will help you win many Andar Bahar rounds in a day, let us look into the importance of using these tips and how they can help you. Firstly, most of the tips mentioned below are guidelines that you must pay careful attention to before playing Andar Bahar online. This means that these tips include major precautions that you must take before playing Andar Bahar online so that you do not face any money-related issues in the future.


Yes, Casino games are most fun when you place bets blindly to test your luck, after all, Casino games were made to see how lucky you can get for the day. However, as fun as it sounds, the risks are too high because this means that you can get unlucky most of the time and in turn lose a lot of money that you already owned before joining the Andar Bahar table online. So, these tips will help you prevent any major issues from happening at online Andar Bahar tables and help you earn like a pro!

#1 Register an Account at a Good Online Betting Site

The first important tip that you must pay careful attention to is regarding the online betting site you choose to play Andar Bahar online. This is because your online betting site would be working as your investment place when it comes to online gambling, which means that you will have to deposit money online and use it to play at Live Casinos. Thus, when picking your online betting site, you will have to do thorough research and check mark these 2 things:

  1. Legality of the Site: The site that you should use to play Andar Bahar on should be completely legal but how can you make sure it is legal? Well, in India most online betting sites operate with a foreign license as online gambling is not really allowed in the country. So, when looking for a site to bet with, you should look for its license. This is not enough, you should also look into the company offering the license via in-depth research.
  2. Responsibility of the Site: The second most important thing when looking for an online site to play Andar Bahar is the Responsibility the site takes for its customers. This includes not only protecting customer data with strong security protocols but also how they ensure that their customers maintain a healthy relationship with gambling online and also a respectful attitude in the game rooms.

Of course, there are many aspects that you should take into careful consideration when picking an online betting site like bonus offers and cashback rebates, but the aforementioned two are the most important yet basic criteria that every online betting site should fulfil.

#2 Select a Good Game Room

Now that you have found a good online site to play Andar Bahar you should be able to navigate through it with ease and find the Live Casino domain where all the live dealer casino games are available online. By doing so you will notice that most online casino games are offered by many different game room providers that act like online betting playgrounds for you to play casino games at.

  • Using a good game room is very important because although you will be depositing your money in your online betting site wallets, this is where you will be spending it.
  • So, we recommend using a site like Betway India that not only ensures responsible gambling but also makes sure that you have fun gambling online by giving you Andar Bahar games provided by some of the top game room providers online.

This is why choosing a good game room becomes important as it will help you earn more money in less time. We will be looking into some of the main aspects of the game room you choose below so be sure to read more!


#3 Learn about the Conditions and Rules

The next and most important tip that you must follow is boring, however, if you want to be a pro in no time then you must do what the pros do, even if it is really boring. This is understanding the terms and conditions of the site as well as the game room you decide to play Andar Bahar.

  • It is always important to know what you are getting into especially when it is related to money, and one best way of doing so is by understanding the terms of the site and game room, as well as the conditions that you must follow to play Andar Bahar online.
  • Besides this, it is also important to understand the rules and conditions of the Andar Bahar game itself, and you must do so thoroughly.

Doing this is not only to be respectful to the game room and online betting site but doing so would also help you be vigilant of any fraudulent activities that the online betting site or game room may get you into. Besides this, understanding the game rules of Andar Bahar can help you catch any alterations in the rules or live dealer gameplay which can be reported and save you from losing valuable cash online.

#4 Set Some Money Aside for Playing Andar Bahar Online

It is important to remember that most of the Andar Bahar tips and tricks online created by great masters of the game have done so by analyzing many trials and errors. Yes, they too have made mistakes when betting online and most of them are related to money.

  • In India, gambling is a cool skill that is shunned because many gamblers tend to get addicted to all the awesome casino games and in turn end up losing a lot of money online.
  • Thus, it is important to maintain a healthy relationship online with money as well as gambling too. This is why the first two tips of this article are very important to follow as any online betting site that offers its customers more than it takes from them automatically is deemed a good betting site.

However, even at good betting sites, you will have to make some deposits to be able to play online casino games and so it is important that you set some money aside specifically for online gambling. This way you won’t be using rent money to play Andar Bahar causing unnecessary conflict at home.


#5 Set a Betting Limit Using Sites Like Betway

In continuation with the aforementioned point, it is important that you set a betting limit from the amount of money you decided to set aside specifically to play Andar Bahar online. One best and easiest ways to do this is by letting your online betting site help you with it. However, finding an online betting site that helps you set betting limits for yourself can be difficult and that is why we recommend using Betway India online.

  • Betway allows you to set not only betting limits but also deposit limits right at the moment you decide to create a Betway new account online.
  • These limits can be set daily or weekly or monthly, and come with different levels of the amount you can set. Thus, Betway is a great place in the online betting market where you can trustfully make transactions at.

Using Betway is a great way to save your money and be in control of online gambling rather than it being the other way around. Additionally, Betway offers some of the best cashback offers in the entire betting world. If you spend ₹500 on multiple games online weekly then you can get a chance to get ₹500 Free Bet every week which will help you gamble for free!

#6 Observe the Game Play of the Game Room

Whatever was said up till now was most of the precautions that pro gamblers take before they start to play Andar Bahar online. Let us now dive into what these game masters do when they join the game rooms and how they place bets that help them win almost every time.

  • It is important to remember that it is not necessary to immediately place bets in the Andar Bahar game room the moment you join the table.
  • Instead, you must master the art of observing the gameplay as well as the live dealer by not playing the first few rounds.

Doing so is important as it will help you catch any fraudulent act the live casino dealer might do via the live webcam, of course, finding a trusted game room is your responsibility in the first place. Additionally, doing so would be beneficial to make accurate bets as you can see which side wins more rounds and which one does not.


#7 Use the Least Minimum Betting Rate

Now that you are done observing the gameplay of the Andar Bahar Live Dealer game room, it is time that you join in on the fun and start placing your Andar Bahar bets online. However, like always, there is a tip that many great masters of the game use when placing bets online.

  • This next tip is something small yet can be very important in many ways, and it is to use the least minimum betting rate available online to place bets.
  • This is a great way to not only save up money but also to figure out the betting strategy you want to go ahead with. This means you can place bets with the minimum betting amount to see which side helps you win more.

Additionally, using the least betting amount available in the game room can help you more rounds as well as spend less. Thus, it is important that when looking for a game room you should find one that offers a low minimum betting rate. Since Andar Bahar is a pretty famous online casino game in India, finding one can be difficult and so we recommend using Betway Live Casino.

#8 Strategize your Betting Plan to Save Money

Now, this is where things may get technical and more fun and this tip is the most valuable one out of all the 12 pro master Andar Bahar tips. This is to strategize and come up with a betting strategy that can help you save up money. In the online gambling world, there are many betting strategies available that you can use to save money as well as make the act of placing bets online more fun.

  1. Martingale Strategy: Using the Martingale strategy, you must double the amount of stake you bet every time you lose a round and decrease it by one unit when there is a win. This way you can get your bet money back as the amount doubled when you eventually win.
  2. Reverse Martingale Strategy: As the name suggests, using the reverse Martingale strategy, you must increase the betting stake you make every time you win a round and decrease it when there is a loss. This way you will be able to earn more with wins and like its twin get the money you lost back.

The aforementioned two strategies are the most widely known strategies to help you save money when gambling online. Thus, this way it is important that you find an Andar Bahar Winning strategy that suits your game style the best or come up with your own betting strategy.

Some game rooms have the same odds for Andar and Bahar

#9 Analyze the Odds and Payouts

Another best way to come up with your own strategy is to analyze the odds and payouts of the Andar Bahar game. Doing so would help you decide which bets would be most beneficial to you and which bets you should avoid. It is important to note that the odds for the Andar Bahar game are not always 50-50, which makes the game even more easier to win.

  • When you enter the Andar Bahar game room, you will notice that most of the betting options in the game have their own chances or odds of winning.
  • For instance, Andar has a 51.5% chance of winning and Bahar has a 48.5% chance of winning. Thus, it is evident that Andar is a better option after we compare the odds of winning.

Andar Bahar s a game which is indeed very easy to learn as the gameplay is simple and there are not many complicated betting options. However, the payout for each option depends on the odds of winning as well as the amount of bet you stake. Remember, the higher odds a betting option has, the more chances are that you will win.

#10 Andar or Bahar? Choose Wisely

This next tip can be taken as a continuation of the previous tip because it is related to how you can make bets accurately when learning how to play Andar Bahar in Betway. Yes, it is mentioned above that the Andar side has more chances of winning than the Bahar side, but again, the difference is not that much. So, how can you know which side will win the next round? Let’s find out. One way to figure out how to make accurate bets and predict which side will win highly depends on your observation and belief.

  • First, you must observe and see how many times Andar wins and how many times Bahar wins out of 10 or 20 rounds. Then, you must make bets online based on which side wins the most.
  • That being said, even if you lose the bet in the next round, you will eventually win your money back since either side wins more than the other.

This technique is called the Hot and Cold betting technique which comes in handy when you want to predict which side will win the next round in the Andar Bahar game,


#11 Use Side Bets and Test Your Luck

Again, in continuation with the aforementioned points, in the Andar Bahar table, you will find many side bets that you can use to earn extra cash on betting online. These side bets have nothing to do with Andar or Bahar but more with how many cards will be drawn out on the Andar Bahar table till we get a winner.

  • These bets come in sets of 5 cards mostly and have different betting odds. However, analyzing the side bets by trying to find a middle number is important too to make accurate bets.
  • The card ranges from these side bets include 1-5, 6-10,11-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-40, 41-45, and 46-49, which have their own payouts.

Using side bets when playing Andar Bahar is the best way you can earn extra cash as long as you find out the most occurring range after thorough observation. This is because even if you lose the main bet you can get your money back by winning the side bets which can be placed more accurately than the main ones.

#12 Have Fun but Be Vigilant

As an online gambler, following too many rules can be boring especially when you join an online casino to have fun! And so, the last pro tip given by the great masters of Andar Bahar is to enjoy yourself while playing the game.

  • Live Casinos are made so that you can sit back and relax after a hectic day by playing fun online casino games like Andar Bahar. And so, you must take full advantage of it and indeed have a lot of fun.
  • However, these tips and tricks are given here as guidelines to be vigilant while having fun. Most of the tips here will help you have fun in the most responsible way.

Like it is mentioned above, having fun online by playing Andar Bahar at Live Casinos is a must. But using your money well and being vigilant and careful with betting responsibly is very important as well. However, if you use a site like Betway, then you won’t have to worry about being too much vigilant as Betway keeps an eye out for you.

In Conclusion

These were the 12 pro Andar Bahar Tips and Tricks that are very easy to follow. Use them as guidelines and practice your Andar Bahar skills at Betway today! It is important to keep in mind that learning these would take time and many trials and errors. However, in no time you will be able to not only win more cash online every day but would also master the art of saving your money at online gambling. With this, we bid adieu and wish you all the luck you need to win Andar Bahar online!

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