12 Online Betting Tips & Tricks for Every Sportsbook in 2022

12 Best Online Betting Tips & Tricks to help you win up to ₹5,000 daily in any Sportsbook in the world. Place bets at the Top 3 sites: Dafabet, W88, and Betway.

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Everything these days has found its way online and thus most things are accessible to many people now across the globe. Sports too is one such thing that has shifted online and Sports betting has been an increasing domain online thanks to many sports fans now being able to access these things easily online. But if everybody is playing in sportsbook betting online then how is it that some of them emerge as winners of bets most of the time and earn a lot of cash? Well, we are here to let you in on this secret of how pro sports bettors use only 12 online betting tips to up their

#1 Use Top Sites to Play Sports Betting Online

The first pro tip that most of these prominent sports bettors use is also a precaution they take beforehand. They do this by making sure they use the right playground where they can play without getting hurt a lot. This means, that they choose a good online betting site to help them play sports betting online with ease. However, many of the pro players do not just play at any sports betting site, instead, they use any one of the top three sites to play at.


  1. Dafabet India: Dafabet is an online betting site which takes the no. 1 spot out of the 3 because it is the most widely used online betting site in India. With Dafabet you can bet on sports for a minimum ₹10 and get live updates on sports matches and their betting odds.
  2. W88 India: Last but not least, the online betting site that appeals to both beginners and pros is W88. W88 is every beginner’s go-to online betting site as it ensures you get the best sports betting experience in the online betting world. This is because W88 lets you play sports betting with ease thanks to its beginner-friendly interface.
  3. Betway India: The next best site to use when it comes to sports betting online is Betway India which has been growing by giving its customers top-quality services. With Betway you can enjoy sports betting online to the fullest without worrying about overspending as Betway ensures Responsible Gaming with high priority.

Thus choosing a proper betting site that caters to your needs is very important as it will help in satisfying your sports betting gameplay online. If you want to use an online betting site which offers low minimum betting rates then you should go for Dafabet. If you want an easy-to-use gaming site with rich qualities that appeal to both pros and beginners then you should go for W88 India. Lastly, if you prioritize responsible gaming and want to bet responsibly then Betway can help you with that.

#2 Shortlist and Test out all the Sportsbooks

The next tip that many online gamblers use before placing any sports bets online is to select and choose the right sportsbook for them. Yes, choosing an online betting site means that you have to be happy with the sportsbook it offers and that is why we urge you to create an account at Dafabet or W88 out of the 3 recommended websites because they offer you more than one sportsbook online you can choose from. But if you find another site you want to go with, be sure that they fulfil these 3 criteria:

W88 Offers a Variety of Sportsbook to Choose From
  1. Minimum Betting Rates: The first thing that you must ensure is that the online betting site you choose offers you reasonable odds to play sports betting. This is because you are there to enjoy sports betting and not worry about spending too much money. With low minimum betting rates, you can make more bets which are also known as Parley Bets, that most online pros go for.
  2. Updated Odds and Statistics: The next thing that you should check is whether the sportsbook has been updating its odds while the match is on frequently. This is very important when it comes to betting because the payout highly depends on these odds. Additionally, as you will see below, the statistics of previous matches are very important for many pro players, so like the odds, the statistics need to be up to date as well.
  3. Accurate Payout Calculations: Lastly, you should check whether the sportsbook is giving you accurate payouts based on the amount you put online and the odds you bet with. This is to be sure that you are not being cheated on with inaccurate information. You should learn the formula mentioned below which will help you calculate the payouts you receive accurately.

Most sportsbooks betting rate range from a minimum of ₹10 to a maximum of ₹100, which is not really a big deal. But when you compare sportsbooks and see that the same H2H bet is for ₹10 at one place and ₹100 at another, you need to make a wise decision about which one would be more profitable to your pocket.

#3 Be Thorough with All Sports Betting Options

When you first join the sports betting world, you will be overwhelmed by a lot of things and that is alright because it is a new and scary experience as you will be using real money to play with. However, another thing that can be overwhelming for most new joiners is the betting options available.

  • At this time you must be wondering which betting option is the one you should go with. However, there is no definitive answer to this question.
  • Thus, the best way is to learn thoroughly, and try and test out most of the famous betting options available and see for yourself which option is the best.
  • The go-to betting option for most sports bettors is the H2H or the 1X2 bet where you bet on whether the home teams will win, whether there will be a tie, or whether the away team will win.

This way there are many betting options you can bet on, like Match Winner, Woman/Man of the Match Winner, Total Score/Goals, etc., and see which one gives you the best outcomes. However, if you want more accurate betting wins then you should definitely follow the next two sportsbook betting tips.


#4 Learn How to Bet with Odds

The most important thing when it comes to sports betting online that you will learn is the betting odds. The betting odds in sports are literally like a fortune teller, telling you the chances of winning a particular bet. Thus, using betting odds can also help you decide which betting options you should choose to make accurate bets.

  • The betting odds determine which side or bet has a higher chance of winning, thus you must use the numbers given as guidelines to which bets you should be placing.
  • The betting odds also determine the amount of payout you will be receiving, however, as mentioned above, you must learn how to calculate the payouts yourself by using the formula Betting Stake x Betting Odds = Total Payout.
  • Betting using betting odds is good but again, the bets placed here should not be done immediately and rashly but should be done with careful consideration after observing the changes.

The betting odds are what makes betting on sports more interesting in that these betting odds can change at any time depending on the outcomes of the real-time game. So, you will need the best online sportsbook for payouts and will be needing another betting tip that can help you make more accurate bets to win.

#5 Read the Historical Statistics of the Teams

The third and most important thing that can help you decide which bets you want to place requires you to do heavy research. Yes, this seems like it would take away the joy of betting online on sports matches but if you want to win like a pro then you have to bet like one.

  • Reading the statistics of previous matches of the teams playing would help you analyze a lot about the team and how good they are, as well as, which team member has a higher chance of winning more.
  • Additionally, as mentioned above, the odds are important but since they keep changing, a statistic report would give you a clear idea of which side can change the game’s outcome in no time.
  • This means that since the betting odds change for teams, knowing that the team with currently low odds has consistently been match winners, then it would be better to bet on them after waiting for a while.

Reading the historical status is a must and this is why you must choose a betting site whose sportsbook shows you the required stats on the same page as the betting options and odds. If you do not want to do a lot of research then you should at least read the stats of the ongoing match to help you make accurate decisions.

Dafabet Offers the Best Game Stats Reports in the Betting World.

#6 Observe, Analyze and Strategize

Although the betting site you choose and sportsbook register you make should give you most of the things you need to place sports bets online all in one place, some things should come from your end too, and this is not the betting stake but more of how you will be placing the bets to win.

  • The first thing that you must do when you join a sportsbook is something very simple yet difficult and that is to observe what is going on at the moment in the match that you chose to bet on.
  • The next thing that you must do is analyze the betting options, odds, and statistics to help you see which side has a more chance of winning.
  • Then you must use a betting strategy which could be your own or a readymade one that is most widely known, as mentioned below.

These three things are the most important words that you should remember to act on as they can help you maximize profit and minimize loss. Below we have mentioned some of the coolest betting strategies that you can use to place bets online to spend less and earn more.

#7 Always Use the Minimum Betting Limit Initially

As a beginner, you may lose more than you win sometimes because you are still learning the basics of most things. However, these losses would only act as great lessons of what not to do the next time.

  • That being said, because you know that there are more chances of you losing as a beginner, you must take the necessary precautions to recuperate for the losses you will be facing initially.
  • One way to do so is by always betting with the minimum betting limit available in the sportsbook, as this was one of the important criteria you had to look for when selecting a sportsbook.
  • Doing so would allow you to make many bets online and also it is a great way you can test out all the different betting options and come up with your own strategies.

That being said, it is not necessary that you stick with the minimum betting limit because as mentioned above, the payout depends on the betting stake, so the higher your betting stake is the more you can get in return. Thus, when you feel confident enough in a betting option, then you can stake more than the minimum betting rate.

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#8 Set a Sports Betting Limit for Yourself

Sports betting online is a fun and cool thing to spend your time with however, it is a form of gambling in the end. The word gambling is often looked at in a negative light because it has many problematic side effects. When playing sports betting online it is important to take precautions so that you do not develop any unproblematic behaviour in the long run.

  • It is important to remember when you play betting online as a beginner, that you set a betting limit for yourself for the day.
  • This means that you must set some money aside specifically for betting online and enjoying yourself and once this money is finished you must stop placing any further bets.
  • Other than this, this betting limit should be maintained strictly so that you get used to it. This limit can be set daily, weekly, or monthly.

Using betting limits for yourself ensures that you do not overspend. However, if you need help with this then find a site like Betway that allows you to set these limits yourself and help you maintain discipline and a good healthy relationship with gambling on sports.

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#9 Use the Martingale Strategy to Save Money

As mentioned above, it is better to set a betting limit for yourself but another way of saving money is to use a betting strategy which will help you place bets following certain patterns that will help you spend less money and earn more in return.

  • The most famous betting strategy is the Martingale Strategy because it is the best way you can win back the money you lost in the previous rounds.
  • Using this strategy, you will have to bet with a starting limit and whenever you face a loss, you will have to double your betting limit.
  • However, when you win, the betting stake will remain the same. This pattern must be repeated till you are done for the day.

Using the Martingale System is very helpful and you can use it in the reverse order as well where you increase your betting stake when you win and keep it constant when you lose a bet. However, this is mostly used by high rollers and is not recommended for beginners.


#10 Test out the D’Alembert Betting Strategy

The Martingale system is a pretty cool betting strategy that you can use to save money and bet with a limited amount of money. However, it depends on the number of times you win or lose which is indeed risky in its own way. This is when you should test out the D’Alembert Betting Strategy.

  • The D’Alembert System is very similar to the Martingale System, where whenever you face a loss you must increase the betting stake by one unit.
  • However, in this strategy, the increment of the betting stakes that you will make following a loss will be increased at a slow pace.
  • Additionally, when you face a win, you must decrease the betting stake by one unit. This will help you maintain a set betting limit and win more cash.

Of course, like the Martingale system can be reversed, you can reverse the D’Alembert system where you increase your betting stake after you experience a win and decrease the betting limit when you experience a loss. This is the best strategy you can use as a beginner with a limited betting amount on any sportsbook app or site.

#11 Make Placing Bets Fun with the Labouchere System

The last system we will be introducing you to is the Labouchere System which is the most fun system you can use to place bets as it makes the act of betting a game in itself. This betting system requires you to keep a goal and set a limited betting amount you will be used to place bets. This way you can be mindful of how much you wish to make and also have a limit already set for yourself which will force you to leave when it is reached.

  • Using the Labouchere system you must first decide on your goal for a set amount of betting rounds. Like you want to win ₹20 with 5 betting rounds.
  • Then you must divide that 20 into 5 smaller units, for instance, 5, 4, 2, 6, 3 – when you add them up they make a total of 20.
  • Now, you must add the first and last digits and make that number the amount of your betting stake. In this case, 5 + 3  = 8, so ₹8 is what you will bet on.

As mentioned above, ₹10 is the minimum betting rate on most sports betting sites online, so you should consider the minimum betting limit when making your bets. This way, when you win a bet, you will cut off the first and last digits in the sequence and add the new first and last digits to pace a new bet. Do this, till all the numbers in the sequence are finished and leave for the day.


#12 Be Rational When Placing Bets to Win More

Lastly, and most importantly, all these betting tips would not really be useful if you make the wrong last-minute decisions. Being rational and maintaining this rational mindset during your betting session online is more beneficial than you think.

  • Yes, most online bettors, when it comes to sports, join their sites to place bets because of their favourite teams.
  • However, if you want to win more money in less time then it is better to always go with the odds and statistics of the ongoing game.
  • This means that if the odds are against your favourite team online, you will need to make the rational decision of betting for the better team if you want to win more.

Of course, the odds of the game can change at any time and as mentioned above, this is why you must analyze the statistics as well when placing bets online. If you think your favourite team has a better chance of turning the game around based on previous match statistics, then you can place bets on your favourite team. The same applies to team players when it comes to online betting.

In Conclusion

Using Online Betting Tips and Tricks to place bets on betting options in the sportsbooks online using the best of the best betting sites, it very important if you want to win more in less time. Using these tactics would help you place accurate bets online as many pro sports bettors online tend to use most of these to win. That being said, it will take you some time to learn how to place accurate bets and win so be patient with yourself and eventually you will up your betting game in no time! So, join a good betting site like Dafabet, W88, or Betway today, and place sports bets online to win!

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