The 1324 baccarat strategy – Gambler’s weapon reviewed!

Tired of bad luck and want strategy? Discover the 1-3-2-4 baccarat strategy & increase your winnings now. Know the logic behind 1-3-2-4 & learn to use it!

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Introduction to 1324 baccarat strategy

The gambling strategy, 1324 baccarat strategy is formulated by Fortune Palace in 2006, it works well on bets with even chances of winning, that is, 50-50. The 1324 baccarat strategy is based on the 1326 system to reduce the win/loss variance by betting 4 units only.


1324 baccarat strategy has nothing to do with the cards, it has everything to do with the way of your betting. 1324 baccarat strategy rewards the winning players and helps the losing ones to manage downswing. Learn how to play baccarat and test the 1324 baccarat strategy by yourself.

The idea behind the 1324 baccarat strategy

The 1324 baccarat strategy predetermines the wager amount of the bet, which is 1, 3, 2, and 4 consecutively. A player might decide to wager 10, 30, 20… or 100, 300, 200… After placing the first bet,

  • If the player wins, then he can progress to the second wager amount, that is, 30
  • If the player loses, then he should start again from the first wager amount, that is, 10.

The sequence continues to 2 units and 4 units and reverts back to the base unit

  • If you win the first 2 bets then the profit is guaranteed.
  • In case, you win all 4 bets, you can start again from 1st bet of 1 unit with a tidy profit.

In essence, it is similar to the 1326 Blackjack betting system going up to 6 units in 6 consecutive bets. Stopping at the 4th bet and 4 units reduce overall losses in 1324 baccarat strategy at baccarat.

Does the 1324 baccarat strategy really work?

1324 baccarat strategy is the simplest and free strategy that really works, but if you’re a casual gambler with a low bankroll to risk on Baccarat then you might not be able to see the wonders of the 1324 baccarat strategy.


This strategy demands patience, you should be ready to cover your losses until you start winning. At the start, it may seem to not work but things will come around with a little bit of patience and money.

Advantages & disadvantages of 1324 baccarat strategy

Nothing in the whole world is perfect, how can be 1324 baccarat strategy then? Yes, you’re wondering right and that’s why HappyIndia88 is here to clear your doubts about baccarat online and give an accurate perception about the 1324 baccarat strategy.


3 Advantages of 1324 baccarat strategy

  1. Positive progression: The wagering amount gets higher in the end, which suggests the higher pay-out in the end, giving an impression of positive progression in the 1324 baccarat strategy.
  2. Low risk & overall profit: There’s never a complete loss in the 1324 baccarat strategy, there will always be lesser losses and breakeven; making it a low risk and overall profit system.
  3. 90% of winning chances: There is a 90% probability of winning baccarat with a 1324 baccarat strategy and it can even reach to 100% winning possibility if you are a lucky gambler.

The disadvantage of the 1324 baccarat strategy

There’s only one disadvantage to this strategy, the casinos that know the algorithm and 1324 baccarat strategy can break off the rhythm of your winnings.

Learn to use 1324 baccarat strategy to win

Learn to use the 1324 baccarat strategy in three simple sentences mentioned below and enjoy winning at online baccarat on any legit casino.

  • The initial bet can be of the player’s choice but the rest will follow a pattern of 3, 2, and 4.
  • If a player chooses to bet ₹12 as initial/base bet then the second bet will be 12 multiplied by 3, that is, ₹36 if he wins in the first round.
  • Otherwise, he’ll restart with base bet in the second round and it goes on until the player wants to stop. For instance,

Round Number

Wager Amount WIN\LOSS



₹100 WIN


2 ₹300 WIN



₹200 WIN ₹400


₹400 WIN ₹800
5 ₹100 LOSS


6 ₹100 WIN



₹300 WIN ₹600


₹200 LOSS -₹200
9 ₹100 WIN


10 ₹300 LOSS





We hope you understood the way of using the 1324 baccarat strategy and going to give it a try right away. Before that, let’s teach you some important baccarat rules to play baccarat effectively.

3 Pointers to remember while using 1324 baccarat strategy

Even though baccarat is all about chance on luck but a smart brain is enough to make any game based on luck, a game of chance. The brain has a habit of finding algorithms anywhere it can. Remember these 3 Pointers while using the 1324 baccarat strategy.


  1. Be aware of the odds: Getting to know and follow the odds throughout the game is most important. Don’t go blind-sighted when the online gambling sites are offering odds to help you choose the side with more probability of winning.
  2. Don’t change the side: Once you chose the side, Banker or player, then don’t change the side even go lose for a bit continuously. The 1324 baccarat strategy is also a test of your loyalty, don’t change the side if you really want the 1324 baccarat strategy to work.
  3. Know different Variants of Baccarat: Understand the different variants of baccarat, Baccarat Chemin De Fer, Baccarat Banque, and Punto Banco, in order to understand the strategy application

Explore the top 5 online betting sites and choose the one to play baccarat and try the strategy you just learned.


It’s difficult to stop yourself from trying the 1324 baccarat strategy now, who are we to stop you? We hope you know, learned, and understood the 1324 baccarat strategy; Sign up at the official and legal online gambling websites and test the strategy on your own.

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