3 Card Poker: How to Play Online for Real Money in India 2022

3 Card Poker: How to Play Online, Easy Guide 2022! Play at W88, Dafabet, or Betway with ₹20 Minimum & Grab a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹12,000 on Live Casino.

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As an online casino enthusiast, you must find entertainment in playing super cool online casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, and many more. However, what gives you the true thrills of online betting is probably Poker. This is because Poker is one of the most fun casino games to ever exist where people can indulge in and win big! To make Poker more interesting many Poker variants have come into existence over the years and 3 Card Poker is one of them. Let us look at how you can play 3 Card Poker online using the top 3 betting sites for Poker.

3 Card Poker Online – Rules & Gameplay

Before we get into how to play 3 Card Poker let us first understand the rules and gameplay of this poker variant. As mentioned above, Poker is an amazing game and so many online casinos have offered many Poker variants that are mostly catered towards beginners. One of the most famous Poker variants is 3 Card Poker which is not only more fun but also easy to learn than normal Poker.


  • The Rules of 3 Card Poker are very simple and are much easier to grasp than Poker, the same goes for the game’s gameplay.
  • Poker is all about getting the best hand on the table, but the 3 Card Poker’s goal is to get the best hand on the table using only 3 cards.
  • Besides this, the 3 Card Poker game is played not against other players on the table, but against the dealer.
  • Additionally, in 3 Card Poker games, you do not require a lot of markings on the table or any heavy equipment besides the Ante bet and a few additional bets.

In India, you must have heard of the famous Online Poker variant called Teen Patti, and well, the 3 Card Poker game is similar to 3 Patti. In fact, 3 Patti, along with 3 Card Brag, is another name for the 3 Card poker on most online casinos.

3 Card Poker: How to Play With Real Money Online?

It is mentioned above that 3 Card Poker is the best Poker variant you can play as a beginner. However, the path to begin playing can be difficult if you do not use the advice from India’s Top Online Betting Guide HappyIndia88. So, let us let you in on the easiest 3-step guide that will help you kickstart your online 3 Card Poker journey.

Step 1: Pick a Good Online Gaming Site

The first and most important step that you must take to play 3 Card Poker online is to find a good online betting site that offers you some of the greatest welcome bonuses and quality game rooms. For this, you should be able to distinguish between what a good online betting site is and what a bad online betting site is, and to help you with it here are 3 things that you must look for in an online betting 3 Card Poker site.


  1. Legality: The most important thing about any online betting site is its legality, especially in India. In India, the legality of online casinos is blurred unless they operate legally using foreign licenses. So, using an online betting site that has a legal and updated license is the first thing that you must do.
  2. Security: Besides having a legal license, the site that you pick should be able to make you feel safe and secure when you add your sensitive information to their database. This means that the site you choose should adhere to strong security protocols that can protect your data like user id and banking details.
  3. Welcome Offer: Secondly, you must look at what the site has to offer you as its customer. When you join the site, you automatically become a part of the online betting community and to play online you must make deposits. However, to help you earn back more than you give, the best betting sites out there offer you some of the hottest Welcome Bonus deals available in the betting world.

These are the basic things that you must make sure that the online betting site you choose to play 3 Card Poker should have. Besides these, an easy-to-use interface which would make navigating through the app easier for you is always a plus point.

Step 2: Pick a Game Room with Minimum Betting Rate

The next step after you have found your perfect online betting site is to pick a good game room. Remember, your online betting site is like a pathway for you to play 3 Card Poker in the game room. This is because game rooms matter more as they are the ones providing you with a platform to play 3 Card Poker. So, here are some criteria that every game room must have to be a top-quality game room.


  1. Low Betting Limits: The first thing that a good betting site should have is low betting limits so that the customers can play more. This is one way to prove that the game room providers genuinely care about customer satisfaction more than just making money.
  2. Low House Commission: Another way of finding a good online betting game room for yourself is to check the house commission that the game room providers take. High house commissions should always be ignored, thus choosing a game room with a low house commission is the best option you should go for. In turn, game rooms that offer high payouts should always be welcomed.
  3. Easy-to-Use Interface: Lastly, a good online game room should always have an easy interface that isn’t too harsh on the eyes of the user. This is because sometimes game rooms keep a difficult-to-use interface which often makes the customers feel uncomfortable placing bets online as they often end up making mistakes. So, an interface that can be used by pros, as well as beginners, is always a good sign.

Keeping these 3 things in mind, you should be able to pick the best game rooms available for you to play 3 card poker online casino games.

Step 3: Place your Bets and Wait for the Showdown

Now that you have picked a proper game room, you must go ahead and start playing the 3 Card poker game. Before that, it is important that you re-read the 3 Card Poker game room rules online and then abide by their terms and conditions.


  • You can then start placing bets by placing the minimum betting limit chip on the ‘Ante’.
  • Once done you must wait for the dealer to reveal the cards online
  • Here, we place a 20-chip bet on Ante – you can do this by just dragging and dropping the coin on the ‘Ante’ slot on the table, or by just clicking the 20-chip from the available betting limits.

It is important to remember that you must do this before the timer ends in your 3 Card Poker game room. Once done, the dealer will reveal the cards till the showdown takes place.

Best Hands in 3 Card Online Poker

Poker online is a game that highly depends on the hand rankings the players get. Since the ranks are determined randomly, it all boils down to luck. Since the best hand is the ultimate winner in 3 Card Poker online, let us look at the best hand ranks in 3 Card Online Poker.





3-card-poker-how-to-play-10Straight Flush

Three of a Kind







Note: Aces in 3 Card poker either have the highest or lowest rank depending on the other cards in the hand.

  1. Straight Flush: The highest-ranking card in 3 Card Poker is the Straight Flush. Meaning that if the hand dealt to the player is three consecutive cards of the same suit, then the player wins.
  2. Three of a Kind: The second highest-ranking card is the Three of a Kind, meaning that whoever gets the cards of the same rank wins the round.
  3. Straight: Similar to the Straight Flush we have the Straight, which is the third highest ranking card in 3 Card Poker. Here, you win if the hand dealt to you is 3 consecutive cards regardless of the suit.
  4. Flush: The other half of the aforementioned hand is Flush. Unlike the previous hand, this one requires 3 cards from the same suit to win the bet.
  5. Pair: As the name suggests, whoever gets 2 cards of the same rank and 1 of the other rank, wins the round.

Use HappyIndia88, India’s Top Online Betting Site as your guide to kickstart your online gambling journey for low prices!

Top 3 Online Betting Sites to play 3 Card Poker

Now that you know how to play 3-Card poker online, let us look at the top 3 sites that you can use to boost your poker skills as well as double the cash in your betting wallet.

  1. W88: W88 is a place online which will make you tick all the boxes next to the aforementioned criteria. W88 offers its customers quality services as well as top-quality products where entertainment is always guaranteed. Not only this but you can use the W88 casino welcome bonus offer of up to ₹12,000 to play more!
  2. Dafabet: Next, we have Dafabet which offers not only top-quality services but also gives you the chance to play at the game rooms offered by some of the greatest game room providers online in the betting world. At Dafabet you will find game rooms that let you play the best 3 Card Poker games you have ever played. Additionally, you can claim the Dafabet bonus of ₹8,000 and play more casino games online.
  3. Betway: Last but not least on our list is Betway, India’s top online betting site. Here, you can play responsibly by setting betting limits for yourself as Betway ensures responsible gaming like no other. What is great about Betway is that it offers you ₹500 weekly Free bets for every ₹500 you spend, so claiming bonus offers weekly is something that you will be rewarded with.

Let’s Compare the 3 Sites

You probably are awed by all the amazing things offered by the three sites, but you also may be wondering which of these three sites would be the perfect 3 Card Poker playground for you. Do not worry though, HappyIndia88 will help you with selecting the perfect site for you.

  • As an online betting enthusiast that makes sure you get the best online betting experience, we recommend using W88 as your online betting site.
  • This is not only because it offers the highest bonus of them all, which is indeed a great plus point. We recommend using W88 because it is the best online betting site for beginners.
  • Although all the aforementioned sites fulfil the criteria of having top-quality services, W88 takes it to another level.

That being said, since in the end, the decision is yours to make, you must try and test all of them to see which online betting site you are the most comfortable with.

Real Money 3 Card Poker Gameplay

By now you know which site to use to kickstart your journey to be a Poker master by playing 3 Card Poker. But before you go ahead and do that, let us use W88 and demonstrate real money gameplay, so that you can get a better idea of how you can play the 3 Card poker game at live casinos.

Round 1: Place Bets Before the Timer Ends

  • In round 1, you will have to make your bets before the timer ends.
  • Besides that, you can also make additional side bets on the 3 Card Poker Table.


  • Here, we have decided to place a 50-chip on Ante and have also made an additional side bet on Pair.

Round 2: Wait for the Showdown

  • Round 2 begins when the dealer reveals your cards, here, we have got a K♠️, 6♣️, and 3️.
  • Then you will be given the option of repeating the bet – Play, or holding your cards – Fold.
  • Here, we have decided to play and added a 50-chip bet.
  • The showdown begins when the player reveals their card, in this case, Q♠️, Q♣️, 2️.


Outcome: We Win with a Flush

As you can see, the dealer gets a Pair hand, however, since we got a Flush hand, we win. This is because Flush is higher than Pair in 3 Card Poker Hand Rankings.


With this, we conclude our 3 Card Poker How to play tutorial. Follow each of the given instructions properly so that you can go ahead and become a pro poker gambler in no time. Remember, if you want to be on the top, you must use top online betting sites that will definitely help you boost your gambling career as well as your wallet. Use sites like W88, Dafabet, or Betway to ensure responsible gaming and a whole lot of entertainment.

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