7 Best Betway video games – Play & claim ₹15k welcome bonus

Visit & signup at Betway – the best destination for gamblers. Find the top 7 Betway video games to bet on & earn real money in the form of bonus up to ₹15,000!

Betway Video Games Betway free ₹15,000

Betway is one of the prominent and trustworthy online gambling sites, offers the best games featuring live videos interaction with dealers. We present you the top 7 Betway video games to play and earn from.

Unfortunately, HappyIndia88 did not encounter any Betway video games that can be played. But video games consist of live casinos and esports betting are available at Betway, which can be a card, number games, or other related ones.

#1. Esports – Minimum betting limit of ₹10

Betway esports offers an exclusive variety of esports to bet on and earn real money. Mentioned below are the three most popular esports to bet on at Betway with greater odds and potential to win more real money.

Betway video games 01

  1. Dota 2: Sequel of Defense of the Ancient and multiplayer online battle video game. The aim of the team in the game is to destroy the opposing team’s Ancient in three maps with different themes to win the match.
  2. League of Legends: Also known as League, is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. Developed by Riot Games, the mere aim is to kill the enemies, acquire gold and earn powers.
  3. Counter-Strike: Multiplayer first-person shooter video game. The terrorist team’s goal is to complete a terror act and the anti-terrorist team tries to stop the terrorists.

#2. Game shows – Minimum betting limit of ₹10

Playing a game with a host is much more fun than the live dealer, isn’t it obvious? The host keeps you entertained and provides a colorful environment. Mentioned below are the top 3 game shows available at Betway. Take a look at Betway online casino & enjoy gambling on your favorite casino game.

Betway video games 02

  1. Spin Wheel & Win: Lottery game offers great chances of winning, purely based on luck. The players are supposed to choose the number and bet on it, the host spins the wheel and the winner is pronounced once it stopped spinning.
  2. Rock Paper Scissors: Aren’t we all familiar with this game? Rock beats scissors, scissor beats paper, and paper beats rock. The host drives the cards and you’re supposed to bet on either three options to win.
  3. Crazy Time: It is the most popular wheel spinning game in the online gambling market. It provides a lesser number of options to bet on and hence, greater chances to win with greater odds. Learn how to win crazy time on Betway & start earning ₹5,000 daily.

#3. Poker – Minimum betting limit of ₹50

Poker is the Dumbledore of the online gambling world; this is the first game you’ll listen about while entering. Betway Poker has loads of variants to play but some outstand the others, live casino provides them for you.

Betway video games 03

  1. Texas Hold’em Poker: The most popular and hence, common variant. Consisting of 5 community cards shared by all the players and 2 hole cards to each player face down. The player with the highest hand rank wins the game.
  2. 7 Card Stud Poker: It is another popular variant of Poker; 2 cards are dealt face down for every player and 5 community cards are shared among all. The player with the highest hand rank wins the pot.
  3. 3 Card Poker: The dealers draw three cards for players and three cards for themselves face down. Players are supposed to bet either on ante or play. The one with the highest card wins the game,

#4. Baccarat – Minimum betting limit of ₹60

Baccarat is the best game to start your online gambling journey, simple yet elegant. It takes only 3 points to explain Betway baccarat, yes, it’s that simple and Betway provides the best video quality to play and earn some fun-earned money.

Betway video games 04

  1. Betting option: Players have three options to bet on, Player, Banker & Tie.
  2. Card value: Ace card is worth 1 point, face cards and 10 is worth 0. The remaining cards are worth the number on their face.
  3. Objective: three cards are drawn on either hand and the hand with a value closer to 9 wins the pot, exact value of 9 is a natural win.

#5. Blackjack – Minimum betting limit of ₹100

Alike Baccarat, is a simple yet elegant online game with the least house edge and great RTP. It takes only 3 points to explain Betway blackjack too for any live casino and Betway provides the best casino card games provider to play and earn real money.

Betway video games 05

  1. Betting option: Blackjack is played between player and house; the player isn’t supposed to bet on any other option but on his cards themselves.
  2. Card Value: The value of king, joker, queen, and 10 cards is 10 and ace is worth either 1 or 11 depending on different casino games provide. The value of the rest cards is equal to the face value.
  3. Objective: Remotely similar to baccarat, Blackjack requires the value of the card to be near 21 to win the pot.

#6. Roulette – Minimum betting limit of ₹50

Roulette offers plenty of options to bet on, which makes it more fun. Greater possibilities with greater odds. Betway roulette is purely based on luck, but experts always come up with simple strategies for players to win.

Betway video games 06

  1. Betting options: Even number, odd number, red or black and so much more options to bet on.
  2. Spinning pattern: The when spins in a clockwise direction while the ball spins in opposite, that is, anti-clockwise direction.
  3. Objective: Players bet on the numbers in roulette, they don’t have an opposition, just numbers. If the ball stops on the number you bet on, then you win the pot.

#7. Dice games – Minimum betting limit of ₹100

Purely based on numbers, dice games are fun to play and much more fun if you’re lucky. Betway video games are fun with dice games. Betway India offers the 3 most popular dice games to play and earn through.

Betway video games 07

  1. Sic Bo dice game: Game of chance of Chinese origin, played with three dice. It offers a variety of betting options, even, odd, large, smaller and so much more to win from.
  2. 7 Up 7 Down: Players are supposed to bet on two available options, greater than 7 and smaller than 7. 2 dice are used and 7 is a natural win though and no greater number can beat it.
  3. Lightening Dice: The fast dice game is merely based on numbers and luck. Players are supposed to bet on numbers and wait for the dice to stop and win the match.

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