8 Best Poker tips & tricks for Beginners [100% tested] Fun88

Poker talent is a myth, skills make you a Master. Fun88 expert panel presents 8 powerful Poker tips & tricks for Beginners to increase the winning rate by 95%.


Welcome to the universal tips & tricks guide for beginners in the poker world. If you are here, I’m presuming you have learned a bit about poker already. If you haven’t chosen which poker variant you should play, don’t worry we have got your back. Poker popularity is growing and the industry is booming more than ever. That’s why it’s important for us to provide you best possible ways to earn money through it.


As a starter, poker is a bit complex game of cards, it does get easier with practice. The most important part of poker is the hand rank, two hole cards are distributed to individual players by the dealer. 5 community cards shared on the table, punters have to use a higher combination of 5 cards using any of the 2 hole cards and 5 shared cards. Betting street starts and they get various betting options from the fold, check, call, raise, and bet. In the end, the player with the higher hand rank wins the game. That’s just a brief, to know more look into the ultimate guide & learn how to play poker.

Without further ado, let’s start with the 8 Best Poker tips & tricks for Beginners by the Fun88 expert panel.

#1. Become a student of poker first

If you have read the article here, you are probably the type of player who understands the importance of studying the game before playing it. Going forward towards success has the same mantra, working consistently to improve your leaks. The best way to manage whole is to manage piece by piece, focusing on one thing at a time. Understanding how money is made and how it can be lost will lead you to a strategy and profitable game plan.


In other simple words, the best way to master poker is to become its student first. Learn the fundamentals of poker and use simple tricks as a beginner. Start with small matters but more crucial ones, like bet sizings, opening bets, raising ranges, etc.

  1. Poker tracking software: This software is not only made to track your poker style but also your opponents. Every poker player must invest in a poker tracking software. My favorites are Hold’em Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4.
  2. Hand Analysis software: If you want to become a pro, then why not start from the beginning? Poker nerds choose to invest in Cardrunner’s EV. This hand analysis software allows you to calculate EV and multi-street equity.
  3. An equity calculator: Poker equity calculators allow the punters to compare the value of different hands in different ranges.

#2. As a beginner, start at a low stake

Always keep your bankroll in mind while playing poker or any other online casino game. Start with small bets and build your confidence to reach higher levels. Spending loads of money on poker won’t guarantee a great win. The great win is a combination of loads of stuff and some of them are constant practice, consistent strategy, being vigilant, controlling the tilt, and so much more.

Hence, for an absolute beginner at poker online; my absolute advice is to start playing poker on cash but the amount must be little. Start placing your bets at $0.5 or less. Yes, it sounds like absurd advice but let me tell you it’s coming from a professional.

#3. By heart the hand ranks chart

There are many crucial fundamentals of playing poker, yet this is the most important of all. Knowing the strength of your cards once arranged in a proper sequence can help you win or lose the game. Hence, for a beginner the most important advice I would like to give is to follow the rules, not only know them; understand them, learn them, and by heart them.


  • Often players jump into the main field without knowing proper hand ranks and lose loads of money. Keep a chart of hand rank with you if you are a beginner and really want to excel. There’s nothing that makes a man better, except practice.
  • Learn poker winning combinations and by heart, them, play alone if that what takes you to learn the hand ranks. The importance of hand ranking is negligence to stupid and I’m presuming you are not one of them.

#4. Hold on to the positions (ALWAYS)

One of the fundamental tricks to win at the poker table is to play in more positions, as much as you can than your opponent. Well, I understand you are wondering how, there are many powerful reasons to support the point that you should hold your position and always seek to play at better positions.

  1. Pot size control: If you choose to sit in the position, you will be the last one to act and that seat gives you an opportunity to decide what goes in the pot at the end.
  2. Get valued easily: Being in the last position to act, gives you an opportunity to increase the bets if you have strong hands. When you are not in position, other players can control your pot and check.
  3. Bluffing chances: No one is interested in the last acting person and they often end up winning the pot with a bluff.

#5. Prefer Aggressive Play – tight is right

Fold equity, is the amount of money a player wins through aggressive actions. Aggressive actions are betting and raising the bets. They don’t require you to show your cards to your opponents and yet provide a great deal of profit. Don’t lose an opportunity to earn great profits by not raising any bets.


  • If you are a beginner at a young age, then I would like to advise you to risk a bit of your money in investment and see where it takes you. Gambling is a kind of stock market.
  • While contemplating the hand ranks, you should consider playing aggressively first.
  • If you don’t earn more with aggressive play, you can start passive playing. It’s a rule that if aggressive is profitable, then it’s the best play possible.

‘Tight is not right’ this phrase has been used million times in the poker world. In my advice, it’s wise to throw out such a phrase from your mind. You must understand from the beginning that playing a poker style that fits the table dynamics can help you win poker. While playing poker with loose opponents, you must play a straightforward and tight strategy to dominate the table. Play mistake-free poker and play opposite of your opponent.

#6. Poker table selection changes everything

Where do you play poker and which variant to play? Well, let’s start with a variant, there are multiple poker variants and the most common and popular one is Texas Hold’em. Starting your journey with Texas Hold’em poker would be wise, you can begin with playing against dealers and then move to tables. If you begin to play at the table, the crucial point is how to choose the correct table for yourself.

  • A poker table selection can change the course of your game completely, it impacts your win rate.
  • The prominent key to winning at the poker table is to sit where all your opponents are less compatible with you. Choose the table where all the other players have less skill in poker than you do.
  • Winning poker doesn’t end with table selection only, it reaches seat selection only. Most often, players with less skill win cause they chose the right table and position on the table.

#7. Create your own default Poker strategy

You might have heard about adapting as per the situations and your opponent’s moves. Like Charles Darwin, they say that the poker player with the fittest poker strategy survives, and adapts to different situations. But that’s a myth, even though you can adjust your moves according to your cards and your opponent’s moves, I would suggest you have a baseline for every adaptation. Some professionals like to call it a ‘vacuum strategy’, which is followed by players who know nothing about poker.


  • For beginners, the best solution is to develop their own Poker strategy with basic gameplay. Once, you gain the experience you can take whichever shape you like to take.
  • For a beginner, I would like to advise you to become like water and take a shape of any mold you are put in. With a small amount of effort and in no time at all, you’ll be destroying your opponents with your moves.

#8. Learn to manage your tile & bluff

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a professional poker player who earns millions and every other poker player in the world? Well, the difference is the control over their tilt. They have a stronger mental side than skills in poker, which keep them stable in the game. Most talented poker players faced a devastating downfall because of their inability to control their tilt of emotions while losing in a game.

Your skills don’t matter if you don’t have the right mindset, your winning rate will constantly suffer if you tend to lose your emotions with every small loss. One of the most important things that every successful poker play has in common is their mental toughness. If every small loss affects your next possible winnings as a beginner, you must look into your emotional issues before starting to play poker.

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So, when you are planning to start playing? Use the 8 Best Poker tips & tricks for Beginners and see the impact on your own. Grab yourself a table and position, let us know how your first game went and how much did you earn. Did you use the 8 Best Poker tips & tricks for Beginners mentioned above? Whatever you decide to choose, we hope you have happy gambling and extraordinary earnings.

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