Top 5 Online Betting sites in India - Get Free Bonus ₹100

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Listing the Top 3 online betting sites in India in 2022

Find the top 3 online betting sites in India 2022 ranked by Happyindia. Know the fastest payout online casinos. Apply & get no deposit free credits of ₹100-₹300

Dafabet is one of the biggest international online betting sites in the world. They are well-known for the comprehensive and diverse scope of games and features they offer. As per the Google rankings, with more than 4 million members globally, Dafabet is also the 1st international gambling online enterprise in India with over 3,350,000 active users in India.

Betway is an international online bookmaker, controlled by Super Group, with many products including Sportsbook, Live Casino, Esports Etc. It has a license from Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). As per the Google rankings, Betway is the 2nd global gambling online industry in India over 1,000,000 active users in India.

10Cric is the betting platform via online play online that has been specially developed for Indian players – executed to the form of gambling that Indian gamblers are aware of. It holds a license from CURACAO. By the Google rankings analysis, 10Cric is the 3rd international gambling online industry in India with over 600,000 active users in India.

Check out the top 3 online gambling sites in India in 2022 to begin your betting journey & get 300% up to ₹30,000 welcome bonus!

Top 5 online betting apps in India - Download & play with real money

Since mobile usage has exploded globally, having mobile gambling apps in India grew in scope. As a result, more and more online bookies have designed their betting games apps to maintain their customers better. HappyIndia88 is glancing to share insight on the top 5 online casino apps that can be played with actual funds. Scroll a bit more to find the number 1 online betting apps download to your mobile devices.

Get the detailed idea on the top 5 online betting apps in India 2022 and win up to ₹16,000 Bonus + ₹250 free credit!

is online betting legal in India?

Gambling is one of the most satisfying pastime games in India. Most gambling games need you to stake money to get expected results.

They have been discussed in detail in the seventh schedule of the Indian Constitution. In other words, this simply signifies that the state government can apply full power over gambling systems in a specific state. They can also express their state-specific regulations. A great example of this is the preference given to most states in India for the adoption of the Public Gambling Act, of 1976.

Want to know if online gambling is legal or not in India?


Why is the number of people interested in online gambling so high?

As per the research of HappyIndia88, each month, there are almost 200,000 google searches related to online gambling topics. Not to discuss the large number of monthly searches directly associated with online bookies.

This explains that online gambling is interesting for Indian players.

200,000 searches related to online gambling every month through Google

Online gambling free bonus no deposit promos - Get ₹250 Free Credit

To be eligible to grab this free bonus no deposit promotion, new members should signup and verify all their email & contact number: Mobile Number, Email, Bank Account, and PAN number. 2 of the best gambling websites online: Fun88 & W88, offer the Free Bonus and Free Credit promo, respectively. Scroll a bit to read the info.

Fun88: ₹100 Free bonus no deposit


Get betting online free bonus with no deposit of ₹100 on verifying your Email address at Fun88. Insert the verification code and get your free bonus in your main wallet.


W88: ₹250 Free Credit



Sign up for a new account at W88 now to grab this Free Credit on account safety of the ₹250 promotion for new members. Verify your Mobile Number, Email, Bank Account, and PAN number & claim.

Top 4 hot deals of online betting sites - Get 100% bonus up to ₹30,000

Online bookies offer exclusive rewards to everyone. Yes, you read that correctly! If you are an existing member or are just about to register, online casinos have unusual offerings that will help you step up the gaming action with HappyIndia88!

Fun88: Bonus ₹30k


Get 130% up to ₹ 30,000 welcome bonus on a 1st deposit to become a member of Fun88’s gaming journey.


10CRIC: Bonus ₹20k



10Cric has an impressive 150% up to ₹20,000 welcome bonus for its newly joined members on making your first deposit.

DAFABET: Bonus ₹17k



Use bonus code DSFDB170INR. Get 170% up to ₹17,000 welcome bonus on Dafa sports for new members!

BETWAY: Bonus ₹2500



Enjoy 100% up to ₹2,500 welcome bonus on Betway Sports with your 1st deposit made by a minimum needed amount of  ₹200.

Top 3 online betting minimum deposit sites - Deposit ₹200 to ₹300​

Happyindia88 gathers the list of online bookmakers with the lowest account deposits. In the listing, gambling online platforms with a minimum deposit of ₹300 of Dafabet, ₹200 of Betway, and 10Cric having ₹250!

Minimum deposit ₹200 on BETWAY


Betway begins with a minimum deposit of only ₹200. Newly registered members can apply for a 100% up to ₹2,500 matched deposit bonus.

Minimum deposit ₹250 on 10CRIC


10Cric operates with a minimum deposit of only ₹250. Also, newly registered members can apply for a 150% up to ₹20,000 welcome bonus on 1st deposit.


Minimum deposit ₹300 on Dafabet


Dafabet serves with a minimum deposit of just ₹300. Also, newly enrolled members can claim a 170% up to ₹17,000 welcome bonus on Dafa Sports.

Use Code: DSFDB170INR

Online football betting - Best Sportsbooks in online gambling - Football betting

Online football betting is one of the most thriving examples of sportsbooks in India as well. Players need to place  bets on their preferred football club or team and wait for the event to happen. A player wins if their bet is a solid and valid result. Most reliable online football sites currently support major bet kinds such as Asian Handicap (HDP), 1×2, and Over and Under (O/U). The online bookie further supports regional tournaments and international tournaments of the Asian Cup, World cup, Premier League, Etc.

  • Register to gamble
  • Instructions for the ball on the HDP
  • Instructions ball of 2 × 1
  • Instructions to read on O/U

Experience Sportsbook betting with excellent strategies for newly joined members for betting online!

Online Betting live casino games - Slots, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker ...

Online casinos are one of the two main forms of online gambling. The online casino consists of familiar games in both online and offline casinos Slots, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Poker Etc. These games will be played with the live bikini dealer on Live Casino.



Slot games are computerized games that are entertaining to play and have lately expanded in demand. The best part is, that you can play multiple top slots for free & real money online in India. With a play type that participants can fast learn and can commence placing bets with their preferred budget.



Baccarat is a card game played at casinos. It compares card games played between two hands, the “player” and the “banker”. Each baccarat online move has three possible results, “player”, “banker”, and “tie.” It is a game with profound, exciting features that can generate excitement for the gambler.



Roulette is a casino game named after the French term denoting little wheel. Roulette is one of the traditional games that most Europeans enjoy playing. Online Roulette play is to release a steel ball, spinning in rounds, and the spinning wheel, rotating between black and red. Dropped on any channel is recognized as a prize.



Poker is a game modified from the game of Baccarat. However, an approach to play is easier to discover by relying on luck, probability, and play knowledge from the direct player experience. Poker is an exciting card game with many types of poker. The most popular and impressive are Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em.

7 Steps to ranking Online betting sites in India 2022

Happyindia88 has created a 7 step approval method to rank and pick legitimate online betting sites to recommend their users. Mainly in addition to the great experience with the game of gambling online to make more money. In addition, reading feedback on the site is also an essential part of evaluating the status of online gambling products and services.

7 HappyIndia88's Important criteria for an online betting site review

Happyindia88 only controls legal gambling sites online and genuine abroad guidance for the player’s safety in India. Well-known online casino sites must be evaluated according to the 8 criteria listed below.

1. High security - Legit online gambling sites

According to foreign law, only gambling sites are sufficiently secure for Indian players, so Happyindia88 only reviews international bookies with a gambling license. For a legit online casino website, a license is needed to show reliability and the player’s information safety. 3 popular global gambling organizations are liable for authorizing and monitor the gambling movements under the regulations as follows:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Certificate of the legitimacy of 5 International gambling sites

  2. BETWAY – Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  4. FUN88 – PAGCOR
  5. W88 – PAGCOR
The key identity of a stable gambling website

2. International online gambling sites

As Happyindia88 said earlier, for safe gambling, players should pick an online casino website that is legal according to international laws. There are 6 symbols that Happyindia88 practices to identify that a gambling website is the most secure website.

3. Online gambling sites with the most maximum members

The number of members is an essential criterion for determining the best gambling site online. The information below is the sign that Happyindia88 has collected from Google how many authorized gambling online websites we practice every month and how reliable it is.

  • DAFABET (3,350,000)
  • BETWAY (1,000,000)
  • 10CRIC (600,000)
  • FUN88 (300,000)
  • W88 (100,000)

4. Hot Promotions - Free Credit without deposit & welcome bonuses

All new players focus on free credits no deposit, and welcome bonuses. It is one of the main reasons Happyindia88 has used it to rank the best gambling sites. However, new players should be careful of some sites offering free credit without a deposit. Still, legit sites often need deposits to get free credit or require a PAGCOR license.

5. Bank Deposit - Minimum Deposit

  • Happyindia88 also emphasizes minimum deposit when ranking the best gambling sites because we understand that new players are attracted to minimum deposits.
  • An excellent gambling site usually doesn’t make a significant profit. Therefore, there has never been any legal gambling website with the cheapest minimum amount of ₹200 for a Betway online gambling website in the past few years.

6. 24x7 Customer Support - Live Chat, WhatsApp, and Telegram Available

For gambling sites, customer service is essential. Therefore, the website must have customer service agents available for 24 hours and have multiple communication channels such as phone numbers, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

7. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android

  • Most firm gambling sites have mobile apps that support iOS, Android, and Desktop systems to build convenience for all players.
  • With Happyindia88’s focus on assuring that everyone’s bets are safe and very effective, we append great attention to picking a betting website. Because online gambling threats can constantly happen, suppose you select a blocked gambling website, lack legitimacy is illegal, no credibility.

5 Mistakes should avoid it online betting for new gamblers

For the first-time player to play online gambling, you may make several mistakes. HappyIndia88 will guide you with the 5 common online gambling mistakes that new gamblers must avoid while playing.

1. Choosing the wrong gambling website to bet

The scam systems of these unauthorized online gambling sites are pretty similar. First, they launched an unreasonably high promotion to promote players to deposit with huge payout rates. This causes players to deposit money, and then they cannot withdraw their money.

2. Register with inaccurate details

Most members typically register with secretion or try to enter information that is not authentic. But, of course, you won’t handle monetary transactions with the network if detected, so players should provide valid personal information. Whether the full name, contact number, email address, Etc.

3. Not reading the rules before placing bets

Numerous players frequently ignore reading the game rules before putting a bet due to the game budget administration error both in terms of gambling odds and the payout percentage of that game. In addition, determining how to play the game you are skilled at will enable you to play games fluently and lessen mistakes

4. Online gambling addiction

Some players play gambling games with a dizzying gaze as if satisfying their wishes. However, without any decisive plan, 70% of gambling addicts are often broke.

5. Display hacks

Many players are weak, looking for techniques to cheat online gambling sites for the possibility of creating more extra profits.

Who is Happyindia88?

Happyindia88 team

Happyindia88 team consists of a Manager, Assistant Manager, Editor, Content Team Leader, 3 Content Writers, Editor, Graphic Designer, and Video Editor.

Our team has gambling experience of almost 6 years, gathering all skilled employees from multiple states in India. So Happyindia88 has hands-on knowledge with all sorts of betting and can go into the features of the nation.

Our vision is to offer authentic information about gambling in terms of exposure to help new players avoid accidental mistakes. Also, build faith with a solid and quality online gambling site.

Our involvement in different online gambling games

Our team has nearly 6 years of experience in gambling in different parts of Asia. It is essential that we only give honest information, both in the good and the bad, via authentic experiences carried in the text that is simple to read with detailed and careful research.

Protect minors under 18

All countries have laws to protect minors under 18. gambling is forbidden in any case, so the sites we have listed earlier are not permitted. Nevertheless, it is a reliable website and fair by the law. There are strict regulations to refrain from providing services to people below the age of 18.

User security is important

Happyindia88 cares about the safety of all members. That’s why we prefer to rank only international gambling online sites to build protection for players.