Baccarat Vs Blackjack – which casino game has better odds?

Confused between Baccarat vs Blackjack? Know which one has best odds to earn more money up to ₹12,000. Learn the advantages & disadvantages, pick best for you.

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Why go through hours of research when we provide the best guide regarding baccarat vs blackjack for you. Save your hours of time and invest it in actually earning real money from the best between baccarat vs blackjack available in the live casino. Know our professional experts and learn from their experience.

Comparison between Baccarat & Blackjack


Baccarat Blackjack

🏡House Edge

1.06% 1%
🎲Strategies 1324 Baccarat Strategy – Simple yet elegant

A bit difficult – Calculations but worthy.

💵Betting Options

3 Options – Player, Banker & Tie Variety of betting options.
🃏Card decks used Number of decks of cards are used

1 deck of cards can be used

🎰Highest winning value Single largest digit, that is, 9

double-digit number, 21

#1. Baccarat vs Blackjack: House Edge Comparison

Beginners often neglect the importance of house edge; all they want is some thrill and excitement. Professional players know the significance of the house edge as it provides a greater chance to player winning the match.

baccarat vs blackjack 01

Baccarat House Edge

  • Baccarat is the comparing card game between three wager options, it has different variants. Baccarat is the simplest casino card game, yet elegant.
  • House advantage can be lowered by wagering correct bet by 1.06%. It is the best casino game to be able to lower the house edge to a great extent.

Blackjack House Edge

  • A casino banking game involves numbers and loads of simple calculations. It is also known as twenty-one according to its rules. Players don’t compete with each other in blackjack, they compete with the live dealer of the casino.
  • Alike baccarat, Blackjack possesses a low house edge, sometimes up to 1%. If you wager the bet on the winning side then you can even get a low house edge of 0.5%.

#2. Baccarat vs Blackjack: Strategies Comparison

On the outer surface, the scoring seems pretty easy and simple. But the truth inside can be a bit darker, the scoring system way varies from casino to casino to advantage the house a little. That’s why you should always follow a strategy.

baccarat vs blackjack 05

Baccarat Strategies

  • You don’t have to be a prodigy to learn baccarat strategy, it’s simple yet elegant. All one has to do is stick to one side, throughout the game.
  • The Player has to choose to bet on either three possible winners, banker, player, or tie. The scoring system is also pretty simple but differs from casino to casino.

Blackjack Strategies

  • Blackjack isn’t easy to jump in, it takes time to understand the game and scoring system. You will not face any trouble eventually but you might find difficulty in starting.
  • Rules vary greatly in Blackjack from casino to casino to grab more advantage on the inside level. Different ratios of natural blackjack and some casino offers single deck.

#3. Baccarat vs Blackjack: Betting Options Comparison

Some online casino features one or two side bets, other than that there are only three options to bet on, which limits the winning too. The tie has a high house edge, but it isn’t worth the time.

baccarat vs blackjack 02

Baccarat Betting Options

  • Two cards are dealt with the banker and player. The Player has 3 options to bet on, Player, Banker, or Tie.
  • The hand with the single largest digit wins the round, that is, 9 wins the game and gets the pot.

Master the art of cards and learn how to play baccarat to grab real cash.

Blackjack Betting Options

  • You will always have an option to hit or stand still in Blackjack. If you don’t want to move further in the game, just stand. Your score plays a greater role in your decisions.
  • The objective of the blackjack is to gain a higher score than that of the dealer or get exactly 21 to claim a natural win. The casino uses more than one deck of cards which makes it difficult to create any strategy.

#4. Baccarat vs Blackjack: Card Value Comparison

Particular card value differs in both the game and that impacts the game widely. Don’t get confused and choose the game with the easiest card values.

baccarat vs blackjack 04

Baccarat Card Decks

  • The casino uses more than one deck of cards to play online baccarat. The value of the card is the face value of the card, the value of king, queen, joker, and 10 cards is 0.
  • The value of the ace is 1 and other face value cards hold the value on the number on it.

Blackjack Card Decks

  • The casino can use 1 card or more than one to play blackjack. 4 cards are drawn to each player in the round face down. The value of the ace card can either be 1 or 10, according to the casino policies.
  • The value of the card from 2 to 10 is the face value on the card. The value of king, queen, and joker is also 10.

#5. Baccarat vs Blackjack: Odds Comparison

Every casino, online or offline, has odds to help players predict the winner and earn some profits. Some have higher odds compared to others, meaning that a player has more chances of winning than that of the dealer in the casino.

baccarat vs blackjack 03

Baccarat Odds

  • Surprisingly, baccarat offers a greater house edge and the player will not even know, he can bet on whichever hand blindly, he doesn’t have to have a clue about what he’s doing and can still win.
  • The tie in the Baccarat offers great odds up to 9:1, it’s like winning the lottery. Meanwhile, the house offers 1:1 odds on bankers and players.

Blackjack Odds

  • Blackjack offers a house edge of up to 1% and sometimes, even lesser than 1%.
  • Every decision you make in Blackjack impacts the house ultimately, hit or stand wisely to advantage your odds.

Baccarat is the best – Know the 3 traits

As it’s confirmed from the heading, our professional experts are choosing Baccarat over Blackjack. We know you’re curious to know why, that’s why we present 3 reasons why Baccarat is better than Blackjack.

baccarat vs blackjack 07

  1. Baccarat doesn’t feel like taking SATs like Blackjack and gambling is not meant to be felt like taking SATs. A person visits online casinos to blow off the steam from day-to-day life, Baccarat offers simple strategies and no brain counting to get mad over.
  2. Baccarat offers sweet 9:1 pay-out on tied hands: Ties in Baccarat happen way often than ties in Blackjack, in fact, there can be no ties in blackjack. It’s like winning a lottery when a player wins a tie in baccarat.
  3. Dragon 7 & Panda 8 are amazing side bets: Blackjack lovers love to cap their bet with an extra buck or two on the lucky ladies called side bets. Players shoot a pay-out of 4:1 but bet on side bets.

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After thorough research on baccarat vs blackjack, our professional experts jumped to the conclusion that the best online casino card game to start with is baccarat. We hope you agree with our decision and if not, then the best way to know about your preference is to try both on the best online gambling websites listed by HappyIndia88.

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