10 Best Baccarat Winning Strategies Ever – Win ₹6,500 Daily

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Playing Baccarat Online is the most fun thing you can do in your leisure time, however, what makes it even more fun is winning continuously! I am saying this from personal experience because when I first played Baccarat I did not know how easily I would top my gaming skills by researching the best strategies one can use to win Baccarat. Using these strategies for a while now, I managed to recently buy my dream phone – iPhone 14!


So, here I am sharing the top 10 Baccarat winning strategies that most pro-players use in order to keep winning consistently when playing the Baccarat online.

Tip #1: Research the Site you choose to play online Baccarat

This tip comes from my personal experience which is also a mistake. As a beginner, I did not research the site I chose to play at and thus, initially ended up losing more than winning. However, I was able to rectify my mistake by understanding the mindset of pro-baccarat players. Thus, if you want to win more by playing online baccarat, the first thing you must do is research well on the site you choose to play at.

  • This site will become your baccarat playground so be sure to create a permanent account where you can deposit your money and maintain the account well.
  • I recommend using W88 as it is my go-to online betting site. You can also find other amazing games besides Baccarat.
  • Once you choose a good betting site, like W88, the remaining tips become easier to carry out.

Owning an account on a prestigious site like this would give you many benefits that you will be needing in order to carry out all the pro tips mentioned below.

Tip #2: Select Suitable Game Room for Playing Baccarat

Once you have selected the best site out there it is important for you to select a suitable baccarat game room. Although the site is the main provider, the game provider is the one that decides the betting limits and most of the things. So, the game room becomes important when playing Baccarat because you will be the one placing bets and earning from them. That being said, they also have the liberty of setting their own house edges, which may not always benefit you as a player.

W88 offers many Online Baccarat game rooms to choose from
  • It is important to look at the payout rates and house edge commission before you play at any online betting site.
  • When I was looking for a suitable Baccarat game room, I always make sure that the payout rate is higher than the house edge commission for obvious reasons – if a casino puts customer satisfaction first then they automatically become a good game provider.
  • By changing the game provider I was using and going for the one with a minimum betting rate, high pay-out, and low house commission, I was able to start winning more in no time!

Thus, this is one of the most effective yet basic baccarat-winning strategies you can use to kickstart your winnings. However, there will be many trials and errors before you find yourself in a proper baccarat game room. This means, that you may have to try many game room providers till you find a suitable one.

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Tip #3: Learn about Payouts

As mentioned above, it is important to select a game room with higher payouts but what exactly does this mean? To understand this let us take a quick glance at how live casinos benefit.

  • Payouts, also known as RTP (Return to Player), refer to the money you, as a player, will earn after the game ends.
  • This will include the money from the bets you won minus the house commission. Thus, House Commission is what Live Casinos benefit from the most.
  • Thus, House Commission, or House Edge, refers to the profit casinos make from each game depending on how long you play.

As a beginner, understanding payouts and house edges were very boring because when you want to have fun playing baccarat online, I found it very unnecessary to do math work! However, I noticed that this is also what most casino players feel like except for the pros of course. This is also why many people tend to lose more than they win – they are too lazy to check the payouts of the game room.

Tip #4: Know about the Baccarat Betting Options thoroughly

The next strategy to win Baccarat is very important and sometimes often overlooked – I made the mistake as well. It is also a tip that is related to the previous point as you cannot follow one and not the other. This is all about knowing the betting options in Baccarat thoroughly.


When learning how to play W88 Baccarat, after finding the site the most comfortable, I realized that betting randomly would sometimes be very risky because I literally was depending on my sometimes non-existent luck! So, I wanted to know which betting option was the most effective as there are only 3 in Baccarat and here’s what I found out:

  • The betting options in Baccarat seem simple, however, there is more depth to them.
  • When you bet on the Banker, you will have to pay about 5% House Commission for each win. However, betting on the Banker will give you a 45.8% chance of winning.
  • When you bet on the Player, you won’t have to pay any House Commission. However, the odds of winning are slightly less by a 44.6% chance.
  • Betting on a Tie takes a huge amount of risk and luck as there is only a 9.6% chance of winning the bet. However, if you manage to win a tie bet – then you will get the payout of 8:1.

Thus, making your bets wisely and not on a whim is a very tactful strategy to win baccarat especially if you want to win more in fewer rounds.

Tip #5: Learn and Understand the Gameplay for Online Baccarat

Again, this is something that people often forget to do although it seems like the most basic thing, trust me. There are many online players who only understand the basics of Baccarat and then go ahead and play on a whim – without thinking! This is a very bad move and would cost you more than you profit.

  • A way to avoid this is by understanding the gameplay of the Baccarat game. Doing so would help you know when to think and when to make the right bets in order to win more money.
  • Since the live dealers in all Baccarat game rooms are quick with their hands because of Baccarat’s fast-paced nature, it also requires you to be vigilant when playing the Live-Casino game online.

Besides this, understanding the gameplay also requires you to understand the rules of the Baccarat game thoroughly. This means that you should be thorough with all the card rules of the Baccarat game.

Tip #6: Always Make Bets with the Minimum Betting Amount

This is something I discovered myself after playing many Baccarat rounds. I realized that if you do not make minimum bets, then even if you keep winning more rounds, you will find that you have not profited at all!


  • Yes, the more you bet, the payout will be higher, however, if you lose, you lose the more! That is why it is important to make the least amount of bet from all the available betting rates.
  • This is because as a beginner, you are still at a learning stage and thus it is given that you may make mistakes.
  • So it is better to avoid making big bets when you still are making mistakes in order to avoid losing more than you win.
  • However, if you want to win more, then choosing an active game room is also important because as mentioned above, if all players in a game room select the least betting amount, then the total bet money would be less as well. Thus, the more players in a room the better.

When you make smaller bets, it is easier to spend less and play more Baccarat rounds. Thus, finding a game room with minimum betting rates, like at W88, becomes another crucial step to take as one of the baccarat winning tricks.

Tip #7: Feel Free to Skip Some Baccarat Rounds

This is something that many pro-players emphasize and it is also a good point to remember – you do not have to play all the rounds in the Baccarat game room!

  •  When you join an online game room, it is important to remember that it is not a compulsion to start playing the game rounds immediately.
  • What you must do is observe and learn what is going on in the Baccarat game room.
  • Besides this, when you play rounds and do not win a few continuous rounds, then you can again stop and just observe the game for a while and see how other players are playing.

This is also another reason to make an account in the W88 register because since most of the Baccarat game rooms are always active, it is fun to watch others play and also analyze these rounds till you are ready to go for another round!

Tip #8: Leave Baccarat if you don’t have any Luck

With regards to the point above, if you do not seem to be winning then you can leave the game for a while or for the day and come back again when you are ready. This is an effective step that I have been using because let’s be honest, Baccarat is a game that inherently depends on luck and on some days you just cannot seem to be lucky!


  • Yes, these 10 tips are the best baccarat strategies you can find, however, these also act as the basic things you must do to help you win more baccarat rounds and earn more money.
  • Luck still plays an important factor, so you cannot fully be in charge of whether you win the round or not, even after following these pro tips word-to-word.
  • Thus, when you do not feel lucky it is best to step away from the Baccarat table and come back when you have more confidence.
  • This will help you save the money you already own and in a way would still help maintain a good amount of money in your wallet.

That being said, all these points also work the other way around – since Baccarat heavily depends on how lucky you are, sometimes you can just leave the game all up to luck and truly enjoy the thrill of playing Baccarat online.

Tip #9: Grab the Promotional Offers and Make Use of It

This baccarat winning strategy is sometimes ignored by most players as they are not aware of it as this is one of the initial steps you must take when you make your very first deposit on your online gaming site. That is to collect the bonuses on your betting site! This is the main reason why I managed to boost my betting wallet and earn enough to get my iPhone 14! I made use of the best W88 promotion on Live Casino online.

  • When you look for an online betting site, it is important that you find one that offers some of the greatest deals you can find in the betting world.
  • These promotions usually are related to Welcome Bonuses that help you boost your betting journey from the start.
  • Additionally, you should never stop checking the promotions page on your online betting site because these keep updating.


Another reason you should go for W88 India, one of the top online betting sites in India, it offers you will some of the craziest promotions you can find. The promotion I opted for was the 150% bonus of up to ₹12,000 on Live Casino.

Tip #10: Maintain a Budget for playing online Baccarat

Lastly, and most importantly, it is important to maintain a budget for playing online Baccarat. This is something that has helped me maintain a positive and good relationship with gambling online.
  • The main reason people look down on the amazing skill of gambling is that many people end up spending more than they win.
  • However, it is important to note that sometimes they already have more than they can win.
  • Thus, when you deposit your money on online gambling sites, it is important to maintain a budget, a fixed amount that you deposit from your earnings per month.

It isn’t wrong to gamble as a form of entertainment, in fact, it is one of the coolest skills you can own! Thus, in order to not lose this charm, you must maintain a good relationship with gambling itself.

In Conclusion

These were the top 10 Baccarat winning strategies used by pro-players! As a beginner, it is important to maintain a good streak of winning so that you can eventually grow into a pro baccarat player in no time. Using good online gaming sites, like W88, that value their customer’s satisfaction more than gaining profit is important as well. With these 10 tips, it is not time to say goodbye and HappyIndia88 wishes you luck to win more at Baccarat online!

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