10 Best tips for betting on football online- Earn $150 daily

Want to know the most important things to keep in account while betting on football online? Get 10 best tips to boost your winnings by 98% & earn $150 daily!


Online gambling accounts for a small percentage of luck, most of it is a well-thought decision with proper knowledge. Make your decisions wisely, start by placing small bets, focus on one sport, etc are obvious tips that you already know. We won’t provide you with obvious tips cause they won’t do any good. Betway provides you with the top 10 best tips for betting on football online that work and will add value to your betting style and bank account.

#1. Hedging bets on football online

Hedging bets are gaining popularity, they are a way of balancing your losses in a particular football match. Make sure the online sportsbook you chose to bet on allows in-play or live betting to take the most advantage of hedging.


  • Let’s look into an example of a football match between Manchester & Aston Villa. Suppose you placed a bet on a draw in the pre-match betting option, but after 20 minutes of watching the game, you realize that betting on Manchester would have been the right decision.
  • In that case, you can opt for live betting on Manchester winning the game to balance out the bet you are about to lose. This is what cautious punters do when they say hedging.

#2. Rolling accumulators betting style

Accumulators and rolling accumulators are opposite to each other. Hence, forget the meaning of accumulators and follow the rolling accumulators betting style in football matches.

  • In the accumulator betting style, punters make multiple bets on a particular match in the bet slip. Whereas in rolling accumulators betting style, punters choose one event to bet and if won, then they choose another event to bet on with their winning amount.
  • With rolling accumulators betting style, punters can ain to earn huge profits by starting with the least football betting stakes. This is the way to protect your investment at Betway India.

#3. Sports News & forecast goes a long way

There’s no denial! Literally, no denial to this statement: Sports news and forecast goes long way. No amount of knowledge can ever be wasted. Knowing football better before betting online is the best thing you can do to win more real money through online betting on football.


  • Sports forecasts are written by people who are experts in the betting arena, they keep history, head-to-head performances, expected line-ups, and key positions into account to predict the match-winner.
  • Hence, no matter which sports you choose to bet on, read sports news and sports forecast before placing your bets to get a clear-cut idea of history and predict the future on your own or trust the sports forecast betting experts.

#4. Opt for a football betting exchange

Have you heard about ‘sure bets’? They are 100% safe bets and one way to place such bets is to do football exchange betting. Great odds and greater pay-outs are found in football exchange betting.

  • Large fluctuations in betting odds results in an ideal situation for sure bets in football. Football betting exchange works well in live betting, place your bets after the first goal on the favorite. Do Betway register & enjoy live betting
  • If you analyze that no goal will be made in the first half of the football match, then rely on less than 2.5 goals. Since both, the teams in the football match want to save themselves.

#5. Take advantage of matched betting

Many betting platforms offer free bets to lure the punters, some opt for the option to win and run, and some opt to lose and leave. Whereas there is a third type of punters that use their free bets in the best way by doing matched betting.


  • Punters use free bets to bet on a particular team, which they predict to win, and then, lay off the bet in exchange for betting for a greater return. Hence, you bet on one and lay another.
  • The question is to find an appropriate opportunity to place matched bet. In this scenario, you bet on one team to win the match and you lay for the same team to lose the match.

#6. Comparisons on single bets

If you are not afraid of bigger stakes and relative wins, then the comparison of single bets strategy is made for you. It’s one of the safest ways to earn winnings through football online betting. For comparison, choose 6 football matches to bet on your favorites with the same odds, and analyze 4 points:

  1. Consistency of your favorite football team.
  2. Is the underdog good at giving surprises?
  3. Did any player leave the team recently?
  4. Psychological factors like coach role.

After analyzing the 4 points mentioned above about the 6 football matches you chose to bet on, you can predict the safest match to bet on and increase your chances of winning by 98%.

#7. Go against the odds on favorites

Professional calculated odds are there to help the punters choose the winning team. But have you ever wondered why online sportsbook provide greater odds to winning teams especially when the pay-out depends on the odds?


  • Well, be paranoid and think right. Bet on the team you think will win, irrespective of the odds on the favorite team or underdog team.
  • Research thoroughly and grab winning teams tight. Choose your priorities, is it earning more money or supporting your favorite team, who doesn’t know you exist?

#8. Investigate all available markets

The most popular betting option in football betting is 1×2, many punters prefer to bet on 1×2 than handicap or over/under. Most punters place an accumulator, but they decide in terms of odds. For once, watch the match, and predict the winner by watching and not looking at odds merely.

  • There are multiple betting markets with different odds, we recommend you investigate different betting options and odds of different online sportsbooks.
  • That’s why, HappyIndia88 provides reviews of the top 5 online betting sites to play, gamble, bet and win more. Explore most out of the top 5 and pick the best one for you.

#9. How to bet on your team

This is easier to follow, you can easily bet on the team which you support. Remember, that your money depends on your favorite team. Therefore, no decision should be made without any research.


  • If your team is having a good run-in tournament, no injury in the longer run, no replacements, and you believe that your team will score in 1st half itself easily, then go for it.
  • There’s always a good chance of doubling your money by betting on the team you believe in, but we strongly recommend not believing in the greatest odds, they are there to lure you in.

#10. How to bet against your team

Now, this is difficult to do, to ditch your team and bet on the rivals. But sometimes, it results in great results. It’s heartbreaking to see your favorite team lose the match, but it can be bank balance-making if the team you are against wins.

  • We know many punters who choose to bet against their favorite team with small stakes. This is another way of saying that gives underdogs a chance to surprise you and earn money.
  • Don’t run after the odds in the hope to earn more. Hence, don’t put your hopes on the future. If you want to earn money, then you must do unbiased research and bet on the winning team accurately.

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What do you think helps other successful punters to make a living out of online betting? Is it the tips and tricks or consistency? You guessed it right, every punter can type the top 10 best tips for betting on football online and get the tips, some will be obvious, some will be useless, and some will be useful. You will take away the ones you like and the rest will be left untouched. It’s the consistent strategy that will make you run a marathon for a longer time. Slow down and jog, instead of running fast.

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