Betway Account Locked? Find How to Unlock Easy & Fast 2022

Is your Betway account locked? Don’t worry! Know how to unlock your Betway account quickly with 2 methods. Also, find out the causes to avoid further blocking!

Betway Account Locked   Betway Login Issues

Regardless of the type of account, one must always be careful while using them. Talking about betway, getting your Betway account locked is not rare, although this is the case only if you have violated Betway Regulation. This article is for those who are facing issues regarding the betway account being locked. Let’s find out why and how to fix this issue.

6 Reasons – Why is my Betway account locked?

Before directly jumping onto the solution part, it’s important to know the reason as to why it happened. Once you are aware of the cause for the betway account locked, falling into the same pit can be avoided. Below are the major reasons for your betway account locked.

Betway Account Locked

1. Using Betway account in the restricted country – You can only use your Betway account in your native country. If you try to access it from another country, it will be locked.

2. Setting a limit on your account – Betway’s ‘Responsible Gambling’ features allow users to set a limit on their account’s access. You won’t be able to access your account until the time limit expires, although customer service may be able to assist you in some circumstances.

3. Opening duplicate account – At Betway, you can only have one account. If you try to make two accounts and Betway finds out, both (or all) of your accounts will be closed.

4. Lost your username or password – You won’t be able to open a betway account without valid credentials too.

5. Too many incorrect login attempts – The reason is similar to the one stated above. If you make too many incorrect login attempts, Betway will lock your account for security reasons.

6. Account verification is incomplete – Every Betway account must go through this process. If you do not provide this information, Betway will be forced to close your account. The majority of verifications are completed online, however, some may require actual mail-in proof.

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2 ways – How to unlock betway account quickly?

Luckily, there are 2 different ways to unlock betway account. Depending on the reason for the betway account being locked, you can choose one of the ways below and get back your betway account instantly. Let’s look at which are the 2 ways.

1. Reset your Password

This method is applicable only to those users who have lost their passwords and are unable to log in.

Betway Account Locked

  • Simply click on the forgotten password below the login box.
  • You will be required to enter the username or email address.
  • You’ll receive a reset link to your respective email id.
  • Reset your password and enjoy betting.

2. Contact Customer Care

If your account is locked due to any of the reasons mentioned above, then you need to contact customer care to get back your betway account. Feel free to contact Betway customer care, they are available 24/7 to solve your queries instantly.

Betway Account Locked

  • On the homepage, click on the support button and select help under that.
  • You’ll be displayed with the various option, select login problems.
  • Then select how to re-open a closed account? You’ll find the link to connect with customer care.
  • Contact and unlock betway account.


We hope this article on betway account locked and how to unlock betway account has helped you get back to your gambling track. Moreover, you can also make a note of the reasons for the betway account getting blocked to avoid any issues further. Best of luck!

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