How to play Betway Blackjack – Get 100% bonus up to ₹15k

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Introduction to Betway blackjack

Betway is a prominent online gambling company established in 2006 and owned by Super Groups. The online gambling business of Betway is legalized by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), that is, it is authorized by MGA to perform its online gambling duties towards the customers.


Betway offers a load of products from Betway Sportsbook, Betway Casino, Betway Esports, and Betway Vegas. 1.2 million active users from India are using Betway on daily basis to blow off steam and earn some extra money. The number speaks more than enough to tell the credibility of Betway Blackjack. Just Signup and do Betway login to play blackjack online!

5 Variants of blackjack available at Betway

Betway Casino offers an exclusive variety of casino card games and this article emphasis on Betway Blackjack. It’s one of the most popular card games among Poker and Baccarat, with simple rules yet elegant to play. Mentioned below are the blackjack games available by different game providers.


  1. Live Blackjack by Evolution: It demands the minimum betting amount of ₹100 to be able to play blackjack.
  2. Live ONE Blackjack: Pragmatic Play is the game provider and allows the minimum betting amount of ₹50 to start playing blackjack.
  3. Lightning Blackjack: The game provider is Evolution with a minimum betting amount of ₹100 to play blackjack.
  4. Multiplay Blackjack: Authentic gaming is the game provider of Multiplay Blackjack and allows the minimum betting amount of ₹50 to play.
  5. Freebet Blackjack: Evolution is the game provider, it demands the minimum betting amount of ₹100 to be able to play blackjack

5 Basic rules to play Betway blackjack

Blackjack is an online casino card game based on luck and it’s most important to know some basic rules before you jump into the mainstream. Mentioned below are the 5 basic rules you must know to play Betway blackjack.


  1. A standard card deck of 52 cards is in use, but the casino often uses more than one deck of cards to play Blackjack to avoid predicting remaining cards.
  2. The objective of the player in the Blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting a total sum more than that of the dealer’s cards.
  3. The value of an ace card can either be 1 or 11, depending on the casino you’re playing with.
  4. Value of king, queen, joker, and 10 face cards are 10 & the value of cards from 2 to 9 is equal to the face value of the card respectively
  5. Players bet before the cards are shuffled. In the showdown, the cards are revealed and the winner will be determined.

Learn to play betway blackjack within 7 minutes

Yes, the wait is over! Mentioned below are the three steps to play Betway Blackjack effectively, follow these steps to avoid any trouble regarding finding and choosing the game.

Step 1: Access Betway & Sign up for your account

Access the official Betway website, be aware and save yourself from duplicate websites. Register your account by clicking on ‘Register’ in the top right corner of the homepage.


Learn how to register at Betway step by step, fill in the accurate details to avoid troubles in the further verification process.

Step 2: Select ‘Blackjack’ under Live casino

Click on ‘Live Casino’ on the top of the homepage and you’ll be redirected to a page filled with different variety of casino games. Select ‘Blackjack’ to see all variants of Blackjack available at Betway.


Step 3: Select the game & play with minimum betting amount of ₹50

Select the game you prefer to pay, depending on the minimum betting option available.

HappyIndia88 recommends ‘Live ONE Blackjack’ by Pragmatic Play casino game provider at Betway India as it offers the least betting amount to begin playing blackjack, that is, ₹50.


After clicking on the ‘Live ONE Blackjack’ you’ll be redirected to a lobby, where the live dealer will be waiting for you to make your move.


You are supposed to wager the amount you are comfortable in waging for blackjack.

  • The dealer will draw the cards for your face up and herself face down.
  • Then the dealer will show her cards to determine the winner.
  • If the dealer card’s value is more than that of yours, then the dealer wins and you lose your wager amount.
  • If your card’s value is more than that of the dealers, then you win and get the return as per game providers’ odds.

Continue to play for as long as you want and as long as your wallet allows.

3 Mistakes to avoid while playing Betway blackjack

Newcomers often tend to make some mistakes repetitively, be sure that you don’t end up making the most common mistakes made by new gamblers. Mentioned below are 3 mistakes to avoid while playing Betway blackjack.

  1. Don’t avoid the odds and strategies: Online gambling website provides odds to help you make your bets with more confidence. Choose a strategy you like and stay with it, don’t depend on predicting.
  2. It’s not SATs, have some fun: Keeping track of your bets and counting the cards seems a really good strategy. But if you’re here to blow off the steam, then why stress your brain with extra calculations.
  3. Keep your bankroll insight: Blackjack is an addictive game and the best one to get relief from stress. Don’t end up increasing your stress by wasting your bankroll, keep the money for wants aside from the money for needs.

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It is better to be addicted to Blackjack than smoking, but having control is most important. We believe that you’re ready to start your online gambling journey with Betway Blackjack. Sign up at Betway now and claim the 100% cashback up to ₹15,000.

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