Betway complaints India – Frequent issues popped by gamblers

Are you facing the same issues as others? Here are the most common Betway complaints India piled up by gamblers. Discover now & find out Betway’s response!

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If you’re looking for a Betway complaints India on the internet, you’ve come to the perfect place. Exclusive Betway complaints India may be found here. Stay with us till the end to get answers to questions like Is Betway a Scam? is Betway a secure site? Is Betway irresponsible? and many more!

5 Typical Betway complaints India

First things first, no matter what kind of complaints are filed against Betway, we assure you that Betway is a legitimate company. It’s not a scam because they’ve been operating for years in India and many other parts of Asia with an authentic license from MGA.

Betway complaints India

Get your account created for free at Betway register to enjoy over 800+ award winning games & impressive bonuses to grab like a ₹15k welcome bonus. However, there has been a spike in Betway complaints India. Below are the most repeated ones.

1. Amount debited but not credited

This is one of the most common complaints logged by many gamblers at Betway complaints India.
  • Complaint – Hello, my name is Alexa and had a really bad experience being a part of Betway. I made a deposit of ₹1000 but sadly the amount didn’t get reflected in my Betway account. I got a message that the amount has been successfully credited from my bank account. Waiting for the issue to get solved asap.

2. Account locked

Few gamblers have faced the issue of getting their accounts locked after a successful deposit. 
  • Complaint – Hi, I’m John, and I accessed my new account at Betway login a few days ago.  I made my successful deposit of ₹5000 and played staked on several games. My Betway balance reached ₹2000 since then my Betway account has been suspended. Even contacting customer care for withdrawal which is still not processed. 

Betway complaints India

3. Transaction problem

Another Betway complaint India is regarding the transaction issue where gamblers are unable to make their deposit.
  • Complaint – My name is Priya and I’m from India. This is the first time ever I’ve created a betting site. Looking at the reviews, I decided to begin my betting journey at Betway. But disappointed with the deposit failure at the start of Betway’s journey. Adding to it, even the customer support team didn’t show up to be useful!

4. Poor service

Other than complaints regarding the transaction, it’s painful to state that gamblers are also experiencing poor service from Betway’s customer support team.
  • Complaint – I’ve had funds missing from 2 deposits, and I’ve done numerous chats, provided bank statements, and sent multiple emails, but got a call only once to say they’re looking into it. It’s been a month, and I’ve never seen such poor customer service, the website on the other hand is fine. Fel free to reach out to Betway customer care & get you queried cleared.

Betway complaints India

5. Bets overdue

Many bettors have faced the issue of not getting their bets settled. Gamblers are concerned about their bets being unsettled. 
  • Complaint – Hello, my name is Rohan and I had placed a bet on one of the sports events. And also won a few of the bets placed, but Betway has not settled my bets for more than 5 days. Tried reaching customer care, still, the problem is pending. You may also take a break from Betway gambling by learning how to delete Betway account permanently.

Betway’s enhancements & corrections

We have seen many complaints concerning the quality of Betway India transactions and service. They’ve also expressed their dissatisfaction with some bettors’ payment problems. As a result of these criticisms, Betway’s web developers have implemented several features and settings aimed at resolving Betway complaints India.
Betway complaints India

1. Advance secure payment methods

  • This measure was done in response to previous Betway complaints India from gamblers who had been harmed by a number of bogus security threats conveyed via fake email attachments or “scam” websites.
  • With this new policy, Betway can safely state that every time a wager is placed, they are providing a safe and secure online betting experience.

2. More active customer care team

  • Customer care is the heart of every site on the internet.
  • Betway has made sure to acknowledge all the issues faced by the gamblers and provide them with a solution to make the betting journey more enjoyable.
  • This initiative has not only gained more popularity but also lowered the Betway complaints India since the issues are solved then and there.

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We had high hopes for this betting site, and we certainly are not disappointed. Despite some poor critiques and Betway complaints India, it’s more necessary to test it out for yourself, appraise it, and get to your own conclusions. Betway is a fair betting site delivering the best experience and is not out to defraud anyone, with a range of top banking options, great customer service, a user-friendly mobile app, and the best licenses and certification in the business. 

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