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About Betway fantasy football

Betway fantasy football betting is a completely different concept from traditional betting. Bettors do not bet on the absolute outcome of the sports event but create their own fantasy team and compete with other opponents’ fantasy teams to win real money.


Fantasy sports league has been in existence for a long but betting on Betway fantasy football has become popular in recent times, it’s very much a mainstream betting sport and widely available than it’s used to be. Players can wager real money on fantasy teams put together by other people.

The concept behind Betway fantasy football

It’s important to understand the concept behind something to understand it better. Therefore, it’s important to understand the logic behind Betway fantasy football Premier League.

  • The concept of Betway fantasy football betting is simple and elegant, you have to create a team for yourself to wager your real money on.
  • Then you win the points based on players which perform in the actual match from the fantasy team you created.
  • There are rules on creating your Betway fantasy football team and how points are allocated depending on Betway online betting site.
  • Your points are then converted into returns and transferred to your main balance account from the Betway sportsbook account, from where they are withdrawable.

How to bet on Betway fantasy football

We understand you can’t wait any longer to earn some fun-earned money. Without further ado, let’s look into the 3 simplest steps to bet on Betway fantasy football Premier League.

Note: Since Betway doesn’t have a provision of Betway fantasy betting yet, we are offering an example to bet on football premier league to provide you an idea of Betway fantasy betting.

Step 1: Access Betway and register your account

Access the official website of Betway and click on ‘sign up‘ in the top right corner of the homepage. Enter valid credentials in the registration form and register your account.


You need to create a Betway account via a 3-step guide to avoid problems in the further verification process.

Step 2: Choose football under sports sections

Follow the points mentioned below step by step to bet on Betway fantasy football betting.

  • Click on ‘sports’ at the top of the homepage to enter the Betway sportsbook section.
  • Select ‘Football’ to know the ongoing leagues and upcoming football matches to bet on.


  • Click on ‘All Football’ to see all the available leagues and start betting on Betway football betting.
  • Choose your preferable league to bet on Betway fantasy football betting. We are choosing ‘England Premier League’ as it’s the most popular football premier league.

Step 3: Choose Premier League & Bet on greater odds

After clicking on the ‘Premier League’ you’ll be redirected to a page where all the ongoing and upcoming matches will appear.


Click on the ongoing or recently coming match to bet on, we are choosing the match between Burnley vs Watford in England Premier League as it is the most recent upcoming match.


Observe the odd and bet on the football Premier League team you prefer and predict the winner. Level up your winnings at Betway fantasy football betting with football prediction formulated by professional experts.

  • Click on the odd and team you want to bet on to win the match.
  • Enter the stake amount you want to wager on in Betway fantasy football.
  • Observe the return to the player amount, which will be odds multiplied by your waging amount.
  • Click on ‘Place bets’ to place the bet on your preferable team.

Look into the three cases mentioned below and understand the Betway fantasy football Premier League better:

Case 1: Burnley wins



Case 2: Draw between Burnley and Watford


Case 3: Watford wins



Odds: 2.20 Odds: 3.30 Odds: 3.40
Wager: ₹100 Wager: ₹100 Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: ₹220 Pay-out: ₹330 Pay-out: ₹340
If Burnley wins, you win ₹220 If the match draws, you win ₹330 If Watford wins, you win ₹340
If Burnley lose, you lose ₹100 If the match doesn’t draw, you lose ₹100 If Watford lose, you lose ₹100

Continue betting at Betway fantasy football Premier League and earn yourself a fortune through it.

3 Mistakes to avoid while betting at Betway fantasy football

Betway fantasy football is not a piece of cake and hence, newcomers often make mistakes. It’s good to learn from your mistakes but it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes and not commit by yourself at Betway India. Look into the 3 mistakes mentioned below to avoid common problems.

  1. Take care of your bankroll: Betway fantasy football betting is an intriguing betting sport and newcomers often end up spending a large amount of their bankroll on it. Don’t make such mistakes, spend only 10% of your salary on Betway fantasy football betting.
  2. Not doing thorough research: Research on Betway Fantasy football betting thoroughly before starting to create team and betting. Don’t predict on uncertain grounds, instead take the help of experts and bet either in support or against the teams created by professionals.
  3. Keep track of previous performance: Look into the performance of the team and team members in previous matches to create an ideal team. Knowing history before predicting the future is one of the significant keys to mastering the art of prediction.

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Betway fantasy football betting is an innovative way to earn real money by risking less and expecting more returns. We hope that the above 3 steps guide helped you to understand and learn to bet on Betway fantasy football easily. Sign up at Betway & win a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹2,500.

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