How to play Betway Football Betting – Claim ₹500 Free Bets

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Betway Football Rules   Betway Football Odds

While nothing matches the love for cricket that Indians have for the game, football isn’t far behind. Most Indians are now just as engrossed in football betting as they would be in a cricket match. If you enjoy watching football but haven’t yet figured out how to bet on a game online, you’ve come to the right place.

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What is Betway Football Betting?

Among Betway sports, Football is the most loved game in India. Football betting can be done in a variety of ways, including simply betting on the outcome of each match or putting bets such as “doubles,” “trebles,” and “goalscorers.”
Betway Football Betting
This can all appear very new to someone who has no prior knowledge of Betway football betting. With betway live football matches from around the world comes a plethora of online betting choices. Here at Happyindia88, we’ll walk you through the most comprehensive tutorial to betway football betting you’ll ever see!

3 Steps on How to play Betway Football Betting

Our Betway football betting guide can assist you with anything from learning how to begin the betway football journey to determining the best football betting odds. Follow the below 3 steps to enter the Betway Football betting world. Come follow now!

Step 1: Open your Betway Account

Betway Football Betting

  • Newcomers must create an account at Betway Register first to begin football betting. by going to the sportsbook’s landing page and clicking the “Register” button.
  • Existing users, on the other hand, must use their login credentials to sign in to their accounts.
  • After you’ve finished the initial stage of creating your Betway account, you’ll need to add money in order to place bets.
  • Then click the ‘Sports’ tab at the top of the Betway page to proceed.

Step 2: Select your favored Football league

Betway Football Betting

  • To begin betting, you must first choose your preferred sport and the tournament you would like to wager on.
  • Since we are talking about Football, click on the “Football” tab from the menu bar.
  • You’ll find a list of different leagues as a part of quick links on the left of your screen.
  • Choose your desired league. Here is the list of a few popular Betway Football Leagues such as the Premier League, Europa League, La Liga, and more.
  • Choose the match you wish to bet on now.

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Step 3: Start Betting on your favorite Football team

  • Let’s say you wish to bet on England Premier League. And the match is between Manchester United and Everton.
  • You’ll be able to wager on a variety of Betway Football markets, including Match Winner, doubles, trebles, accumulator, over/under, and more.
  • Choose the wager you want to place.

Betway Football Betting

  • On the right side, you’ll see a betting slip where you can input the amount you want to bet.
  • Make a note of the return amount you’ll get back if you win the wager.
  • Then, to confirm your bets, click the “Place Bets” button.

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6 Fundamental Betway Football Rules

The majority of football bettors are aware of the various types of bets that can be placed with bookmakers, but not everyone is aware that bookmakers have their own set of rules and laws that must be followed while placing bets. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic betway football rules that apply to betway football betting.

Betway Football Betting
1. The 90-Minute Rule

This is the basic rule of almost every football match, with the important distinction being that, unless otherwise stated, most bets on football matches are valid for the 90 minutes plus stoppage time of a normal match. A bet on the Correct Score is only valid for normal time, not extra time or penalties, but a bet on the ‘To Qualify’ market is only valid at the end of such periods.

2. Football Betting Dead Heats

Dead heats in betting are more often connected with horse racing, but they can occur in other sports as well. Let’s say you bet on a footballer to finish first in a competition and they do, but they’re tied with three other players. That’s a tie, and your wager will be handled accordingly.

3. Maximum Payouts

Some bets may be subject to maximum payment limits, which means that regardless of your stake or odds, you will only be able to receive a set amount of money. Different bookies have different maximum payout limits, and they change all the time.

4. Betting on Own Goals in Football

Own goals are most relevant in Goalscorer markets, with the key difference being that they do not contribute towards First Goalscorer and other types of bets. They do, however, count for ‘Correct Score’ markets. Know 10 best tips for betting on football to win more.

5. Matches that have been abandoned

There are a variety of reasons why matches are abandoned, but the most important thing to know is what happens to any bets you’ve placed. The answer is that it depends on the outcome of the match and the type of wager you’ve placed.

6. Matches that have been postponed

Although there is a distinction between an abandoned match and one that has been postponed, the desire to know what happens to your wager remains the same.

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8 Major Betway Football Bets

In this Betway Football Bets, we’ll go over the many types of bets you may make, what they mean, and what you should be looking out for before you put your wager. Below are the important betway football bets that every player must be familiar with.

Betway Football Betting

1. In-play Betting

The process of placing a bet during an event is known as in-play betting, sometimes known as live betting or run betting. It is a type of wagering that occurs after a game has begun but before it has concluded. This is bet gives players a different thrilling experience that is second to none.

2. Match betting

The wager is on the match’s outcome, regardless of who scores or how many goals are scored. Do you believe the home team will triumph, the away team will triumph, or the game will result in a draw? That’s what Match Betting is all about.

3. Scores by both teams

Do you believe both teams will score in a given match? If that’s the case, you’ll go with “Yes,” but if it’s not, you’ll go with “No.” Own goals of both teams are counted since if you chose ‘Yes,’ you just need both teams to score, but they are rarely worth much.

4. Match Winner

You’re wagering on the match’s winner, that is whether the home team(team A) or away team (team B) will win. You can also place a bet on a tie.

5. Double or Treble

A Double is a bet that involves two-match outcomes in one bet. A Treble is a bet that involves three-match outcomes in one bet. This is the best way to increase your odds, especially with the treble bet.

6. Accumulator

These bets are similar to that of doubles or trebles. Bets from a total of 4 different games make up an Accumulator bet. To make a profit, all must be successful. This kind of bet can be more profitable to gamblers with small stakes since the payout is more when compared to other bets.

7. Goalscorer/First Goalscorer

First Goal Scorer(FGS) is the all-time favorite bet at Betway. You’ll be deciding which players you think will score the game’s first goal and then place a wager on them.

8. Over/Under Goals

An over or under bet involves betting on the total Goal scored in a game. Here you need not choose a particular value, instead, you be placing a bet on whether the total goals scored will be over or under a particular value. For wagers on the total number of goals scored in a match to be valid, it must reach full time.

Betway Promotions – Free Bets worth ₹500

Another factor that might make a significant difference when betting online is the type of welcome bonus or promotions offered by betting sites. Understand what is free bet in Betway and learn how to claim it.
Betway Football Betting
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The popularity of Betway football betting is growing by the day. Our goal at Happyindia88 is to help you in choosing the best betting sites like Betway to have a great betting experience. Hope you have got a clear idea about How to play Betway football betting along with its basic rules. Don’t forget to claim the bonus before your start betting. Happy Gambling!

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