Betway horse racing betting | Live streaming + ₹2,500 Bonus

Place your bets while watching the race with Betway horse racing betting & win exciting prizes in 3 simplest steps. Sign up & claim 100% cash deal up to ₹2,500.


Introducing Betway horse racing betting

Betway horse racing betting is gaining the audience immensely on daily basis. It’s not only about placing your bets on a horse but jockey. Betway offers live streaming of horse racing to increase the fun of betting for punters. Place your bets at least ₹10 and grab more winnings.


5 Basics to know about Betway horse racing betting

Know 5 basic informative pointers about Betway horse racing betting before starting to bet.

  1. Bet-Play: Horse racing is not all about betting on a horse, it’s about betting on the jockey. The ride is as important as the rider. Hence, while doing Betway horse racing betting, you bet on the jockey.
  2. Betting options: Punters bet on the horse they believe to win the race. Your prediction should not be based on a mere guess, you can see the previous performance of the horse & jockey
  3. Minimum bet stake: Minimum amount of cash you need in your Betway sports betting wallet is ₹10 to place your bets on Betway horse racing. Hence, most affordable horse racing book.
  4. Betting timing: Betway horse racing conducts throughout the day with the interval of 5 minutes. Hence, you can always bet on races irrespective of time. Place your bets & watch.
  5. Live streaming: Yes, you are reading it right and we are not lying. Betway horse racing betting offers live streaming of horse racing for punters to enjoy the betting to the fullest.

How to do Betway horse racing betting – 3 steps guide

After watching Peaky Blinders, 99% of us dream to bet on sports. Betway horse racing betting brings air to your dreams and lets you breathe. Learn to bet on Horse racing Betway in 3 steps & earn loads.

Step 1: Access Betway, Register & Select Sports

  • Access the official licensed website of Betway India via the link given in the Introduction section.
  • Click on ‘Register’ to do a Betway registration account & enter accurate details in the form.


  • Select ‘sports’ to visit Betway sportsbook and bet on horse racing to win more money.

Step 2: Choose horse racing & the time slot you prefer

  • Select ‘Horse Racing’ from the left panel of the vertical list of all the sports available for betting.


  • Click on ‘Next Off’ to see all the upcoming horse races to bet on at Betway India. As you can see that there’s a horse race to bet on every 5 minutes. Hence, no shortage at all.
  • Choose the upcoming recent horse race to bet on, we chose the ‘Nagoya horse race’ to provide an example that is about to start.

Step 3: Observe the odds on the horse & place your bets

  • Observe the odds on every horse and place your bets accordingly. We are choosing ‘Wind Charme’ with optimum odds and a great performance review.


  • Enter your betting stake you want to wager in on Wind Charme & Click on ‘Place Bets’ to confirm your bets.


  • Click on ‘Watch’ to see the horse race and come to claim your winnings if the horse you bet on wins the race.


After the conclusion of the race, there will be two cases for you. Suppose you place a bet of ₹100 on Wind Charme with 10-unit odds and your pay-out will be ₹1,000 (₹100 x 10)

  • Case 1: If Wind Charme wins, then you get ₹1,000
  • Case 2: If Wind Charme loses, then you lose ₹100

Join Betway now & win a 100% newcomer bonus of up to ₹2,500

How about an offer that lets you earn ₹2,500 even before starting the Betway horse racing betting? Yes, it exists as a Betway welcome bonus for new punters to embark on their online betting journey.


Sign up at Betway India & claim your welcome promotion of a 100% cash deal up to ₹2,500 on the first deposit in Betway sports wallet of at least ₹200. Yes, grab a chance to get 1250% of your first deposit!

Explore all the Topmost online betting brands to do horse race betting in Indian gambling market and earn up to ₹30,000 weekly.


Embark on the journey of becoming a millionaire through Betway horse racing betting. Start with the least amount you can afford and enlarge your bets and winnings due time. Join Betway India and other punters on the path to becoming Richie rich. Start by applying for a welcome promotional cash deal.

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