How Betway jackpot works on Football: Get instant ₹2500 cash

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Introduction to Betway Jackpots

The jackpot or consolation prize is the shared prize among all the players who predicted the winning bet, it’s like making a pool in the lottery. Instead, you’ll make a pool in sports betting in the jackpot. Make a pool of football English Premier matches and win a jackpot.

Betway jackpot 01

Betway India is one of the leading trustworthy online sportsbooks that allow players to bet on jackpots.

Note: Unfortunately, the Betway jackpot is not available for the Indian market but it’s soon to evolve with time. Until then, if you are Indian but native to Kenya, then go for it.

How Betway jackpot works – 3-step guide

Betway jackpot allows the players to bet without taking a high risk by depending on other professional predictions. Use the Betway jackpot to your advantage and earn huge profits of real money in just 3 simple steps. You might become extra lucky to win ₹500,000 within 3-5 minutes.

Step 1 – Access Betway & Register your account

Access the official site of Betway and click on ‘Register’ at the top of the Betway homepage, enter the valid credentials to avoid further problems regarding the verification process.

Betway jackpot 02

Learn to register at Betway step by step descriptively to avoid verification problems in further process.

Step 2 – Select EPL: Pick 5 under Betway Jackpots

Follow the points mentioned below step-wise to avoid mistakes and bet smoothly on the Betway jackpot.

Betway jackpot 03

  • Select ‘Betway Jackpot’ given in the horizontal panel with other gaming sections at Betway.
  • Click on ‘EPL – Pick 5’ to place bets on the upcoming 5 matches at the English Premier League of football.
  • Choose matches to bet on and click on the ‘pie-circle’ on the side of the particular match to see the predictions and probability.

Create your desired football team, bet on the Betway Fantasy football league, and earn some fun-earned money.

Step 3 – Check win probability & place a bet

After clicking on the ‘pie circle’ on the side of the particular match, you will see the predictions and probability.

Betway jackpot 04

As you can see the probability and made a conclusion:

  • Everton’s probability of winning the match between Everton and Aston Villa is 35%
  • The possibility of a draw between Everton and Aston Villa is 29%.
  • The probability of Aston Villa winning between Everton and Aston Villa match is 36%.

By observing the winning probability, it’s obvious to state that Aston Villa has more chances of winning than Everton.

Betway jackpot 05

Select Aston Villa to bet on the win of Aston Villa against Everton and click on ‘Bet now’ to confirm your bet. Suppose to waged ₹100 on Aston Villa to win the match.

  • Case 1: If Everton wins the match: You will end up losing the wager amount, that is, ₹100 you bet on against Everton.
  • Case 2: If the match ends in a draw: You will end up losing the wager amount even if it’s a draw between Everton and Aston Villa, that is, ₹100 you bet on against Everton.
  • Case 3: If Aston Villa wins the match: You’ll earn ₹60 as a profit, making a payout of ₹160 in your account if Aston Villa wins the match.

3 Pointers to remember while betting at Betway Jackpots

Being a beginner, it’s bound to make a mistake while betting at Betway jackpot sportsbook in rush and excitement. Look out for the three points mentioned below to keep in mind while betting at Betway Jackpots

  1. Do thorough research: Researching and developing is the key to the answer to your every doubt, jumping into mainstream betting without knowing the game, rules, and betting patterns is one of the stupidest mistakes one can make. Hence, do thorough research before betting Betway jackpot.
  2. Keep track of your bets: Don’t bet too much and too often that you end up losing track of your bets. This way you’ll lose a track of bets and also lose a huge amount of money, which is not good for your mental health.
  3. Keep your bankroll in mind: Online betting is an addictive arena and it’s really hard to be away from it. Be careful towards your bankroll and only spend extra money, don’t go spending all your hard-earned money in the Betway jackpot.

Betway jackpot made official by Guinness World Records

Betway can claim proudly now that it has officially awarded the largest jackpot pay-out of up to €17,879,645.12 to Cheshire soldier Jon Heywood.

Betway jackpot 06

The win turned Cheshire soldier Jon Heywood, the 26-year-old squaddie into an overnight mega-millionaire after he deposited £30 and placed just 25p bets on Betway jackpot.

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We can feel that growing desire inside your heart to be another Cheshire soldier Jon Heywood and we are here to support you through Betway Jackpot. Sign up at Betway and claim a first deposit bonus of up to ₹2,500 in sports wallet to start betting at Betway jackpot.

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