How to Register Betway? New accounts get 100% up to ₹15,000!

Latest process on How to register a new Betway account in just 2 minutes. Join Betway & win 100% up to ₹2,500 on Sports & ₹15,000 on Live Casino for new members


The word “Gambling” has always been viewed in a negative light. However, Gambling is a very cool skill to own. But you know what else is cooler than gambling? Gambling responsibly. Yes, you can be the best gambler in the room but that would not matter much if you do not know how to utilize your money wisely. This does not mean you should stop gambling. It means that you should join Betway.

3 Step Guide to Register a new Account on Betway

Betway is one of the most beneficial platforms for online gamblers as it provides various benefits. Using Betway as your betting site would benefit you in the long run as well. So, use this registration guide as a map to making more cash with the best deals on Betway

Step 1: Visit the official website of Betway and click on ‘Sign Up’

Registering an account at Betway would be a good decision to start your gambling journey as it can open many opportunities for you when it comes to being a good player as Betway allows its users to gamble and gamble responsibly.

Join-Betway 03

  • The very first thing you need to do is go to the Betway India official site and (1) click on the ‘Sign Up’ button mentioned at the top right corner.
  • You will then be directed to a page that is divided into three parts: Personal Details, Account Information, and Contact Details.

Step 2: Enter Accurate Personal Details, Account Information, and Contact Details

The next step is to enter your (2) Personal Details accurately.

Join-Betway 04

  • First, you can select your preferred title from the drop-down menu. Then enter the remaining details precisely.
  • First Name: Your first name needs to be entered exactly how it is written on your PAN card. This means that you cannot use any numerical here.

Note: Your First Name is not your username, so you cannot use any numerical or characters here. It should be your legal name which is mentioned in your PAN card or Bank Account.

  • Surname: As mentioned, enter your surname like it is written on your PAN card.
  • Date of Birth: Similarly, select your date of birth from the drop-down menu. You should be of age 18 or above to access Betway to play games.

Join-Betway 05

After filling and getting green check marks on every detail, click on ‘Next‘. Now, you will need to fill out your Betway (3) Account Information.

  • Username: This is where you can enter your preferable and unique username.
  • Password: You also need to enter a strong password which is also easy to remember. Use letters and numbers in your password.
  • Email ID: Here, enter your valid and active email ID. Be sure to use an email ID that you use frequently to back up your account, in case you forgot your password.

Join-Betway 06

The final part that you need to fill in step 2 is your (4) Contact Details.

  • Address: Fill in your address accurately. We advise you to use the same address format used in your PAN card or other official IDs.
  • Phone Number: Enter India’s Phone code, which is “91”, and then enter your active phone number. Make sure you enter the right digits in your number.

Note: You can enter your PAN card number as well. However, that is optional in case you might want a Fast Track Verification.

Step 3: Set your preferences and ‘Register’

The third and final step is to select your preferences and understand the terms and conditions thoroughly. Although these are optional, you can set them to make your gambling journey run smoothly. So we insist that you fill in these details. 

Join-Betway 07

  • As you can see, you can (5) set your Daily, Weekly, as well as Monthly limit. This means that you can select how much money you can spend on betting.
  • Betway will then be vigilant of your settings and make sure you do not exceed the limit.
  • Next, (6) select your preferred language and currency, as shown in the picture above.

Join-Betway 08

As you will see, Betway lets you select a welcome offer when you are registering for an account. So, you can select your preferred welcome offer and move to the final steps.

  • To do that, you can (7) click on ‘View All Offers‘ and select the one most appealing to you.

Note: It is suggested that you go through Betway’s promotions, in their promotions section to see the exciting welcome bonuses they have for you. Or visit our Betway Promotion Article to get a deeper understanding of the promotions.

Join-Betway 09

Finally, go through the terms and conditions and (8) check the tiny box stating that you have understood their terms. Then Check the ‘All‘ box to stay up to date with Betway’s latest offers.

After successfully filling in all the details, you can review them. Once done, (9) click on ‘Register’. By this point, you have successfully registered at Betway.

Kick-start your betting game with Betway’s New Account Promotions

Betway offers many benefits. With a new Betway account, you will be able to get welcome bonuses that are very appealing. The first promotion Betway offers is the Sports Welcome Bonus of up to ₹2,500. It gives you 100% cash back after you make the minimum deposit of ₹200.

Join-Betway 01

For those who join to play casino games, here is an offer as intriguing as the previous one. With the minimum deposit of ₹700, you can get a 100% Betway Deposit Bonus of up to ₹60,000. Joining Betway would also provide you with other great deals in the long run like Weekly Bonuses, and more!

Let’s get real & answer the most asked questions about Betway honestly

Let’s be honest, joining any site that requires us to spend money is a scary move. That is why it is alright to question the platform you are putting your money on. Below mentioned are some of the most asked questions that first-time users have when registering at Betway.

1) Is Betway legal in India?

The legality of betting sites in India is questionable and when registering for an account on such sites asking questions about its safety of it is valid. When it comes to Betway, it is a legal platform for online betting as it is licensed by the Malta Gaming Community in countries outside Europe. Besides this. Betway has many well-known sponsors from across the globe.


It is one of the safest platforms to use when it comes to gambling as it not only looks after the security of your cash but also makes sure you play responsibly and not get addicted. Below mentioned are 3 reasons you should register and join the Betway community.

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2) Why should I choose Betway?

There are 3 basic requirements that every gambler looks for when choosing their playground. Betway not only fulfils these requirements but also provides full satisfaction and great service in return.

  1. Implements Responsible Gambling: Betway is known best for implementing responsible gambling. It allows its users to set time limits and deposit limits for gambling.
  2. Safe and Secure Platform for Transactions and Deposits: Before joining any gambling site, people always make sure to form a bond of trust with it. Betway upholds this bond and allows its users to enjoy safe and secure methods when dealing with their money.
  3. Exciting Deals: Lastly, no gambling site is complete without some good deals. Betway offers some amazing deals that new joiners can enjoy. It does not require you to deposit a huge amount as well.

3) Is Betway a secure site?

Absolutely yes, Betway is not only fun but also one of the most secure sites you can use for betting. You can completely trust Betway with your money as it also ensures safe transactions. To know if it is a safe site or not you can check anytime with just a click!

Join-Betway 10

  • Go to Betway’s official site and you will find a “Lock” icon at the top left corner of your screen. (1) Click on it
  • You will be able to (2) see that the connection is secure. Furthermore, you can (3) click on the arrow, as shown in the picture, to get more technical details.

4) Can I change my details after completing the registration?

Yes, you can change your details after you have registered. However, to do that, you will have to talk to Betway’s customer care. Luckily, they have a Live Chat service that would allow you to talk to them and get the necessary changes required in no time. Besides this, you can also reach out to them using their email, which is, and send them a description of what updates you would like to make to your profile.

5) Can I keep a track of my online gambling expenses/activities at Betway?

Betway offers additional benefits to its users to make their gambling experience fun with responsibilities.

  1. Offers Deposit Limits: As you have seen above, when registering for a Betway account, you are given the option to select a suitable deposit limit for yourself. This means that you can set an amount aside for online betting purposes and use only that much. This allows its users to not overspend on betting.
  2. Tracks Activity Timing: Betway tracks your activity timings. Not only this but they also provide you with a detailed statement of your activity within the span of 6 months. This can then be used by you to analyze as well as prioritize your time.
  3. Self-Exclusion: Lastly, the coolest feature of all is Betway’s self-exclusion. This is introduced to the customers by taking into account the risks of Gambling addiction. It allows the user to exclude themselves from gambling for some period of time and take a break.


With this, we have can conclude that making a Betway registration is beneficial as it is a good gambling site you can have fun with. It is evident enough that the site holds its customers’ happiness high and also takes precautions to prevent them from picking up bad habits. Registering at Betway also provides great deals at low prices. You can download the app for more benefits and offers.

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