Explained! Betway Void Bet: 5 Reason for bets to be voided

What is a Betway Void Bet? 5 reasons for bet to get voided along with 5 pointers to avoid such situation at Betway. Get a chance to win 100% bonus up to ₹2,500!

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Introduction to Betway Void Bet

What can the word ‘void bet’ means in the world of sportsbook? The name pretty much suggests its meaning itself, a bet that has been voided, that is, unbinding, not legal and empty at Betway.


A void bet is a bet that has been canceled due to one reason or another, which will no longer payout and you’ll be refunded your original waged amount.

Note: You cannot determine whether the bet will get voided or not with 100% surety, you have to bet to know the conclusion.

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5 Reason for a bet to be voided at Betway

What could possibly happen if a bet gets voided? Are you thinking the same question? Your question and we provide answers, mentioned below are 5 reasons for a bet to be nullified at Betway.


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#1. Mechanical malfunction

Mechanical malfunction is quite frequent in the world of sports. One of the most popular reasons for a bet to be voided is a malfunction, when the match of football is going on in hours of darkness and floodlights are going off.

  • Breaking down of hares in Greyhound racing and changing of course by the jockeys in the wrong direction in a horse race leads to cancellation of the sports and voiding of bets.
  • Instances of mechanical breakdown can be really annoying but it can work in your favor if your selected runner was losing anyway.

#2. Non-runner selection

This happens frequently in horse races and sometimes in football matches too. When you bet on a runner horse and it doesn’t participate in the race cause of some injury then your bet gets void immediately and the wager will be refunded in your account.

  • If you waged on a goal-scorer player in the football and he doesn’t play in the match, your bet gets voided.
  • In tennis or golf, if the player decided to back off before the tournament begins then your bet will be nullified and the waged amount will return back in your account.

#3. Postponement

Let it be any sports, golf, tennis, horse racing, there is always a chance of postponement of an event and in such a situation, your bet will get voided and wager refunded to your account at Betway India.

  • The most likely reason for a match to get postponed is bad weather, frozen or waterlogged tracks, pitches, and courses are a particular problem in winters.
  • If you had made an ante-post bet on a sports match that is postponed then your bets will be voided.

#4. Abandonment

Abandonment is a less likely but similar scenario when a contest starts but doesn’t reach its conclusion; again weather is a culprit here. With other possible explanations, crowd problems, loads of players have been injured or a team has been dismissed.

  • With the abandonment of a sports activity, your bets will get void and the wager amount will return to your account.
  • The conclusion of the match can or cannot be drawn in further future. For in-depth research, you must read the terms and conditions of Betway.

#5. Bookmaker Rules

Every bookmaker has different rules regarding the bets made, it can void a bet within its rules if an event changes its course in a certain way. The match can still go on but bets may not standstill.

  • For example, reducing overs in a cricket match, changing the pitcher in a baseball match, or changing of surface in a tennis match.
  • In event of a system malfunction, unconfirmed bets are voided. Rules for matches are clearly stated in terms and conditions in Betway.

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3 Possibilities where void bets can standstill

In case of any 5 reasons mentioned above regarding nullifying a bet, the final decision always lies in the bookmakers’ hand, it reserves a right to a final and absolute decision.



Usually, Betway allows already confirmed bets to stand still in the event and further conclusion determines whether you win or lose a bet. Depending on the terms and conditions of Sportsbook:

  1. Bets can stand still in a re-organized event.
  2. Bets can be considered valid in future conclusions of the match.
  3. Bets can be considered void if the player retires in the second set.

There are loads of ifs and buts, but the answer lies in Betway’s terms and conditions.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Betway Void Bet

Smart people make quick decisions but intelligent people make an advantage & disadvantage list and we know you’re intelligent to think through his steps so we reduced your work and prepared an advantage & disadvantage list for you.

2 Advantages of Betway Void Bet:

  1. Void bets can save you from loss
  2. Your stakes will be returned irrespective of who wins.

2 Disadvantages of Betway Void Bet

  1. Bookies cover up mistakes through void bets
  2. Void bets can make you lose your winning payout.

Both the category has the same weightage, depends what you want to prioritize and how much risk you are willing to take. But before that let’s help you in predicting the possibility of a void bet.

A small problem can be overcome by great promotions, to neglect rare void bets Betway promotions are compensatorily made for you.

5 Pointers to remember to avoid void bets at Betway

Are you convinced that there’s no way to avoid Betway void bet? Then you’re wrong my friend, with simple observation, awareness, and prediction; we can save ourselves from void bet, here know-how:

  1. Read terms & conditions thoroughly: all the necessary rules are always written in terms and conditions, read them carefully to avoid any trouble in the future regarding void bets.
  2. Don’t bet on non-running events: Betway allows live betting, that is, betting while a match is going on then why take risk of making your bet void? Do live betting to avoid betting on non-runners.
  3. Do trust your guts and intuitions: If there is any pinch of doubt in your mind regarding nullifying of bet then trust your guts and intuitions and skip the bet. It’s alright to win nothing and lose nothing sometimes.
  4. Check the weather of a place: Wherever the event is happening, always the weather reports online before betting to check the chances of postponement of the event.
  5. Make sure no malfunction in your device: Technical issues from online gambling sites are not in your hands but you know your devices better, make sure no malfunction occurs when you bet.

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Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid fate but that doesn’t mean you stop trying. We understand it’s difficult to predict a possibility of a void bet so don’t be hard on yourself, you rarely have anything to lose in case of a Betway void bet. So, don’t worry and sign up at Betway tension-free because the probability of losing is real less here.

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