Dafabet Affiliate Program- Promote Dafa & Get 40% Commission

Join the Dafabet Affiliate Program to Promote Online Sports Betting & Live Casino Games at Dafabet. Bring Loyal & Active customers to claim a 40% Revenue share.


What is Dafabet Affiliate Program?

You may have noticed that most of the famous brands online partner with various other brands in order to grow successful by providing exposure to each other’s products via advertisements. This is because marketing online by being associated with other top brands helps in pushing your own products to greater heights as well.


Not only this, but when you return the favour by marketing other brands, you get high commission revenue which benefits you are a business owner in many ways. The Dafabet Affiliate Program is one such place that you must be a part of in order to boost your website and gain additional benefits in return for promoting the products offered by Dafabet.

What Benefits You will Claim as a Dafabet Affiliate?

Although there are enough reasons to become a Dafabet Affiliate, as an Affiliate you need to be sure of the benefits you will get thoroughly. Below mentioned are the top 3 benefits of being a Dafabet Affiliate!

#1. Great Marketing Exposure

Marketing procedures and strategies are an important aspect of owning any business. This is because it requires a lot of thinking about how you can beat the competitive business world. However, when it comes to marketing Dafabet, it becomes an easier task as Dafabet is already on top of its game.

Besides this, Dafabet offers you access to marketing tools and ideas that could help boost your strategies when it comes to promoting Dafabet and its products:

  • Dafabet gives you detailed marketing reports that you can analyze to improve performance.
  • Besides this, it offers you access to the media gallery where you can request banners and also customize them!
  • Additionally, as a Dafa Affiliate, you can get access to the XML file where you can read and analyze Dafabet’s Odds XML Feed.

#2. High Revenue Rate

This is perhaps a more beneficial offer that Dafabet Affiliates can enjoy. After all the hard work of promoting the awesomeness of Dafabet, you can enjoy a high revenue rate of up to 40%! The initial revenue rates start at 30% which eventually go up higher depending on how successful you are in getting sports bettors on the Dafabet Field.


You can receive the revenues monthly depending on how many times the players play. As long as they keep playing, you will receive the recurring rate. For instance, if the player you bought makes a deposit of a minimum of ₹1000, then you will receive 30% to 40% of that one thousand which makes ₹300 to ₹400 all yours!

#3. Easy Affiliate Commission Transactions

As mentioned above, as long as the player you bought in keeps playing and is active, you will receive your revenue rate accordingly, but where and how is the question… Well, the answer to that could also be something you can add when promoting Dafabet – Dafabet India is known for its easy transactions without any hassles! Yes, receiving your revenue commission is easy just like a player receives their cashback offer!

You can get your commission via various banking methods offered by Dafabet. You can choose where you want your commission transaction to take place at Dafabet. These include Neteller, Moneybookers, Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer or your Dafabet Player Account.

Top 5 Products offered by Dafabet India

As stated above, being a part of the Dafabet Affiliate Program has many benefits that would help you boost not only your brand but would also help you gain high revenue cash back. Besides this, the products offered by Dafabet India under their affiliate program are easy to promote since they are popular and well-known in the online betting market.

Dafabet’s own brand offers a wide range of products to its customers. This means that Dafabet owns sub-brands that offer top-quality services to all the customers associated with each of them. Dafabet owns the following sub-divisions:

1) Dafa Sports

Dafabet Sports offers all live updates on ongoing matches across the globe! Not only this but it also gives you many betting options and has the easiest interface to make online bets in the entire betting world. Additionally, you can get a 170% up to ₹17,000 cashback bonus as a new joiner on Dafa Sports. Thus, it is one of the most famous sportsbooks used by sports bettors which makes promoting Dafabet easier!

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2) Dafabet Live Casino

Next is the Dafabet Live Casino and Casino which offers some of the most famous Casino games online with Live Dealers. The casino game rooms are provided by some of the most prominent game room providers in the betting world like Evolution Gaming, PlayTech, Pragmatic Play, AE Casino, Ezugi, Gameplay Interactive, etc where you can play games 24/7! Additionally, New Dafabet joiners get a 100% Bonus up to ₹8,000 on the first deposit!

Dafabet is home to a variety of Game Rooms by top Game Providers

3) Dafabet Arcade & Lottery

Dafabet is a place where you cannot get bored and you can definitely use this line when promoting its Arcade and Lottery areas because that is a place where you can sit back and enjoy playing many games. What is even better is that you can double up your money while doing so! Besides this, playing Lottery at Dafabet is the best way to test your luck as you never know when you can hit the jackpot! Speaking of jackpots, you can grab up to ₹8,000 bonus on your Common Wallet as a new joiner!

4) Dafabet Virtuals

As mentioned, at Dafabet you can never get bored! When there are no live matches taking place due to say stormy weather, that is when you can go ahead and bet at Virtual Sports! Yes, Dafa stays up to date with the updates of the world and thus offers slots to bet on virtual cricket, football, and many other games! Not only this but you can get bonuses on making a Dafabet Deposit in your Virtuals Account every week!

5) OW Sportsbook

Another sportsbook offered by Dafabet India is the OW Sportsbook which is equally interesting and fun to use at Dafabet. With a fun interface and live updates on ongoing matches and betting odds, you can make bets freely using all the popular betting options in India. Not only this but as a new joiner, you can deposit a minimum of ₹1,000 in your OW Wallet and get a 110% welcome bonus up to ₹16,500 in your Dafabet Account!

How can you become a Dafabet Affiliate?

By now you have many reasons to earn up to 40% of revenue by promoting Dafabet because it is the easiest site to promote because of its marvellous popularity! All you must do to earn this big cashback revenue is promote Dafabet and their products which is easy as you can test Dafabet out first-hand and write honest reviews!

Step 1: Join Dafabet and Visit the Dafabet Affiliate Page to Register

The first thing you must do to become a Dafa affiliate to promote Dafabet is to join Dafabet by Creating a Dafabet new account! Creating a Dafabet new account and trying out all their products yourself would give you a better experience when promoting their products.

  • To do this, go to Dafabet and click on ‘Join Now‘. This will take you to the page with a Dafabet registration form.
  • Next, enter your details precisely and top it off with a unique Dafabet username and strong password which will ensure your account security.


Once you have explored Dafabet and made up your mind about being a part of the Dafa Affiliates, you can go ahead and start the process of becoming associated with Dafabet and its products in a few clicks!

  • Scroll down to the bottom of Dafabet’s Page and click on ‘Affiliates‘. This will take you to another Dafabet tab where you will see all the detailed information about the Dafabet Affiliates and Dafabet Sponsors.
  • You will also notice that there is another ‘Register’ and ‘Login’ button available. This is because you must create another Dafabet Affiliate account to join the Affiliate program!
  • Thus, you must click on ‘Register‘ mentioned in the Dafabet Affiliate tab and follow step 2 below.

Step 2: Enter Your Details Precisely

The next steps need to be carried out precisely as they will help you create a proper Dafabet Affiliate account without any hassle! The first thing you will have to fill in the form is your Account Information which will be the basis of your Dafabet Affiliate account.

  • First & Last Name: Enter your first and last name, as they are in your Bank documents.
  • Company Name: Enter the company name under which you will be promoting Dafabet.
  • Email ID: Enter your valid and active email ID, preferably your Company email ID. Once done, confirm your email ID by entering it again.
  • Contact Number: Select your country code and then type in your active mobile number.
  • Country + Preferred Language: Lastly, select your country and enter the preferred language you communicate in.


Next, you must enter your Marketing information precisely.

  • Product: Here, from the drop-down menu, you can select any of the Dafabet products you wish to promote. They include Dafabet Casino, Dafabet Sports, Dafabet Live Dealer.
  • Website URL: Next, enter your website URL precisely.

Next, you will have to enter the Payment Details precisely. So, be sure to not make any mistakes when entering your bank account numbers, etc.


  • Payee Name: You must enter your name as it is in your Bank documents.
  • Payment Method: Next, select your payment method from Bank Wire Transfer, Neteller, Skrill Moneybookers, or your Dafabet Player Account.
  • Bank Name + Code: After that, enter your Bank Name manually, and the BIC/ABA/Swift Code. You will find the latter on your bank statements or bank app.
  • Account Number: Enter your Bank Account number carefully, and then double-check it.
  • Full Address: Once done, enter your detailed address exactly like it is mentioned in your Bank documents.
  • Zip Code + Country: Then move on to enter your Zip Code, and type in your city and country.
  • Bank Code: Lastly, add your Bank code, which you will find on your Bank’s passbook or cheque.

Step 3: Create Your New Dafa Affiliate

In the last step, you must enter your login details to complete Dafabet Affiliate account creation!

  • Username: Enter a unique username that will make your Dafabet Affiliate account stand out.
  • Password: Make sure the password you enter is unique and strong. It should be alphanumeric and between 8 to 30 characters in total.


Upon filling both accurately, click on the Dafabet Affiliates terms and conditions and read it thoroughly. Once done, you must click on the tiny box to confirm the agreement and then click on ‘Submit‘.

Why should you be a part of the Dafabet Affiliate Program?

Dafabet houses many Dafabet Sponsors that promote Dafabet in their own ways and even gain benefits! Thus, the Dafabet Affiliate Program offers its customers many additional benefits in return for product exposure. This is not our words, however, but it comes from all the things said about this affiliation program at Dafabet.

Dafabet is Affiliated with Top Sports Teams
  • Partners of prestigious clubs: Dafabet is home to many prestigious clubs that offer their services to Dafabet’s customers with additional benefits. These clubs range from Sports to Casinos and Game Rooms Providers that promote Dafabet as well as provide quality products to its customers.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Being a Dafa Affiliate will also give you the benefit of Dafabet’s top-quality customer service that will help you thoroughly as one of Dafabet’s Trusted Partners. Not only this but you can also get in touch with Dafabet’s Affiliate Managers that will guide you in promoting Dafabet as well as giving you the benefit of wide product exposure.
  • Easy to Promote: Lastly, in this competitive world, marketing is a rising area where you need to use many unique strategies to promote your product. However, since Dafabet is one of the World’s most famous online betting sites, promoting it would be easier compared to other online betting markets.

Thus, Dafabet ensures its trusted partners with quality services as well as benefits. Let us dive further into the Dafa Affiliates World and explore all these amazing benefits you can grab!


In conclusion, promoting Dafabet as a Dafabet Affiliate benefits you in many ways. You can create an account at Dafabet yourself and try all the available features out to promote Dafabet more honestly. It is one of the most popular online betting sites making promoting Dafabet even easier. Thus, gaining your 40% revenue on each player you bring to Dafabet is easier as well. Join Dafabet Affiliates and showcase your marketing skills today!

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