How to fill Dafabet application: Dafabet Register: Get ₹16k

Follow 3 step guide to complete the Dafabet application registration process & win 170% Bonus of ₹16k on Sports & 100% Bonus of ₹8k on Live Casino for newbies!

Dafabet Register   Dafabet Application

3 Steps to Dafabet Application in 6 minutes!

If you are a newbie and wondering how to do Dafabet application registration, then don’t worry! You are at the right place. Just follow the below three-step guide, and you have registered your account on Dafabet.

Step 1: Access the official Dafabet website and click on JOIN NOW

As a starter, you must know that always register on the official website. If you’re confused or can’t find then refer to the links above.


After successfully locating the website you might see a “Join Now” button near to login button on the top of the homepage. Simply click on it, and you’ll be directed to the Dafabet application form.

Step 2: Fill up the Dafabet registration form with valid data


As you land on the Dafabet application form, you have to calmly fill in every detail. Note the below pointers while entering your data:

  • Username: The username must be of 3-15 characters alphanumerical.
  • Password: Set a unique password with the indicator showing a strong password that has 6-10 characters, alphanumerical.
  • Email: The email address you enter must be valid or the current working one to get updates, promotions, exclusive offers.
  • Contact number: Enter your country code and put your valid cell phone number.
  • First Name: Your first name must be the same as indicated in your bank account/ PAN ID.
  • Last Name: Just like your first name, your last name should also be the same as indicated in your bank account/ PAN ID.
  • Date of birth: Mention the real birth date that you have in your bank account/ passport/ PAN ID.
  • Currency: Select your preferred currency. For example, INR for India.
  • Country: Select the country and then click on the Create Account button to get your Dafabet application procedure done.

Note: Read the terms and conditions before clicking the Create Account button.

Step 3: Make your first deposit on Dafabet


  • Once you have filled up the form, you’ll receive a pop up asking for uploading your PAN ID.
  • To complete your registration procedure, upload front and back scanned image of your PAN ID and you’re done. 
  • Make your first deposit, and don’t forget to claim the First Deposit Bonus.

Let’s move on to some common mistakes made by beginners and then jump onto the exclusive promotional offers for new members.

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4 Careless Mistakes made by beginners

Read up the below 4 pointers to avoid the careless mistakes made by beginners that can hinder your fun adventure.

  1. Incorrect data: Be it your first name, email address or contact number, entering false data can get you stuck in the Dafabet register process.
  2. Password sharing: This is a big no-no mistake because password sharing can lead to hacking your account.
  3. Not reading terms and conditions: Before clicking on the Create Account button, it is necessary to read all the terms and conditions carefully to avoid future issues.
  4. Registering multiple times: You might get a pop-up saying try again later due to too many attempts of filling the registration form.

3 Best Dafabet Promotions for new members!

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1. Dafabet 170% Welcome Bonus up to ₹16,000 on Dafa Sports



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2. Dafabet 110% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000 on OW Sports



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3. Dafabet 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹8,000 on Casino


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Get! Set! Gamble!

With the Dafabet application steps mentioned above, you can easily get your created in 6 minutes. No much pain! Easy and stress-free registration procedure with which you can access the most entertaining online casino sports betting. Read the careless mistakes made by rookies so that you can have an amazing casino experience online. And yes! Don’t forget the spectacular sign up bonus offers. Gear up your betting spirit and start your online betting adventure today!

Find the below video tutorial for Dafabet Registration:

What are you waiting for? Register at Dafabet here to play exciting betting games online!

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