Top 10 Dafabet cricket betting tips – 98% winning booster

Increase your winning chances with the 10 best Dafabet cricket betting tips for India from observing odds to mastery the key positions. Boost your 98% winnings!


Dafabet India provides their customers with 2 different online sportsbooks to bet on and earn real money through from traditional to modern layout. Not only that, but it also provides top 10 Dafabet cricket betting tips for beginners to excel in online sports betting and earn decent pocket money through it.

#1. Do thorough research

How are you planning to bet on cricket if you know nothing about the sports? If you don’t know the strong players, key positions, head-to-head performances, player’s scores, and so much more than cricket has to offer and learn then how are you planning to bet on cricket matches?


  • Well, now you know the importance of research and development which other players often tend to neglect. There’s a huge difference between research and thorough research.
  • We are talking particularly about thorough research, though experts are there to provide predicted match winners your own knowledge will help you through.
  • Do thorough research on cricket and players, understand key positions, match weather and locations. Most importantly, try to understand players and previous performances.

#2. Look for greater odds

Remember the mantra of Dafabet cricket betting tips is observing the odds and choosing the greater odds to bet on. Odds are provided by online gambling experts to help the players choose the betting options wisely. Greater odds yield greater winnings and hence, more real money.

  • Increase your chances of winning with greater odds, observe the odds listed alongside the teams playing in the match and choose wisely to bet on them.
  • Remember that your winning amount will be depending on the value of odds as it will be multiplied by the amount of money you will wager in on the bet.
  • Odds are calculated by professional experts and hence, provide great potential for the bettors to win the extra amount of money with greater ease.

#3. Sensibility goes a long way

If you want to take betting seriously and willing to make a life out of it, here for long-term perspective then you have to really take betting seriously. You will not win loads of money overnight; you have to take risky decisions in order to even expect to win a lot or decent amount of money.


  • Built your bankroll steadily and increase the amount of betting amount in each consecutive game and observe the odds. Keep going and soon you’ll be making a decent amount of money.
  • The most important aspect to sustain in long term online betting business is to learn to expect and accept losing. Looking into overall profits and overseeing the small particular losses is the key.
  • Betting is like any other serious long-term investment is a marathon, not a sprint. Accordingly, it will take enough time for your bankroll to grow therefore, sustainable sensibility goes a long way.

#4. Take note of weather conditions

Outdoor games are often impacted by the weather conditions and hence, you should always look into the details of the weather forecast to understand the possible interruptions in the match via rain, storm, etc.

  • If the cricket match is being played in a country that is prone to sudden rain or storm then it’s wise to look into the weather forecast of the place to save yourself from the void bet.
  • Understand the weather condition and place your bets wisely to avoid void bets as outdoor games are often depending on the weather conditions to continue.
  • Keep an eye on weather conditions if you’re opting for live betting and the best option to bet is at the very last of the game, to have gained enough knowledge to predict accurately at Dafabet India.

#5. Set achievable goals to hit

It’s not at all difficult to win some smaller bets and few wagers in the betting arena, anyone with considerate knowledge on cricket and teams can bet the stake to win the amount but it takes a lot more to win most of the time, more enough to make huge profits and living life out of it.


  • A small percentage of online sportsbook bettors are profitable in long term, the reality is pretty ugly. Most of the players lose a lot of money in an online sportsbook compared to winning a profit.
  • It takes much more to become a successful online sportsbook bettor so don’t keep your hopes high to become one from the moment you start.
  • Having unrealistic expectations can lead to frustration. Set achievable goals instead of riding high in the sky with small winnings. Keep your foot on the floor while trying to touch the sky.

#6. Be up to date with cricket news

The best way to predict the match winner is to be up to date with the cricket news. Keep yourself up to date with cricket news and then choose your betting options to bet on with greater odds. Cricket use can be a blessing in disguise for online sportsbook bettors.

  • You never know which player will resign when or the worse, get injured just before the match. These incidents are often seen in outdoor matches and the best way to get the news is live.
  • Keep up to date with the match score when you bet at the particular ongoing match to understand the pattern and withdraw your bet, if necessary, at any point until it allows.
  • Be up to date with cricket news and take advantage of sports forecasts to enlighten yourself with the best cricket prediction.

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#7. Small bets in focused areas

There’s no pressure on you to place huge bets at the start of your online betting journey, a huge amount of winnings takes time and requires patience. It takes loads of time to understand the procedure and beat the online sportsbook algorithm.


  • Exploring is definitely a good option to choose but as a beginner, it’s wise to choose particular areas to bet on, which are familiar and have enough knowledge to understand eh sports.
  • Start your online betting journey with the least betting amount, place small bets as you’ll be risking less of your hard-earned money in online betting.
  • Winning huge profits and understanding online sportsbook takes time. Therefore, give yourself the liberty to take as much as time you want in researching before starting to bet online.

#8. Management of money and time

With no exception, your time is money and your money is time. The importance of both things cannot be nullified. Therefore, it is your and only your responsibility to control your urges to play more after a whopping winning. Winning is tempting but losing is not inevitable, try to lose less and gain more.

  • Time Management: Time is money and we hope that you understand that. Gambling is tempting and addictive and that’s why it’s necessary to have strong control over your desires. Manage your time and don’t go spending all of it on gambling. There are other beautiful things to engage in other than online gambling all the time.
  • Money Management: Spend a limited amount of your hard-earned money at online betting sites and invest a large bit of it. Keep track of your bankroll and understand the rule of 50:30:20. 50% of your bankroll should be devoted to livelihood needs, 30% should be devoted to your desires which includes gambling and 20% should be devoted towards investing.

#9. Understand key positions of cricket

Even before understanding the players, teams, and previous performances; try to understand the game as it is the essential part to enhance your winning with Dafabet cricket betting tips. In order to understand cricket, you must understand the key positions of the game.


  • Key positions of cricket are wicket-keepers, batters, bowlers, and at least, all the players in the field for fielding. Look into the lineup of the teams to understand the key.
  • Discover the players and who’ll be playing at which place and then analyze the player’s gaming skills in correspondent to the positions he withholds.
  • The player and his position will tell you a lot about the upcoming cricket match that is about to start and use the information to your advantage to win the bet and claim the prize money.

#10. Look into cricket match predictions

Predictions of cricket matches are a blessing in disguise but that doesn’t mean to rely on them completely, that also doesn’t mean to neglect them. Cricket prediction provides a previous head-to-head record of the teams playing in the match and analysis every little thing about it to predict the match.

  • If you’re new to cricket betting then this is one of the best Dafabet cricket betting tips to your help, look into predictions before betting on the matches to understand the game better.
  • Predictions not only give an idea about who will win the match but also tell the predicted man of the match, overs, runs, wickets and give a clear-cut idea of previous performances.
  • before jumping into the mainstream and you’ll never regret it ever in your life. Have a clear-cut idea and thorough research about cricket and teams playing.

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There’s only one way or no way around to find success in online betting without hard work. There are a lot more losings compared to winnings and you have to learn to embrace them both equally. We hope that you took note of the top 10 Dafabet cricket betting tips mentioned above to make more successful bets as an expert but being a beginner and earn more real money.

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