Dafabet Deposit | How to deposit money in Dafabet in India?

How to deposit money in Dafabet using deposit methods (Bank transfer, UPI, Crypto), minimum deposit in India of ₹300. Get 170% bonus up to ₹17,000 on 1st Deposit


As an adult, it is essential to save money as it is one of the most important things in today’s world. But that should not stop you from having the fun you deserve. Here, at Dafabet, you can not only get great entertainment at a low price but also double up your money through their exciting promos. They offer quality services that are bound to leave their customers satisfied.

So, making a deposit at Dafabet can definitely be beneficial to add some fun to your mundane life. If you are lost on how to make a Dafabet Deposit, then we are here to help! In this article, you will find answers to most of the questions about making a Dafabet Deposit.

5 Payment Options you can choose from at Dafabet

Before we understand how to make a Dafabet deposit, let us look at the payment options available. Below mentioned are 5 methods you can choose from.

Sr No.

Dafabet Deposit MethodsMinimum DepositMaximum DepositProcessing Time Applicable Bank



Local Bank Transfer

₹1,000₹300,0002-4 Hours

All Major Banks




₹500₹500,00010 Minutes max.All Major Banks




₹300₹7,200,0001 Hour max.

USDT, ERC/TRC, Bitcoin, etc





All Major & International Banks



Credit/Debit Card



  1. Local Bank Transfer: This method is one of the oldest used methods. The minimum deposit in this mode of payment is ₹1,000 which is perfect for making the first-time deposit. This amount can go up to ₹300,000. The processing time in this mode will take nearly 2-4 hours, which is why the other payment options might be more appealing.
  2. UPI Pay: This is one of the most highly sort payment methods by Dafabet India users. Here the minimum deposit rate is ₹500 which can go up to ₹500,000. What is even more beneficial is that the time taken to process the money is hardly 10 minutes.
  3. Cryptocurrency: Another mode of payment that has been gaining popularity is Cryptocurrency. Here, Indian players can make their first deposit using payment processors like Opennode, Cozeni, etc. The minimum amount you can deposit using this is ₹300 and the maximum amount is ₹7,200,000. The processing time here takes up to 1 Hour.
  4. E-Wallet: Dafabet also allows you to make payments using E-Wallet. Here, you can use the E-Wallets Skrill, Neteller, and EcoPayz. What is even cooler about this method is that the processing time takes place instantly. The minimum and maximum deposits allowed via this payment mode are ₹500 and ₹3,075,000, respectively. It is applicable to all major and international banks.
  5. Credit/Debit Card: Lastly, the good old Credit/Debit Card payment is applicable as a payment mode at Dafabet as well. Here, you can use AstroPay to make your first minimum deposit of ₹1,000 and a maximum deposit of ₹50,000 with an instant processing time.

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Make your Dafabet Deposit with 3 easy steps

Now let us look into the process of how you can make your first Dafabet deposit. This process is broken down into 3 easy steps that will guide you thoroughly from scratch. However, although there are many modes of payment, we will be looking into making a Dafabet deposit using Local Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrency since it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make secure payments.

Step 1: Log in to your Dafabet Account and Explore the promotions

  • The first step you need to take is to (1) create a Dafabet India account by filling in your details and setting up your account with a unique username and strong password.
  • Then you will have to log into your new account after making your Dafabet account verification.
  • Once done, you need to (2) go to the promotions section to explore the hottest welcome deals available at Dafabet.

Note: The reason you need to look at the promotions right after Logging in is that you will need to deposit your money in one of the products. Looking at the promotions will give you a clear idea of which product you will want. Not only this, but you can also apply for Bonus Codes available to get an edge with your first deposit.


  • When you click on the welcome bonuses available, you will come across the details of each Welcome Promotions as well as their minimum deposit rates.
  • Read through them and select the promotion that appeals to you the most. Be sure to remember the product’s/wallet’s name.

Note: Some of the promotions will have bonus codes that you need to copy-paste. It will come in handy when you fill in your first deposit details.

Step 2: Visit the Cashier and select your preferred Dafabet payment method

  • Once you have completed Step 1, you need to select ‘Cashier’, which will be available at the top right corner of your screen.
  • As you will see, when you hover over the cashier, you will notice 3 sections: Deposit, Transfer, and Withdrawal.
  • (3) Click on “Deposit”. You will be then introduced to a new tab with many payment options to choose from.


Note: Although we can directly click on “Cashier” to go to the new tab, clicking “Deposit” would help with navigating the site in an easier way.

  • Here, you can refer to the table above and select your preferred mode of payment or explore each of the payment modes available at the cashier.


Note: In this article, we will be using the Local Bank Transfer and Cryptocurrency as an example.

  • To select any of the payment methods, you can click on “Local Bank Transfer” or “Cryptocurrency“, and proceed to the next step.
  • Lastly, when you click either of the options, you will be introduced to a small form that you will need to fill. This small form is called the “Deposit Claim Form” and is very important so please be careful when entering your details.

Step 3: Make your Dafabet Deposit via 2 Methods

Although there are many Dafabet Deposit methods, you can always choose the one that you trust the most and are comfortable with. For example, here are 2 methods that you can go for to make your transactions smoother. Regardless of what method you pick, Dafabet will help in making your transactions run smoothly and hassle-free.

Exciting First Time Dafabet Deposit offers to choose from

As mentioned above, it is important to browse through all the amazing deals available at Dafabet before making your first Dafabet deposit. This is because, as shown above, you will need to enter a Dafabet Promotion Code to get great bonuses on your first deposit. One such offer is the chance to win a 170% Welcome Bonus of up to ₹17,000 on Dafa Sports. Using this you can bet on various kinds of sports available on Dafabet India. The minimum deposit for this deal is just ₹1,000.


For those who do not wish to bet on sports but get their thrill by playing at casinos or online slots, the promotion of a 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹8,000 is for you. You can earn this promotion by depositing the minimum first deposit which is ₹2,000. A very similar deal that Dafabet offers is the 100% First Deposit Bonus on Casino and Slot Games at PlayTech+. Here, you can win up to ₹6,000 on your first deposit.

3 must-know questions about Dafabet

Making online payments is risky, especially with all the things that could go wrong. Luckily, here at Dafabet, you need not worry about these dangers. Yet again, it is always good to be skeptical and ask questions. So, here we have mentioned the 3 most commonly asked questions that new joiners have when making a Dafabet deposit.

Is Dafabet a Safe and Legal Site?

Depositing money on a gambling site takes a whole another level of trust, so it is understandable if this is the first question that pops into your mind. To answer the question in the simplest way, yes. Dafabet is indeed one of the safest and legal sites available in India when it comes to online betting. It is licensed by Antillephone License Validation. They are affiliated with famous sports teams like AFC Bournemouth and Celtic FC and are partnered with excellent betting platforms that enhance user experience.

Not only this but Dafabet is good at providing a quality user experience, making it one of the most active sites for Indian users. They take strict action against any activities that are considered to be a fraud. Not only this but they also make sure to keep track of and take down fake sites.


Are my personal details safe with Dafabet?

This is another major concern when it comes to using online methods for almost anything. However, at Dafabet, the answer would always be yes. Customer satisfaction and trust are the two things Dafabet holds high. So, it is natural that they would go to lengths to make you feel safe when you share your personal details online. Other than this, their site is secure with its payment methods and is also consistent with fixing issues related to personal details.

This can be seen when you try to change some of your details. If you wish to change certain sensitive details then you will have to contact their customer support and send in proof. You can also visit customer reviews or check their SSL certificate for more proof. To do so, click on the ‘lock’ icon which is present right beside the official website’s link on your browser. This ensures that your details are safe with Dafabet.

When will I be able to Withdraw my deposited money?

You will be able to withdraw your money when you complete all the wagering/rollover requirements for the promotion you have applied for. This information will be available to you in the terms and conditions section of each promotion. However, if you wish to withdraw your money without completing the requirements, you can do so by contacting Dafabet’s customer care. They will then process your money. For this, they may charge you some fees depending on your preferred payment method.

Additionally, if you withdraw your money before completing the wagering requirements, then the bonus will be nulled out. For further and detailed information, check out our “Dafabet Withdrawal India” article that will teach you to withdraw your money in minutes!

3 Important things to keep in mind when making your first Dafabet Deposit

  1. Terms and Conditions are Important: We agree that this is probably something more boring than textbooks but we also agree that we need to be safe than sorry. So reading and understanding Dafabet’s terms and conditions would be beneficial to you as well as your future to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. Reading the terms and conditions would give you a proper understanding of Dafabet’s guidelines and help you make better choices when placing your money on bets.
  2. Double-check the First Deposit Promotion: Since you will need to directly apply the promotion codes when making a deposit, going back and forth can be a hassle. So it is advisable to be sure of the promotion as well as the promo code you are going for. Not only this but make sure you have selected the right product from the drop-down menu.
  3. Deposit minimum amount as a beginner: Lastly, you should always set a limit for yourself when it comes to playing online. Other than this, you need to always go for the minimum deposit amount required as a beginner. Once you feel like you have gained enough experience in the gambling world, you can raise this amount gradually.


To conclude, we can say that making a Dafabet Deposit is not only beneficial to have fun and entertain yourself during your leisure time but it can also help in doubling up your money if you know how to play your cards correctly. Here, at Dafabet, you can get exciting deals weekly that can help you boost your gambling journey. Remember, despite the prejudice, gambling is a cool skill to own. So putting in your money for this art and being responsible about it is all acceptable at Dafabet.

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