Top 10 Dafabet games review: Win ₹8,000 bonus + ₹1,500 Daily

Get review of Top 10 Dafabet Games that are must-try & win 100% bonus up to ₹8,000 & daily refund ₹1,500. Start playing today to earn high cashouts & bonuses!

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Dafabet Games offer a huge variety and numerous pay lines and easy cashouts. Because of all these reasons and of course the daily refunds, bonus offers, and other rewards, Dafabet games become a must-try option. Starting your journey on Dafabet requires minimal steps. Follow the guide below and review the best games online.

3 Steps to start playing Dafabet Games

From a wide range of super fabulous and exciting games, Happyindia88 has reviewed and recommends you to try the top-picked 10 Dafabet games and experience the best gaming online. Follow the below steps to start your gaming spree.

Step 1: Access Dafabet and log in


  • First things first! To access anything on Dafabet, players first need to log on to their respective Dafabet accounts.
  • If you’re a beginner or someone who doesn’t have an account on Dafabet, then learn the easy Dafabet register to make one.

Step 2: Go to the Games (new) tab and search for the game you wish to play

  • After a successful Dafabet login, the next step is to click on the Games (new) tab on the Dafabet menu bar.
  • Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to the Dafabet Games page.


  • Here, you’ll see so many game providers with so many options to play.
  • Click on Dafabet (new) option to access the Top 10 games.

Step 3: Start betting on any of the top Dafabet games

  • Once you select the Dafabet (new) games option, scroll down to see the Top 10 Dafabet Games and the most popular ones.


  • Select any game you wish and start betting.
  • Dafabet Games tab also have options like a Game filter, Theme, Location setting, payline preferences and more which is an amazing option to play games that you exactly are looking for.

Dafabet India, the best casino world for gamblers. Review here!

Top 10 Dafabet games

Dafabet Games have so much variety and so many intriguing features like win multipliers, high RTP, bonus features, free spins, interesting game settings, display and audio and so much more to explore. Take a look at the top 10 Dafabet games reviewed by Happyindia88 below to decide and start betting on your favourite game.

1. 88 Fortunes

88 Golden Fortunes is a 3×5 reel slot game on Dafabet with 243 paylines. This exciting game is very popular and betting experts love this game because of so many paylines, 96% RTP and numerous jackpots to win. Yes! you read that right. There are Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpots with ₹2,000, ₹5,000, ₹80,000 and ₹5,00,000 respectively.


How to play:

  • Just like every other slot game, you need to spin by pressing the button and wish for luck.
  • Although, this game has something extra. You have 243 paylines and a wild scatter that replaces all the symbols on 2, 3 and 4 reels.
  • For starting the spin, the minimum bet amount that is ₹88 has to be wagered.

3 reasons to play Dafabet games – 88 Fortunes

  1. Numerous paylines to increase the winning chances.
  2. High RTP with exciting game features.
  3. Fun and entertainment along with earnings up to ₹5,00,000.

2. King’s Jackpots

King’s Jackpots is another exciting 3×5 reel slot game with 25 fixed paylines. This jackpot slot game is loved by gamers because it has 88x, 888x, and 138x jackpot options with ₹5,280, ₹8,280 and ₹53,280 respectively.


How to play: 

  • Start the game with a minimum bet amount of ₹60 and press the spin button to wait for the outcome.
  • There’s a Wild piggy symbol that can be used to replace other symbols.
  • There is a free gaming option as well with other unique features of the game, especially on free games.

3 Reasons to play on Dafabet games – King’s Jackpots 

  1. Easy gameplay and fun display theme.
  2. A jackpot slot game with exciting jackpot prizes on the desired outcome.
  3. Free games option with unique game features.

Get a complete guide on the best Dafabet Slots to play and wager!

3. Jackpot Treasures

Jackpot treasures is also a jackpot slot game that is quite similar to 88 Fortunes. This 3×5 slot game also has 243 paylines and Mini, Minor, Major and Grand jackpot prizes up to ₹5,00,000. 


How to play: 

  • Jackpot treasures have the same gameplay as the other slot games with the slightest difference.
  • This game ensures that if you have three matching symbols are revealed the corresponding jackpot amount is paid.

3 Reasons to play Dafabet Games – Jackpots Treasures

  1. Fun and entertaining game.
  2. Numerous paylines to win more.
  3. Free Games feature applied.

4. King’s piggy gold

Another addition to the 3×5 reel slot games on Dafabet is the King’s Piggy Gold. This exciting slot game has 20 fixed paylines and an exciting game display. After adding all the paylines, the highest payline is paid. 


How to play: 

  • King’s piggy gold have a minimum bet amount of ₹60 and A, K, Q, J, 10, tortoises, oranges and piggies on the display.
  • You can start the game by adding the minimum bet amount and spinning the symbols.
  • Cute piggy scatters that appear on any reel can be used while playing.

3 Reasons to play Dafabet Games – King’s piggy gold

  1. Exciting and cute game display.
  2. The minimum bet amount is low compared to other games.
  3. 25, 15, 10, free games are awarded 5, 4, or 3 scatters respectively.

5. Fortune dragon

Fortune Dragon is a 4×4 slot game on Dafabet Games with an exciting dragon wild symbol on the display. This slot game is also known for its extravagant game features that amuses gamblers to play and place their bets on!


  • There’s a wild dragon symbol that replaces all the symbols except scatter.
  • Scatters appearing 3x times triggers the bonus feature. It appears on 2, 3, and 4 reels only.
  • In a Bonus feature, you have the benefit of more stacked wilds than the base games.
  • The payout during a bonus feature or 3x scatter is 4 times the total bet.

3 reasons to play Dafabet Games – Fortune Dragon

  1. High cash out options due to bonus feature.
  2. Interesting Chinese temple-like display with reels on it.
  3. Wild symbols, free spins and win multipliers.

6. Dafabet Strike

Dafabet Strike is one of the special Dafabet games wherein there are 10 paylines and this game is quite interesting because of its too many exciting game features that compel you to try it at least once.


How to play:

  • Hit exactly 15 Dafabet firey wild symbols and get a Grand jackpot of ₹1,75,000.
  • All symbols pay from left to right.
  • Bonus wins are multiplied by the total bet.
  • All wins are multiplied by the bet per line.
  • “Space” and “Enter” buttons on the keyboard can be used to start and stop the spinning.
  • The minimum bet amount is ₹7.

3 Reasons to play Dafabet Games – Dafabet Strike

  1. The tournament prize pool pays ₹1,32,68,070.
  2. Grand jackpot pays ₹1,75,000.
  3. Easy gameplay with exciting game features to explore.

7. Dafabet 888 Dragons

Another exciting Dafabet special game is Dafabet 888 Dragons. It is a 2×3 reels slot game and has only 1 payline. With a lesser number of reels, the winning chances get higher. 


How to play:

  • Start with placing your minimum bets that is ₹7 and spin the symbols.
  • Get exactly three horizontal dragons and win the bet.

3 Reasons to play Dafabet Games – Dafabet 888 Dragons

  1. 2×3 reel slot game increases the winning chances due to the lesser number of reels.
  2. There are tournaments ranging up to ₹73,000.
  3. Daily Prize Drops multipliers give you a chance of winning 1000x your total bet amount as a jackpot.

8. Eternal Fortune

Eternal Fortune is a 3×5 slot game that has 243 paylines. So, many Dafabet games have 243 paylines. Isn’t it arousing? This game also has special gaming features like the Fu Wild Mystery feature to level up your wins. 


How to play:

  • There’s a wild symbol that replaces every other symbol on 2, 3 and 4 reels. 
  • Every wild symbol appearing on the reels is collected onto the pot of wealth during the game spin. This is the Fu Wild Mystery feature.
  • This pot of wealth can award up to 9 additional wild symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4.

3 reasons to play Dafabet Games – Eternal Fortune

  1. A large number of paylines to increase the winning chances.
  2. The game display and other settings are quite intriguing.
  3. Return to player (RTP) is 94.13%.

9. Big Rich Fortune

Big Rich Fortune is another super interesting 3×5 reels slot game with 5 fixed paylines. This slot game has numerous advanced features including a red envelope that appears during the 5 free games and repeats a wild symbol that triggered the bonus feature.


How to play:

  • Start the game just like the other slot games by investing a minimum bet amount.
  • There is a scatter in a red envelope that pays left to right anywhere on the adjacent reels.
  • The bonus feature of this game can be triggered again during the feature by using the red envelope.

3 reasons to play Dafabet Games – Big Rich Fortune

  1. An interesting Bonus feature that can be triggered again to win more.
  2. Display of Chinese letters and envelopes on the reels making it more theme worthy.
  3. Even though there are only 5 paylines, the payout is high.

10. King’s Piggy Bank

King’s Piggy Bank is a 3×5 reels slot game with outstanding game features and 15 paylines to bet on. Dafabet Games have so much to offer with so many exciting features. This slot game is popular among experts because of its easy gameplay just like other slot games and enough paylines to get the winnings.


How to play:

  • There is a Wild symbol and a scatter just like other Dafabet games.
  • These symbols can be used to increase and boost your gameplay.
  • There are 15 paylines and piggy symboled scatter along with a king holding the piggy bank symbol as a wild symbol.

3 reasons to play Dafabet Games – King’s Piggy Bank

  1. During free games, every wild symbol appearing on reels collect special extra prizes.
  2. The game layout is easy to understand.
  3. 20, 15 or 10 free games are awarded 5, 4, or 3 scatters.

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Top 2 Promotions on Dafabet Special Games

After knowing the exciting games, their features, and how to play. another thing you got to learn is the super exciting Dafabet promotions on Games. Scroll down to know more!

Dafabet 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹8,000 on Games


This exciting Dafabet promotional offer can be claimed with just a minimum deposit of ₹2,000 and you can use the bonus to increase your game wins. There are lots of games with a huge number of paylines and this bonus offer can be a plus to your jackpot winning journey!

Dafabet 100% Daily Refund up to ₹1,500


Yes. yes, yes! Another Dafabet Daily Refund bonus offer of ₹1,500 is here to boost your gaming spree. You’re just login and deposit away to claim these super enticing bonuses. So. hurry and claim now!

Know what is wagering requirements in Dafabet before claiming any bonus to get a clear-cut idea of terms and conditions.


Start your betting game on the top 10 Dafabet games online reviewed by Happyindia88. There are so many exciting features and a 100% Bonus offer of up to ₹8,000 along with daily refunds that makes a perfect setting to start wagering and winning on the best games online. So, don’t wait anymore and start today with the guide above. Happy Gaming!

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