Dafabet India betting exchange | Get 50% cashback up to ₹1,000

Dafabet is no.1 betting exchange website in India, which is offering cricket, football, basketball, tennis and table tennis. Join Dafabet and get 50% cashback bonus up to ₹1,000.

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What is a Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is a business for gamblers to bet on the result of distinct events.

  • Betting exchanges give similar possibilities to bet as a general online betting bookie with a few variations.
  • Bettors can buy (also identified as “back”) and sell (also recognized as “lay”) the result, and they can trade in real-time during the event, either to lessen their losses or lock-in profit.
  • Online betting operators produce revenue by offering less effective odds.
  • Betting exchanges usually make revenue by charging a little commission on winning wagers.

What is Dafabet Exchange?

Declaring to be the topmost online betting site in India, Dafabet’s creation of its exchange is expected to be a successful movement with sports fans in India.

  • Dafabet enables the selection of bets like regular sportsbooks but also provides a feature of wagering on your selection. A player can place the bet on the preferred odds. During a live match when the odd perform as per the selection, the bets will be placed automatically.
  • Similar to a lot of online betting brands from India, Dafabet India has used sports sponsoring to improve its public appearance.
  • Dafabet’s exchange was started in April 2018. It offers a variety of sports including cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and table tennis.
  • A great thing to show is that Dafabet exchange is also completely optimized for mobile. This implies it is credible to review all of the most advanced odds while using a mobile betting app on your Android.

How does Dafabet exchange betting work?

Exchange betting at Dafabet gives by considerably the best odds throughout because you will not be betting against the bookmaker instead, you are betting against other players.

There’re 2 types of odds at Dafabet exchange betting:



  1. Back: Displayed in Blue – Bettors can Buy the result of a match
  2. Lay: Displayed in Green – Bettors can Sell the result of a match

We recommend you to put bets on Back & Lay to avoid a huge loss if it occurs. To explain the working of odds, we have placed a “Back” bet on Central Stags, and a “Lay” bet on Wellington Firebirds. Let us take the example of a cricket match which is happening now. Take a glance at the cases and their probabilities of total profit and liability of players below:

Case 1: Player bet on Back – 1.2 with a stake of 150 on Central Stags


(1) Central Stags wins: Player gets Profit under Back bets + stake under Lay. So here, ₹30+12=₹42
(2) Wellington Firebirds wins: Players will be having a liability of stake placed at Back + Liability at Lay. So here, 150+₹51.60=₹201.60

Case 2: Player bet on Lay – 5.3 with a stake of 12 on Wellington Firebirds


(1) Wellington Firebirds wins: Player gets Profit under Back bets + stake under Lay. So here, 150+₹51.60=₹201.60
(2) Central Stags wins: Players will be having a liability at Lay. So here, ₹51.60

As Central Stags won by 7 wickets, we got ₹42. You can see it in the below screenshot of the settled bets.


Since the bookmaker – Dafabet has applied its commission of 2% on the winning which is ₹42×2%=0.84, so, the net winnings will be ₹41.16

Note: Dafabet exchange does not allow the cash-out option. Be alert while playing exchange betting on Dafabet.

As per the scenario above, we say that the lesser the odds more chances of winning and vice versa. Only football betting has 3 options to bet at Dafabet – either of the teams wins and draws and will be having 3 cases of profit and liability.


Join Dafabet Betting exchange: Get 50% cashback bonus up to ₹1,000


Play betting on Dafabet Sports now and get a chance to earn 50% cashback of up to ₹1,000 as you back and lay odds with Dafa Sports Exchange. Visit the Dafabet promotion page to get more detailed info on bonuses!

How it works:

  • You need to fill the application form to opt-in for the promotion mentioned below:


Simply enter your username correctly and voila! You’re in.

  • Not a Dafabet member yet? Register at Dafabet your new account!
  • Put your Dafabet Exchange bet on Dafa Sports
  • Get a 50% refund of up to ₹1,000 the very next day.

Applicable products for Dafabet Exchange: Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Table Tennis

Terms & conditions:

  1. The Dafabet exchange betting promotion for Indian bettors is exclusive for all Dafa Sports Exchange players only.
  2. To be able to qualify for this promotion, your first bet placed on the exchange has to be a losing bet.
  3. Players need to hold at least one Minimum valid deposit of ₹1,000.
  4. Players who are in process of achieving the 1st deposit bonus wagering condition will not be eligible for this promo, and the bonus is subject to 1x betting terms.
  5. The player can only hold one active bonus at any point in time. To claim another bonus, the player needs to meet the rollover conditions for the past bonus.

How to bet on betting exchange at Dafabet?

Enough of the intro now, it’s time to dive into the Dafabet exchange betting play. Find the below steps in the form of the Dafabet App to bet on the Dafabet exchange within 5 minutes.

  1. Firstly, go to Dafabet official site to begin the Dafabet app download. Then select your preferred Dafabet app. Dafa Sports app for Sportsbook games.
  2. You will be redirected to the Android app download page.
  3. Click the link mentioned under the SCAN QR (Android) box or you can simply scan that QR to download & install the Dafa sports app to your Android device
  4. After successful installation, click on the “Open” button to enter the official Dafa Sports app.
  5. Now you can proceed to Enter your Dafabet credentials to login & go to “Exchange
  6. Begin betting on Dafabet Exchange by adding stake then click Place Bet

If you are a newcomer to Dafabet, then you must Signup by reading the guide Dafabet Register. Choose your preferred Sports among Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, and Table Tennis and start betting exchange.

4 Best tips to win ₹10,000 per day on the Dafabet betting exchange

A Dafabet exchange offers more extra betting variation than usual, and it can be claimed that this type gives gamblers more of a possibility of making an advantage. Here are the best of 4 easy and effective tips that will serve you be successful with Dafabet exchange betting.

#1. Use the Lay Option if doubtful

  • Each betting exchange gives benefits to back-bets and lay-bets. Lay betting is choosing a bet that will not occur, and back betting is picking a bet that will appear.
  • Suppose you put a bet on a cricket match where your winning chances are 1:8. So, when you back a bet, you need to see out which out of the given alternatives is assured to happen.
  • Whereas when you lay a bet, you need to spot a bet that will most probably not pass.
  • Obtaining something that won’t happen is much simpler than getting something that will happen.
  • You own a 7:8 proportion when it comes to lay betting. Therefore HappyIndia88’s recommendation for you will be to practice a lay-bet when you are worried about a bet.

#2. Try Hedging to Reduce Losses

  • One of the greatest exchange betting tips that many expert bettors present is to try hedging to lessen the loss.
  • The hedging procedure is when you put a bet upon the original bet.
  • Suppose your preferred team has been winning in the first 18 overs. Though, you notice that in the last two overs, there is a possibility that the opponent team may win, so you place a bet on the first one in a means that it will regain your loss, even though partly.


#3. Find the Most beneficial rate

  • Whenever you are putting your bets at the Dafabet exchange, check the highest rate you are making.
  • One of the disadvantages of some websites is that they do not own many promotional offers. But you know Dafabet has its promotion specifically for betting exchange.
  • Suppose you are spending your time in a cricket betting exchange, ensure you know how much earnings you can get.
  • To maximize your income, you can complement your Dafabet exchange betting by wagering on general sports betting, where you will get more promotional offers for its members.

#4. Being Patient is the key

  • When you are betting on any website like the Dafabet online betting exchange, make sure that you be calm while performing it.
  • Setting your bet without thinking will not work to make you any profits. Moreover, there is a huge possibility of loss.
  • One of the best Dafabet exchange betting tips you can learn is, lesser amount but well-thought-of bets are more reliable than the careless ones.
  • It is also essential for Dafabet users to obtain as much information as feasible. You can read blogs, analyze betting and even review HappyInida88’s guides to be ready and make intelligent decisions.

Do have a glance at HappyIndia88’s complete list of recommendations on the Best online betting sites in India.


Dafabet Betting Exchange is super entertaining and can likewise make you some unusual prizes if you practice the tips presented earlier. Always keep in mind that, play quickly, and strive to reduce your losses to earn higher profits. So, what are you waiting for? Get going for the big wins with Dafabet exchange betting.

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