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The Basics of Odds in Sports

Sports betting is an industry that has been flourishing online thanks to many people who not only enjoy sports but also wish to join in from the sidelines and bet on their favourite teams online. Not only this but sports betting online is a great way to be entertained as well as the most fun way you can earn money online. Additionally, it can be used as a form of small investment which can help you earn double of what you give in no time.


However, you cannot win the bets you place online or double up on your cash without the help of the more important aspect of sports betting online – Odds. In online sports betting, the odds are the most important thing that you must use before placing any bets. To know why odds in betting online are important, read on!

The Importance of Using Dafabet Odds

Before understanding why odds in online betting are very important it is important to understand why using a good online betting site is important when it comes to placing bets online. In India, finding a good and legal online betting site can be very difficult; however, thanks to HappyIndia88, India’s no. 1 online betting guide, you can find 5 of the top online betting sites in India and one of them is Dafabet.

  • Using Dafabet is something that every online gambler will love because of how easy it is to use as well as for the high-security protocol that it follows.
  • However, most online bettors choose Dafabet for its bonus offers as well as the top-quality services that it offers to its customers.
  • Whether you are a pro or a beginner, Dafabet is definitely an online betting site that will cater to all of your needs to gamble online, and one of them is offering you will update odds to help you bet accurately.
  • Thus, winning and earning more cash becomes very easy when you use Dafabet.

Dafabet offers you updates on 3 important things that you will need to kickstart your journey as an online gambler, on sports or live casinos.

  1. Betting Stake: The first important thing that Dafabet offers is reasonable stakes that comes in handy to any online gambler. This is the amount of bet you will need to place to confirm your bets. Here, Dafabet offers the lowest minimum amount of bets you can place, which helps you play more.
  2. Live Odds: As mentioned above, Dafabet offers you with Live Updates on most things like upcoming sports matches for the day or live casino game rooms. One such update is their odds. The Dafabet odds keep on updating themselves as the match goes on in real life. These odds are calculated precisely after analysis by the experts in the Dafabet team.
  3. RTP Payouts: Lastly, Dafabet ensures that the RTP payouts, which are based on the best placed by the players and the odds under which they placed the bets, are given out after thorough calculation. This amount is usually reasonable, so the players end up leaving with more money than they came with on daily basis.

So, Dafabet is definitely a place where you can get updates instantly on the odds of winning each live match or live casino. Let us look further into how choosing the right odds can help you earn more at Dafabet.


Types of Betting Odds in Sports

Now that you know why you should choose Dafabet India as your go-to betting online site, let us take a look at the different types of betting odds available in the Sports betting market. It is important to know the types of odds available so that you can calculate the payout easily.

  1. Fractional Odds: When the odds of winning a match are shown as a fraction, it is known as Fractional Odds. These are most commonly found in British online betting sites. Here you will have to multiply to find out what the payout is.
  2. Moneyline Odds: The second type of odds, which is the Moneyline Odds, either reflects the amount one must gamble to earn or the amount one would win for every amount wagered, depending on the negative or positive sign.
  3. Decimal Odds: Lastly and most commonly available as well as widely known is the Decimal Odds, also known as, European Odds. As a beginner, when you join any online betting site, you will find that most of the odds are presented to you in decimals. This makes it easier to calculate most odds of winning.

How to Calculate Potential Pay-out via Odds?

You have just been introduced to the 3 most commonly known types of odds you will find in the online betting market; however, from the three, the Decimal Odd is the most widely known and easy to calculate, so let us look at how you can calculate potential payout via the Decimal odds.


Let us take an example of one of the cricket matches at Dafabet. Here, we have taken the Auckland vs. Central match in the Newzealand Plunket Shield Tournament.

  • In this, you can see that the odds of winning for both teams are written on the side. So, when you click on it a bet-slip pop-up with open where you can see your potential returns.

Note: It is important to bet on the highest odds available because this literally means that the team with high odds have more odds of winning.

  • As you can see, the return for placing a ₹10 bet on the higher odds of winning, which is Auckland in this scenario, is ₹110.
  • This means that if you bet Auckland with ₹10 at (@) the odds of 11.00, then you will receive ₹110 if your bet wins.

How are these odds calculated then? Well, firstly, it is important to know that every type of bet has its own odds and these odds keep changing as the game is played in real life. No matter what the odds are, the calculation for finding out the potential payout when it comes to decimal odds depends on one formula and that is:

Betting Stake x Decimal Odd = Total Payout

Taking the formula into account, let us now calculate the Dafabet odds with the given example:

  • Here, Betting Stake = 10, Decimal Odd = 11.00. So the Payout calculated will be 10 x 11.00, which equals to 110. Thus, 10 x 11.00 = 110.

This way, it is important to know how to calculate the potential payouts well because it can help you identify whether the site you are playing online betting on gives accurate payouts or not.

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Betting with Odds – 3 Important Tips to Keep in Mind

With this, you have learnt most of what you must know about betting with odds on online betting sites. Learning how to analyze betting odds online and using them to their maximum level will help you earn more than what you give in no time. However, before we part ways let us look into the 3 most important tips that you must keep in mind before betting with odds.


  1. Always use the minimum betting rate: Yes, the more you stake the higher the amount you get in return depending on the odds. However, it is important to note that as a beginner it is always safer to bet with the lowest minimum betting rate available in the sportsbook or online casino. This is why we recommend using Dafabet because, unlike most online betting sites, Dafabet’s minimum betting rate starts at ₹10 only.
  2. Make one bet at a time: Another important thing that you must keep in mind is to make bets one at a time. This means that you should place one bet at a time and wait to see the outcome, especially as a beginner. This will help you learn how to place bets accurately using betting odds online and eventually you can move on to making two bets or more.
  3. Understand how to calculate the payouts: Lastly and more importantly, you must learn how to calculate the payouts. In India, most online betting sites are not trusted and this is because there has been a history of fraudulent activities taking place in the betting world online. Thus, when any online betting site is offering you a ready-made calculated return rate, you must take the betting stake and odds available, and use the formula above to calculate the payout yourself to find out if they are accurate or not.

In Conclusion

Odds in the betting online world is the single most important thing that every online gambler looks out for and Dafabet odds is one of the most trusted calculation for odds you can use today. So, join Dafabet today by registering an account and receive endless entertainment at sports betting, live casino games and even slot games online, all in one place. Upon joining you can grab the bonus promotion offers on the Dafabet sportsbook up to ₹17,000 and boost your online betting account with tons of free cash!

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