How to play Dafabet Poker online – Get 100% bonus up to ₹8k

Learn how to play Dafabet Poker in 3 simplest steps within just 5 minutes. Signup and Get 100% bonus up to ₹8000! Find the basic rules and Poker hand rankings.

Dafabet Poker Dafabet bonus ₹8000

Poker has been played offline for more than two centuries in casinos and bars. The digitalization of poker has made it one of the most popular games in the world.


It has come to an extent that people now prefer playing online from the comfort of their homes. Dafabet is an online gambling website that provides an exclusive variety of casino games to play and earn from. Dafabet offers online Poker games anytime, anywhere around the world.

What is Poker?

Poker is a fun, thrilling, easy-to-play, and intellectual game. It’s not a game based on luck, it rewards your skills of concentration and observation. There are different types of poker games available, like Omaha, 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw, Follow the Queen, etc. The objective of Poker is to make the best hand rank possible from the available cards, combining hole cards and community cards.

Available Poker Types at Dafabet

Dafabet India offers a variety of poker games but the most popular will always be Texas Holdem. Dafabet also allows betting on different hands than being stuck with one hand. Four different options available in Dafabet to play poker games are:


  1. Bet on poker: It has a typical texas hold’em style poker. The player is supposed to bet on one of the 6 hand rank possible. It’s the most recommended cause of its odds.
  2. 3 Card Brag: It is one on one game between dealer and player. 3 cards are drawn and the highest hand rank wins the pot.
  3. Casino Hold’em: The name suggests itself, it offers typical texas hold’em style poker between dealer and player. It is also a one-on-one game between dealer and player.
  4. Stud Poker: It offers a 5 card or 7 card stud between the dealer and player. The one with the highest hand rank wins the pot.

There’s a lot more to poker than hand ranks, let’s get some basic information of it all.

Poker rules at Dafabet

A must-have basic knowledge of Dafabet Poker games is mentioned below.

  1. The game will always move in a clockwise direction.
  2. Dealer: The dealer draws the cards for every player.
  3. Hole Cards: each player is dealt two cards, face down by the dealer. Those two cards are called hole cards.
  4. Community Cards: five cards are dealt face down on the table at different periods over the course of the game, which are known as community cards.
  5. Community cards belong to all the players. They have to make the highest possible hand rank from their two hole cards and any three community cards. The one with the highest hand rank wins the game.

Learning the rules takes some time, but mastering the game to earn some money can take a lifetime. Poker rules are easy to remember, it’s the hand ranks that give hard time. Let’s by heart hand ranks.

Hand Ranking for Poker: Strongest to weakest.

The importance of learning the ranks of the hands before you go into the field is not unknown. By heart it before jumping into the field.

1.    Royal Flush Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-01 Consecutive cards from an ace card to ten cards of the same suit.


2.    Straight Flush Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-02 Any five consecutive cards of the same suit make a straight flush.
3.    Four of a Kind Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-03 Any four cards of the same rank, the suit doesn’t need to be the same.


4.    Full House Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-04 Three of the five cards are of the same rank and the rest two are also of the same rank, irrespective of the suit.
5.    Flush Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-05 Any five cards of the same suit, not necessarily consecutive.


6.    Straight Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-06 Any five consecutive cards of a different suit.


7.    Three of a Kind Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-07 Any three cards of the same rank with any different suits.


8.    Two Pairs Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-08 Two cards of the same rank with another two cards of the same rank make two pairs of the same rank cards. The suit doesn’t need to be the same.
9.    One Pair Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-09 Two cards of the same rank, but they can be of a different suit.


10.   High Card Dafabet-Poker-How-to-Play-10 The lowest hand rank is any 5 cards of different suits in any order.


We hope that you learned the rules and hand rankings because it’s time to learn how to play Dafabet poker. If you’re a new player, we would suggest you keep a printed copy in front of you until it is imprinted on your brain like a tattoo.

How to Play Poker on Dafabet in 5 minutes

Learn to play Dafabet Poker in 3 simplest steps and try your hands at gambling.

Step 1: Sign up for the Dafabet account.

Access the Dafabet website and create your account by clicking on Join Now. Fill in all the information asked by the Dafabet website accurately and your account will be created.


Learn how to register at Dafabet and claim the best deals for yourself.

Step 2: Find available Dafabet Poker games and pick Casino Hold’em

HappyIndia88 recommends you to go for Casino Hold’em as it has maximum winning chances and the lowest minimum bet of ₹50.

Click on the ‘Casino’ tab and you’ll be presented with loads of casino games to play. Scroll down and find Poker games.


There are two tabs available in Dafabet regarding Poker games, Casino Hold’em Poker & Casino Stud Poker, click on any of the two tabs.

Be safe and wise when it comes to online gambling, the answers lie in Dafabet reviews.

Step 3: Pick the Bet on Poker & start betting from ₹50

You’ll get four types of poker games available in front of you on the next page after clicking any of the two tabs available on the previous page.


Click on any Dafabet Poker game you want to play and start earning through your skills and fun.


Bet on Poker is more recommended as it has more odds of winning and provides more than one hand to bet on of your choice.

  • The dealer draws two hole cards for 6 players and the bettor has to choose among 6 hand ranks to bet on.
  • Then he draws the first three community cards and lets the wager bet again.
  • He draws the last two community cards in the end and determines the hand rank winner.

The dealer takes the pot and distributes it among high-hand rank bettors.

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Play Dafabet Poker and be the king of your destiny, not a joker. Kickstart your gambling journey with Dafabet and enjoy earning while having fun. Get extraordinary promotions every week and also, take benefits of being a VIP member. Dafabet will never disappoint its customers, grab the deals as soon as you can before it expires.

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