How to Join Dafabet India 2022: Earn 170% bonus up to ₹17,000

Join Dafabet India with registration process of only 2 minutes. Register Dafabet online & get 170% bonus up to 17,000 (sports), 100% to ₹8,000 (casino) in 2022.


In this fast-paced world, it is important that we make time to enjoy the daily joys of life. Thus, Dafabet introduces you to platforms that are used by adults, purely for the joy of gaming. Dafabet is a platform that introduces you to many games that you can play on online slots, live casinos, and arcades using real money. It also lets you bet online on sports games which is even more entertaining than just watching the game from the sidelines.

Join Dafabet: 3-Steps Guide to create a new account within 2 minutes

Dafabet is known to provide users with the best experience when it comes to online betting and promotions. It welcomes you will exciting bonuses and lets you in on many deals in the long run. So, we have put together 3 simple steps that you can use to join the Dafabet family.

Step 1: Go to Dafabet’s Official Site & Click on Join Now

When it comes to online gambling one needs to be careful with the platform they choose. Luckily, Dafabet is one of the most trusted platforms.

  • So, the first step requires you to go to the official Dafabet India website. We advise you to use the link given in the article to avoid duplicated websites.
  • When you go to the site, you will need to (1) change your region, as shown in the picture below. As you can see, India has 3 language options, so be sure to click on your preferred one.


Upon clicking on the Indian flag, you will be introduced to the offers exclusive to India.

  • You then have to (2) click on “Join Now”, which is available in the top right corner as shown in the picture above.

Step 2: Enter your details in the Registration form

You will then be taken to a new page which will require you to fill in your details. The first part of consists of your account and contact details.


(3) When filling in your details, make sure you use the prescribed conditions:

  • Username: Create a unique username that does not start with any numerical.
  • Password: You need to create a strong password that only you can remember. We recommend not using previously used passwords. To complete this, you need to enter at least 6-18 characters.
  • Email Address: Make sure you use an active email address with a valid @domain.


Next, you need to (4) fill in your basic information as shown in the picture below. This step also requires you to select your country and currency.

  • First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth: You need to enter your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth exactly how they are written in your bank account or PAN card.
  • Lastly, after going through the terms and conditions, you can (5) click on “Create Account” and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Make your first Dafabet deposit and start earning

Now you have officially created your Dafabet account, you will be welcomed. Besides that, they will give you the option of depositing your money. However, this comes with a “skip” option.


  • If you wish to make a Dafabet deposit, then you will have to (6) click on “Deposit Now”. This will take you to a new tab where you will be asked to select your preferred mode of payment. Here, you can make your first Dafabet deposit.

Note: As you will notice, you can also select your preferred wallet. With that, you will also be able to enter Welcome Bonuses upon making your first deposit. Make sure that you check out these cool promotions before making your first deposit.


One such cool promotion is the Dafa Sports offer of 170% up to ₹17,000 on your first deposit. To receive the bonus code for this promotion, you will need to make a mandatory minimum deposit of ₹1,000. You can then enter the code, that is “DSFDB170INR”, to claim the Dafabet promotion on Sports betting on your first deposit.

Questions about your new Dafabet account in mind? Find your answers in minutes

It is natural for you to have questions when making your first account. So, we are here to make sure that you get familiar and be satisfied with Dafabet’s services. Not only that, but you may also have some questions regarding the technical aspects of joining Dafabet. For this, we have summed up 3 frequently asked questions that will help you navigate through Dafabet as a beginner.

#1. Can I change the details in my account?

Absolutely yes! You can change your basic details in no time by just going to your profile. However, if you wish to change some important details about your account, like the documents used for your Dafabet account verification, then you will have to contact customer service.

Note: Dafabet offers 24 hours customer service, who are always happy to help you through call or live chat.

#2. Can I use more than one account?

No, you cannot use more than one account. Dafabet’s policies strictly allow users to create only one account. This account will contain sensitive information regarding your submitted documents. Using multiple accounts will be considered a fraudulent act and you will be banned from earning awesome deals at Dafabet – you don’t want that.

#3. I can’t log in to my account. Help?!

The best part about Dafabet is that you can trust it! So it is given that they have high-security services when it comes to their beloved customers. That being said, sometimes it may happen that you cannot log into your account or the words “Wrong Username/Password”. This is probably because you may have typed the wrong password or added it using Caps Lock or extra spaces.

Note: Dafabet is known for being trustworthy, this is why you are only given 3 attempts when logging in. When the 3 attempts are over, your account will be locked for the next 30 minutes.

#4. Is Dafabet completely legal and safe?

Owning a Dafabet account can not only help you escape a mundane life but also provide a safe space for your money. Yes, trusting an online gambling site in India can be risky. However, with the license provided by Antillephone License Validation, Dafabet is a very active site trusted by many Indians.

Dafabet prioritizes its user’s experience, so they make sure their customers do not play with worry. Their privacy policies are very adhered to as they take strict actions against fraud activities as well as fake sites. Besides this, Dafabet is affiliated with many famous betting brands that enhance users’ betting experiences. They are partnered with many famous sports teams like AFC Bournemouth, Celtic FC, and more!

dafabet-new-account-06Additionally and most importantly, it provides its users with high security and lets one make transactions smoothly without any risks. So yes, Dafabet is legal and safe to use.

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#5. Why should I use Dafabet?

Since the main purpose of joining Dafabet is purely based on having fun and entertainment, we have summed up 5 benefits that you will gain to enhance your gambling experience.

  1. Offers Best Gaming Products: Dafabet introduces you to different kinds of games that include live casinos and arcade games meant for adults. Playing these games as well as betting on games gives you a fun gambling experience.
  2. Best Prices: An impressive aspect of Dafabet is that it offers a wide range of online games at the best prices. Thus, the games on Dafabet are available at a low price that beginners can use to play and get used to the gaming aspects of the site.
  3. A safe platform for transactions: Perhaps the most important thing one needs to be sure of when gambling online is the site’s security. Dafabet is one such site that allows safe transactions and is strict with its terms and conditions related to fraud activities thanks to the SSL certificate.
  4. Appealing Bonuses and Promotions: Dafabet also offers great bonus deals on its sites. These bonuses vary for a wide range of customers, from VIPs to new joiners. Playing with Dafabet will definitely be fun, but using their promo codes will definitely prove to be beneficial in your gambling journey.
  5. Best User Experience – from easy interface to quality service: As we know, having the best user experience is a must. Combining all the benefits gained from owning a Dafabet account. One is bound to have the best user experience when it comes to gambling.

With good comes evil is a popular saying and it is indeed very true. Dafabet, although being one of the best betting sites, comes with some drawbacks. Here are 2 of the main drawbacks of joining Dafabet.

  1. Can be addicting – Dafabet is home to some of the most amazing games. So, it is natural that you may get addicted to it. This becomes a drawback because you end up spending more than you should on gambling.
  2. Partial to certain currencies – Dafabet does have many promotions, however, most of them are only applicable to the people using certain forms of currencies. This is a drawback because not everybody in the Dafa-Fam can enjoy these amazing deals because of their respective currencies.


Join Dafabet today to spend time with some entertainment that also can help you make some money. It is a platform that allows you to play various games that cater to a vast number of audiences’ preferences. Not only this but the site also keeps updating its interface and offers, only to come back with even more exciting benefits. Thus, we recommend registering and creating your Dafabet account today!

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