10 Easy Dafabet Rules: Betting & General Terms for Newbies

Searching for Dafabet Rules? Stop here! We have covered 10 basic Dafabet Rules and Regulations in brief. Make sure to read general terms and conditions as well.

Dafabet Betting Rules   Dafabet Casino Rules

Dafabet is a great betting platform that focuses on sports betting. It also features excellent casino products, it rose to popularity in the industry by providing cutting-edge sports betting to its consumers. This gambling site is regulated and licensed under Curacao’s laws and regulations. Let’s quickly glance at the basic Dafabet rules that every player must follow to have a peaceful gambling experience.

5 Dafabet Rules – Betting and Casino Rules

In India, gambling is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. Most gambling games require putting money on the line in order to get desired results. But are you aware of the rules that online betting sites set up for you? There are specific Dafabet rules related to Sportsbook as well as Live Casino games.

Dafabet Rules and Regulations

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1. Regarding placing Bets

The Company reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel or declare a bet void or suspend a client without prior notice under any of the following conditions:

  • The bet details are either missing or incorrect.
  • The bet put is in excess of the rules permitted limitations.
  • The wager was placed in violation of the rules.
  • If and when there appears to be an unusual or irregular use of the gaming platform or an unusually large amount of losses or winnings.

2. Postponements and Abandonments

  • All bets shall be worthless, with the exception of those on Markets that have been unconditionally determined, if an Event does not commence on the scheduled start date and does not end within the initially scheduled completion date provided in the individual sports rules.
  • All bets shall be ineffective if an Event begins but is later abandoned and does not finish within the originally scheduled completion date provided in the individual sports rules.
  • The Company reserves the right to consider a match officially valid if it is not completed within the originally scheduled completion time provided in the individual sports rules, and an official result is proclaimed or a result is declared by the applicable regulating body for the particular Event.
  • In this case, the Company’s judgment is final and binding.

Dafabet Rules and Regulations

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3. Results

Markets are usually settled shortly after an event has ended. Some Markets may be settled as a courtesy to customers before the official result is announced. In the event that a Market is settled incorrectly, the Company maintains the right to reverse the settlement.

  • In the event that any result is questionable, the Company reserves the right to halt Market settlement.
  • With the exception of non-existent matches, the Company will not cancel or refund settled bets owing to any changes to the outcomes, team names, or other match facts made 72 hours after the Event start time, or for bets that have already been settled.
  • Regardless of later reversals of judgments or the outcome of any protest or appeal, the winner of an Event is declared at the conclusion of the Event for the purpose of determining the winning bets.

4. Time intervals

  • An Event’s posted duration is for informational purposes only. Regardless of the change in the scheduled duration, bets will be valid.
  • Any occurrence that occurs during injury or stoppage time is regarded to have occurred at the conclusion of regular time, for example, a goal scored during injury time in the first half of a soccer match is considered to have occurred in 45 minutes.

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5. Change of Location

  • Unless otherwise noted, all bets will be regarded valid if a match is scheduled to be played on neutral ground but is played on the non-neutral ground or vice versa.
  • All bets on the match will be regarded as worthless if the home team plays away or vice versa due to a change of venue. If the home and away team names are incorrectly stated in reverse, bets will be ruled worthless.
  • For any non-team events, if the scheduled venue changes after the Market has opened, all bets are still valid.

5 Dafabet Terms and Conditions

Along with Dafabet Rules for Sports and Live Casino games, You must read and understand the Dafabet Terms and conditions at the time of opening your account. Players are bound by these Terms, as well as laws and regulations and Privacy Policy, which are included by reference here. If these Terms and any document included by reference are in conflict, these Terms will always take precedence.

1. Opening and closing of the account

As a member of Dafabet, you must follow the Terms and conditions set y the company. Below are Dafabet terms and conditions related to opening and closing of the account.

Opening account

  • You agree to provide all essential Personal Information at the time of registration, and it is your responsibility to keep your Personal Information up to date, particularly your address, phone number, and payment/bank details.
  • When opening an Account, you must give accurate information, failing to do so will result in a violation of Dafabet Terms and Conditions, as well as the instant closing of the Account, forfeiting any funds in the Account.

Closing of account

  • You may cancel your Account at any time by emailing at help@indiacsonline.com and notifying in writing of your intention to do so. You must immediately stop using the Website and/or the Services if you decide to cancel your Account.
  • Bets or requests made online with the Account will be considered void only after your Account has been deleted.

2. Account Access Information

  • As a Registered Customer, you will be given a username and password for your personal use exclusively in order to protect your funds and personal information.
  • It is your duty to keep the Account Access Information confidential at all times, and you will be held completely liable for any abuse or unauthorized disclosure of Account Access Information to a third party.
  • If there is a possibility of breach of security or misuse of the Website and/or the Services, Dafabet may require you to change your password or Account Access Information from time to time, else your account will be suspended.

Dafabet Rules and Regulations

3. Access to Payments

  • Players must only use the pre-approved payment methods offered on the Website or through the Services.
  • Players must only deposit and receive money through the same payment method.
  • Dafabet reserves the right to deem any deposit into the Account as invalid if you use a payment method for which you are not the Account holder.
  • When the Account does not have sufficient funds to support the Bet, Dafabet reserves the right to invalidate any Bet that was placed mistakenly.

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4. Cheating or Criminal activity

  • Taking unfair advantage of bonuses or other promotions and/or using unfair external variables or influences is regarded as cheating.
  • Opening any Accounts That Are Duplicate is restricted.
  • Engaging in deceptive practices or criminal behavior may lead to the closing of your account.

5. Software Misuse

  • It is forbidden for the customer to: Install or load the software onto another device’s server, or take actions to make the software available online to anyone else.
  • The software must not be sublicensed, assigned, leased, loaned, transferred, copied, or distributed in any way.
  • Decode, reverse engineer, disassemble, translate, decompile, alter, create derivative works based on the software.
  • Remove the program provider’s copyright, proprietary, or similar notices.
  • Enter, attempt to enter, or otherwise defeat the Company’s security system, or interfere with the software, games, or website in any way.

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Hope you are aware of the Dafabet rules and regulations after reading this article. These are the basic Dafabet rules that every player at Dafabet must follow. Start your gambling journey at Dafabet and have a great time.

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