Dafabet Sponsor Football team AFC Bournemouth in EPL 2022-23

Dafabet Sponsors AFC Bournemouth Football Club for the next two seasons of English Premier League 2022-24 with Shane Warne as Dafabet Brand Ambassador till 2023

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Introduction to Dafabet Sponsorship

In the Sports World, Sponsors are not uncommon as they are the main source behind many great sports teams. However, it also works the other around as many sports teams promote their sponsors by either wearing their logo on their shirts or by being brand ambassadors. The online sports betting world, also have sponsors across the globe that help both parties gain the recognition they deserve.

Dafabet India is one such sponsorer as well. In 2017 and 2018, Dafabet won the Sponsorship of the Year award in the Sports betting community and has since then been on top of its game when it comes to sponsoring big football teams. They are known to have many great partners that continue to shine in their fields wearing a Dafabet logo of Dafabet Jersey.

Who does Dafabet Sponsor in 2022: 2 Prominent Dafabet Partners!

Dafabet has had a lot of sponsors over the years for it to be able to hold the trophy of Sponsorship of the Year for 2 years consecutively. These sponsors are sometimes contracted to Dafabet for a year or more, however, over the years they keep changing. So, who does Dafabet Sponsor this year?

Dafabet Brand Ambassador – Shane Warne, Former Australian Cricketer

The Australian commentator and former Australian Cricket team captain Shane Warne was a legendary cricketer that has fans all across the globe and was known for his crazy balling skills that have won him about 1000+ wickets internationally. This even gave him the title of being one of the best “leg-spinners” in the Cricket world.


  • As a dominant baller, Shane Warne gave many international cricket teams a time with their batting and only a few, like India’s Sachin Tendulkar, could handle Warne’s dominance in this field.
  • In fact, he opened his career as an official cricketer by playing a test match against India in 1992. Warne retired from cricket in 2007 but still remains a prominent member of the sport.
  • Warne signed the ambassadorship contract with Dafabet in 2019 and would have carried on with this title for the next 5 years, that is till 2025.

Unfortunately, Warne passed away earlier in March 2022. During his time as Dafabet brand Ambassador, he worked as a cricket expert in the betting market at Dafabet and also worked on commentating on the analysis and stats of cricket matches. Being one of the gems of cricket, he has received many tributes and his statue outside MCG has now become his memorial.

Dafabet Official Football Sponsor Partner – AFC Bournemouth

Also known as “The Cherries” for their bright red theme colour, AFC Bournemouth is a football team that comes from South England. This club’s story begins in 1899 under the name of Boscombe Football Club until 1971 when they finally called themselves AFC Bournemouth.

In between these years, this team has managed to build their way up to being one of England’s top football teams by playing many matches and winning gradually, as well as halting their progress during the times of War.


  • AFC Bournemouth is currently thriving well and has joined the Premiere League of 2022-23.
  • AFC Bournemouth has played many matches in small and big stadiums in order to gain sponsorship and has managed to attract not only many sponsors but also many fans.
  • As of June 2022, AFC Bournemouth has become a part of the Dafabet Sponsor Football Team officially.

They will continue to be partners in the next Premiere League which is the 2023-24 Premiere League.

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5 Main Dafabet Sponsorship Deals Over the Years

As mentioned above, throughout the years, Dafabet has managed to collect many sponsors that have become a prominent part of the Dafabet Family even today. Some of the teams under Dafabet Sponsorship are mentioned below.

#1: Major Sponsor & Official Betting Partner: Sussex CCC (2020-2022)

Although most of Dafabet Sponsors are football teams, it also sponsors many Cricket teams like Warwickshire CCC and Derbyshire CCC. Among these prominent cricket teams, their major sponsor, as well as betting partner, is the cricket team Sussex CCC.


Sussex Country Cricket Club (CCC) also known as Sussex Sharks who have been around for a very long time and has earned the title of being one of the oldest Cricket clubs in England. This first-class team has won many matches and is still one of the most dominating teams in cricket. Sussex CCC signed a deal with Dafabet in 2020 which is still valid. You will find the Dafabet logo on their cricket jerseys.

#2: Dafabet Jersey Kit Sponsor: Cadiz CF (2020-2021)

You will also find the Dafabet logo on the football team Cadiz FC. This football club also known as Yellow Submarines originates from Spain and is one of the best football teams in the country. They have played in many matches including La Liga and have managed to be one of the top teams.


In 2020, Cadiz CF signed a Jersey Kit deal with Dafabet which would continue throughout the year till 2021. Cadiz CF is a club that is persistent with its game and has managed to survive by competing against many other prominent teams in football. During their partnership, the team’s yellow jersey had the Dafabet logo on it.

#3: T-Shirt Sponsor Fulham F.C (2018-2020)

Fulham FC is one of England’s oldest football teams however, it is also one of the strongest teams in the country. This team has participated in many Premier Leagues and is currently one of the most dominating teams in the football world.


Being such a team, signing a deal with an equally dominating partner in their own field was a must and thus, they became a part of Dafabet Football Sponsors. In 2018, Dafabet shook hands with the football club Fulham in a T-shirt sponsor deal till 2020. During this deal, the players of the Fulham FC team wore the Dafabet Logo in front of their new Dafabet jersey kit.

#4: Main Sponsor Celtic FC (2016-2022)

The best football club in Scotland, Celtic FC have managed to win many Scottish leagues over the years. Not only this but they have also managed to gain international recognition for their persistence on the football field. As one of Scotland’s most dominant teams, they have managed to make it to the finals and semi-finals of the UEFA European Cup and even earned first and second place during their career span.


Simultaneously, Celtic FC has managed to win many side trophies that have made their overall portfolio stronger. Not only this but the players in the team too have managed to earn individual titles. Being one of Dafabet’s Partners you will often see the Celtic players wear their Dafabet Jersey in the front when playing matches.

#5: Main Sponsor Aston Villa FC (2013-15)

Aston Villa FC and Dafabet have ties with each other as they posed as a Dafabet shirt sponsor during the early days of Dafabet in the betting world. Aston Villa FC is one of the most globally known football clubs. Just like the next football club, Aston Villa FC signed a deal with Dafabet when Dafabet has just begun to rise to fame in the betting world.


Aston Villa FC is a football club based in England. They stand as one of the top clubs in the Premier League and are one of the top football clubs in England itself. In 2013, Aston Villa FC signed a deal as the official Dafabet Football Sponsor. They were also Dafabet Jersey’s partner as Dafabet Sponsored a new jersey kit with their logo on it.

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Jimmy White – Previous Dafabet Brand Ambassador

Dafabet stepped into the betting world and is one of the most popular betting sites used across the globe. Thus, it has managed to attract many big sponsorship deals over the years and has become one of the top betting sites when it comes to sponsorship. Besides this, it offers you many prestigious game rooms offered by many famous game providers as well as some of the hottest promotion deals in the betting world.

In Conclusion:

With this, we conclude looking into the main Dafabet Sponsor Deals over the years. However, Dafabet is home to many other sponsorship deals like Coritiba FC, Operario EC, Carlos Barbosa, Durham Cricket, Leicestershire CCC, Warwickshire CCC, Derbyshire CCC, etc. All their sponsors benefit greatly from Dafabet because of their initial revenue rate and thus, proudly display Dafabet’s logo on their jerseys.

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