Dafabet Sports Betting: Fair Sportsbook Review in India 2022

Honest Dafabet Sports Betting Review: Place a bet with ₹10 ONLY on Cricket, Football, etc. Download the APK App, Register & Earn a 170% bonus of up to ₹17,000.

Dafabet Bonus ₹17,000  Dafabet Sportsbook  Dafabet Bonus ₹16,500

Introduction to Dafabet Online Betting

Online gambling has taken the internet by storm over the past few years because of how entertaining it can be. However, using online gambling sites can be risky if beforehand precautions are not taken well. Once you learn how to be cautious and careful with online betting sites, you will see how cool online betting is and will experience all the amazing benefits that come with it.

Play Sports betting online at Dafa Sports at Dafabet

One such precaution you must take when betting online is finding a proper and legal site to play at. Not only that but you must also find a site that needs to be safe and secure enough for you to be able to make your online deposits with complete trust. This is why many people resort to Dafabet online when it comes to India.

  • Dafabet is one of the most popular and thus, widely used online betting sites not only in India but all over the world! This is because it offers its customers the best experience they can get when it comes to playing betting online.
  • Dafabet is an online betting platform that is widely looked for online by many Indians when they want to indulge in Sports betting online.
  • It was founded in 2004 and since then has been offering top-quality services to its customers. It was established in Makati, Philippines and is known for offering services like sports betting, live casino betting, online gaming, and even exciting bonus offers.

Is Dafabet Legal in India?

The legality of gambling in India is very hazy, however, millions of Indians satisfy their gambling urges with online betting sites like Dafabet and many more. Besides this, the only gambling act of India, also known as the Public Gambling Act of 1867, has not been revised since then and only applies to physical betting places. Thus, online betting sites are widely used and are allowed to some extent in India.


  • Most online betting sites in India that operate legally have legal foreign licenses. Dafabet is one such site that holds a legal licence by Antillephone License Validation and is regulated and authorized by the Government of Curaçao.
  • So, Dafabet is legal in India. However, online betting is still risky if you do not select the right path of betting online in India.

About Dafabet

Founding Year

Established at

Makati, Philippines

License Provider

Antillephone License Validation

This means, that to join Dafabet legally and even play betting online, you must visit Dafabet by using a safe online betting guide, like HappyIndia88.

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Why Choose Dafa Online Betting Sportsbook?

As mentioned above, Dafabet Online is one of the few legally operated online betting sites and the most widely used online betting site in India. That being said, the site is mostly known for Dafabet Online Betting on Sports. This is because it offers some of the coolest promotion deals you can get as welcome offers on Dafabet Sports. Besides this, it also offers its customers with additional benefits every good online betting sports site should have, let us take a look at some of them.

  • Easy-To-Use Interface: The first main aspect of Dafabet that makes people like it more is that it is very easy to use. As a beginner, you will notice that the sports betting section is categorized neatly and that placing bets is 3 clicks away. You will also notice that Dafabet remains up to date will all the ongoing matches that you can bet on. Not only this but you will find that most of the things on the app are easy to navigate.
  • Minimum Betting Rates: One of the best perks of Dafabet which also helps it remain one of India’s top online betting sites is its minimum betting rates. At Dafabet, for all the sports sections, the minimum betting rate is only ₹10, which is a pretty great price considering all the betting rates in the sports betting world. With only ₹10, you can bet on most of the sports being played and also receive an equally exciting payout. Not only this, but you can start playing more with a minimum betting rate like this and earn even more!
  • Great Welcome Bonus Offers: Dafabet offers some of the best deals for new joiners. Their sportsbook bonuses of up to ₹16,000 are awesome because it takes only ₹1,000 to claim it. This makes it appear as a good investment you can do, where you only have to play sports betting to gain double profits. Besides this, once you join the Dafabet family officially, you will get extra additional offers like Weekly offers, Celebration offers, etc. that will increase the money in your Dafa Account.
  • Many Payment Options: Speaking of money and accounts, Dafabet is a place where you can choose from many online transaction options. These options range from the most trusted method of physical bank transfer to the safest and quickest method of online banking. You can use Bank Transfer, UPI, or even an online money book account like Skrill, Neteller, etc. to make Dafabet Deposits and Withdrawals.
  • 24/7 Quick Customer Service: Lastly, Dafabet is always there for you, literally, via their 24/7 Live Chat customer services. So, regardless of whether you like to start your day by entertaining yourself with some Dafabet Sports betting, or whether you like to indulge in the entertainment of sports betting online using Dafabet to wind up your day, you will always have 24/7 Customer Support at Dafabet where the agents can help you solve your queries via Live Chat online.

Thus, everything that you will need at a top-notch online betting site can be found all in one place when you use Dafabet sportsbook for sports betting online. Further down this article, you will be introduced to a deeper understanding of why you should use Sportsbook Dafabet as your go-to online betting sports bookie.

Use OW Sports at Dafabet for Sports betting online

How to Access Dafabet Sportsbook in 2 Steps

Dafabet has an easy-to-use interface that attracts many people and thus, joining this amazing online betting site is also simple and takes only 2 steps. Use this 2 step guide to create a free Dafabet Sports Login Account today to grab free cash back welcome bonuses which will help you to kickstart your online betting journey in exchange for a low price!

Step 1: Create a Dafabet Sports Login Account

The first thing you must do to start playing Dafabet Sportsbook betting is to create a Dafabet Sports Login Account. You can do this by getting the official link to Dafabet using HappyIndia88, India’s no. 1 online sports betting guide.

  • Once you have the link and have entered Dafabet’s domain, you must click on ‘Join Now‘. This will take you to Dafabet’s registration form where you must enter your details accurately.
  • Be sure that you enter a unique username and strong password as these two pieces of information are crucial for security purposes.

Once done, you must complete the verification details and log in to your Dafabet New Account.


Step 2: Visit the Sportsbook Dafabet Sections

Now that you have an official Dafabet Account, you can play Sports betting online with ease as Dafabet is known to have two of the easiest and most organized sportsbooks in the sports betting online world.

  • To start playing at Dafabet, you must visit any of the two Sportsbook Dafabet via your logged-in account.
  • Once you enter either of the domains you can start placing bets online by clicking on the match of your preferred sports and analyzing the odds.

Once done, click on the odds you want to bet on and place your bets online!

Top 2 Sportsbooks in the Betting World by Dafabet

As you know, Dafabet offers only great things to its esteemed customers and so, it also offers you choices. Like many game rooms for its Live Casino, Dafabet offers you 2 of the greatest sportsbooks you can play sports betting at online. These two are Dafabet’s own Dafa Sports and OW Sports. Both of these are easy to use but vary in their own ways, let us take a look at how.

#1: All about Dafabet Dafa Sports

The first sportsbook at Dafabet that we will be looking into is Dafa Sports, Dafabet’s own sportsbook. It is the most widely used sportsbook where you can play sports betting online with ease. Using Dafa Sports you can bet on many sports at the minimum rate of ₹10 only. With this, you can sit back and indulge in Sports betting completely without worrying much because the odds of winning are always updated at Dafabet’s Sportsbook, so using their given data you can make some of the most accurate bets and win the double of what you pay most of the times.


  • When playing sports betting at Dafabet Sports, you can make bets on Live matches as well as place early bets before the matches start.
  • You can also see that you have many sports you can bet on at Dafa Sports, these include Cricket, Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, etc.
  • Not only this but Dafa Sports also offers the most popular betting options in the world, which are Head-to-Head or H2H bets/1X2 bets, Handicap bets, Match Winner bets, Over/Under or OU bets, Parley bets, etc.

Play Sports Betting at Dafabet for ₹10 Only!

As mentioned above, joining Dafabet is easy and so is playing at Dafabet Dafa Sports Sportsbook online. Let us take a look at how you can get on online matches using Dafa Sports.

Step 1: Select your Match at Dafabet’s Dafa Sports Bookie

  • The first thing you must do is visit Dafabet Sportsbook by clicking on ‘Dafa Sports‘.
  • Then you can filter the match you want to bet on by selecting your preferred sports.
  • Once you find a match, you can analyze the odds. This is because higher odds give higher payouts.


Step 2: Place your bets wisely to win!

  • Once you have decided on the match you want to bet on, choose your betting options from the drop-down menu available.
  • After that, click on the higher odd and a pop-up box will open under the bet slip section, as shown in the picture above.
  • Enter the amount you want to bet, the minimum being ₹10, and then click on ‘Place Bets‘.

This way you can make many bets using ₹10 only and preview your bets under Dafa Sports Bet Slips. You can then sit back and enjoy the match as well as all the wins you will gain.

Earn up to ₹17,000 Extra Cash on Dafa Sports

Being a part of the Dafabet family has many exciting benefits and one of them comes your way the moment you join Dafabet. This is the Dafabet Welcome Bonus offer that you can get upon making a minimum ₹1,000 first deposit in the Dafa Sports account. To lock this amount in your account, use the Dafabet Bonus Code DSFDB170INR when you make your first deposit.


Using this bonus, you can gain access to a free 170% bonus of up to ₹17,000! However, to completely own this welcome bonus on Dafabet’s sportsbook, you will have to complete the rollover requirement 15 times and then this amount will be withdrawable once the requirements are completed.

#2. Dafabet OW Sports Enhances Sports Betting Online

The next sportsbook is as interesting as Dafabet’s own sportsbook and it also offers exciting promotional offers for new joiners. The second Dafabet Sportsbook is called OW Sports and it is one of the most organized sportsbooks you can use to place bets online. Using this sportsbook is easy however, the minimum betting limit here starts from ₹50. But since the payout depends on how much you bet, OW Sports is widely known for giving out high returns when it comes to sports betting online.


  • At OW Sports, you can bet on many ongoing Live matches, the matches that will take place for the day, as well as schedule matches for the future. The interface of OW sportsbook is very neat as well which makes sports betting more fun and thrilling,
  • You can bet on all the possible sports matches like Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, etc. and even filter out the sports you want to make bets on by ticking the boxes next to them. Besides this, you can also bet on virtual sports matches that take place online, which is even more fun.
  • Lastly, you can choose from many betting options here like Over/Under bets, Match Winner bets, Parley bets, 1X2 bets, Handicap Bets, etc.

Bet at OW Sports for High Payouts

Placing bets at OW Sports is as simple and easy as placing bets at Dafa Sports. However, you will notice that the interface of the OW Sportsbook is much easier to understand and play at.

Step 1: Visit OW Sports and Select a Match

  • The first thing you must make sure of is to log in from your Dafabet account and visit OW Sports.
  • Here, you must filter your search results and select the match you want to place a bet on.
  • Once you find a match, you must look at the odds and analyze all of them.


Step 2: Make a bet and win even more!

  • Next, to make a bet at OW Sports, you must first click on the odd you want to bet on.
  • This will open a bet slip, where you can place your bet. Enter the amount you want to bet with, the minimum amount being ₹50.
  • Now, you can place your bets, sit back and enjoy the wins coming your way. But remember that you should place your bets on high odds for even more payouts.

OW Sports Welcomes you with Bonus up to ₹16,500

Just like Dafa Sports, OW Sports offers its customers an exciting welcome bonus as well! Here, you must pay a Dafabet minimum deposit of ₹1,000 as your first deposit in the OW Sports wallet, to claim a 110% welcome bonus of up to ₹16,500. This bonus is one of the coolest sportsbook promotions you can get in the sports betting world online.


To completely own this bonus, you must first deposit the required cash and then visit the promotions section to fill in the Opt-In form under this promotion at OW Sports. Then you must apply for this promotion in your OW Sports wallet. To unlock the bonus amount, you must complete a 15 times rollover requirement.

Deposit at any Dafabet Sportbooks by making Quick Transactions

We have mentioned above that you will need to make a Dafabet minimum deposit of ₹1,000 if you want to earn both the available welcome bonuses. So now, we will introduce you to the top 3 ways to make your deposit at Dafabet Sportsbook.

  • Direct Bank Transfer: You can deposit at Dafabet Sportsbook using Bank Transfer. All you must do is fill in your details accurately in the form provided under this option.
  • Instant UPI Payment: Instant transactions online are now available thanks to UPI. Thus, at Dafabet, you can use UPI payment opinion to deposit your money instantly at Dafabet.
  • E-Wallet Savings: Another way of making online transactions at Dafabet is by using your e-wallet account. With Money books like Skrill, Neteller, etc. you can deposit money at Dafabet without any hassle.

This way there are many ways to Deposit at Dafabet Sportsbook. Read our How to deposit money in Dafabet in India article and learn how to make a Dafabet deposit in the easiest way.

Must know 3 FAQs about Dafabet Sports Betting

Still have questions about Dafabet Sportsbook on your mind? Well, you are not the only one. Everybody that claims Dafabet is the best Sports betting site you can play at today, once had similar questions regarding the online betting site yesterday. So, let us take a look at the top 3 most asked questions about Dafabet Sportsbook.

1) Dafa Sports V/S OW Sports – Which Sportsbook is Better?

The first most asked question is about which Sportsbook is better – Dafa Sports or OW Sports. To give you an honest review, both. This is because they have equally exciting offers and bonuses as well as their own perks.

Dafa Sports

OW Sports

Minimum Betting Rate: ₹10

Minimum Betting Rate: ₹50

Easy to Use

Easy to Use
Bet on All Ongoing Sports

Bet on All Ongoing Sports

170% up to ₹17,000 Welcome Bonus

110% up to ₹16,5000 Welcome Bonus

In conclusion, as a beginner, it is advised that you use Dafa Sports since it has less minimum betting rate. However, if you want to be a little bit more daring and up your betting skills by taking risks then go for OW Sports, which does have a high minimum betting rate but the returns are even higher.

2) Does the Bonus Offer Really Work?

Yes! In fact, many people have claimed that it helped them get more money to not only play more sports betting rounds but also to spend in their daily lives. This is why adhering to the conditions given under these promotions become equally important. These conditions include making a deposit of the minimum account, which is ₹1000, and completing the rollover requirement of 15 times. Once you have managed to fulfil these requirements, you will gain access to cashback offers up to ₹17,000!

3) How Good is the Dafabet Live Chat Service?

Live Chat services at any site depends on how quickly they respond to every customer query. That being said, Dafabet is home to more than 1 million users. With this, Dafabet Live Chat Service agents do their best to respond to customer queries within the span of 3-5 minutes. To make things easier, Dafabet offers AI-generated answers depending on the queries. Besides the Live Chat service, you can contact Dafabet using their email or just call them on their WhatsApp number.

Use Dafabet Sports App to Play Dafa Online Betting at Any Time!

If you think this is all Dafabet has to offer then you are completely wrong! It is emphasized above that Dafabet is very beginner friendly and to make things, even more, better, Dafabet has its own online sports betting app!


To download the app, you must visit Dafabet’s official site and scan either of the QR code to get access to the app. As you can see, both Dafa Sports and OW Sports, have their own app that you can download and play online sports betting at.


Not only this but the interface of the app is better and smoother. As long as you have a good internet connection, any of Dafabet’s bonuses, and enough money in your sports wallet to place bets, you can go ahead and play Sports betting at the Dafabet app or online site with excitement and thrill!

3 Important Things that Dafabet Ensures for its Customers

By now we have given you many reasons why you should choose Dafabet as your go-to online sports betting site. However, all the reasons mentioned so far, are less compared to how great of a site Dafabet is! According to Dafabet Sportsbook review by many users, the site is known for offering quality services to its customers and thus, it has a reputation for putting customer satisfaction before anything else.

  1. Responsible Gaming: As mentioned at the start of this article, Dafabet is a safe place where gamblers can legally indulge in gambling. Thus, Dafabet is the no.1 most trusted site when it comes to playing sports betting online because it ensures responsible gaming online.
  2. Upholding their Terms & Conditions: Another important thing that Dafabet ensures is customer safety and thus, they shun any fraudulent activities that take place related to sports betting online. Both sportsbooks adhere to the terms and conditions of Dafabet too and ensure no fraud activities when presenting odds and payout.
  3. Giving Customers a Good Time: Lastly, any online sports betting site should give its customers a good time which is something you can definitely find at Dafabet. Dafabet ensures that all of its customers enjoy themselves no matter what domain they are playing at. Whether you are a pro player or a beginner, entertainment is definitely what you will find at Dafabet.

In Conclusion

Thus, Dafabet Sports Betting is definitely something you should try once in your life to enjoy the thrills of online betting like never before! No matter which sportsbook you decide to use at Dafabet, you will gain additional benefits and quality service as a part of the Dafabet family. Create a Dafabet new account today and apply for any of the two welcome bonuses available on Dafa Sports and OW Sports to gain up to ₹17,000 cashback offers. Dafabet ensures the safety as well as enjoyment of all customers.

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