Top 7 Dafabet tricks 2022 – 100% winning Booster for newbies

Learn Top 7 Dafabet tricks for newbies to ensure 100% win on the best Casino & Sportsbook online. Find Football tips, cricket betting tips, casino tips & more!

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Dafabet India is one of the leading Online Betting Bookies in India with super exciting Casino games and Sportsbook Betting provided by the top game providers. Dafabet has also sponsored so many big titles and sports leagues that has proven it to be the best betting platform in India. To win such exciting games and top the leaderboard, you need to follow the guide below.

Top 7 Dafabet tricks to ensure 100% win

To know how to win on Dafabet Casino and Sportsbook, Happyindia88 has listed the must know 7 tips to excel in your betting game.

Dafabet tricks #1: Decide your betting budget and stick to it

An essential and must-do thing is to note your betting budget and strategise your upcoming betting patterns accordingly. If you make a chart monthly by deciding your betting budget that is to be splurged along with the estimated wins, then you’ll be able to get a ratio of bet: win. This will help you to know and understand whether what is your win ratio and how much do you think is okay to bet on a particular game.


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Dafabet tricks #2: Always place smaller bets

You may hear people saying, “bet more to win more!” Trust us, it is bullshit! In fact, by wagering more money, you increase the risk of loss for yourself. 

For example, if you placed a bet of ₹100 and in that one round of a spin on a slot game, the outcome didn’t match your bet type. Then, you have lost your 100 rupees in an instant. On the other hand, if you bet by ₹5, after let’s say 5 rounds of betting, if you win, you’ll grab away the whole jackpot, and even if you lose after the 5 rounds also, there’s only ₹25 that you’ve lost. So, you can still bet more and try your luck.

This same thing applies while betting on a sports event as well. So, make sure that you are playing on smaller bets.

Dafabet tricks #3: Never go for personal biases while sports betting

This is a for sure thing that we always want our favourite team to win. However, we need to also be practical and look out for the match analytics that defines the score. You are placing your bets and giving off your money. So make sure you get a good deal for each bet you place. 


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Dafabet tricks #4: Match predictions and casino analyzers

If you have just entered the world of betting, you might not have heard about match predictions and casino analyzers. These are some of the tools with which you can get a better win result. These tools gather data from the previous matches and compare it to give you the aggregate result which will be the winning outcome to place your bet on. Even though these tools aren’t 100% correct all the time, they do give a good result in the longer run.

Dafabet tricks #5: Know your game

While you are wagering, one thing you must be sure of is that you know your game, its betting types, the gameplay, the minimum and maximum bet limits, the payout return, the bonus offer that you can apply and everything related to the game. 

For example, if you’re Texas Hold’em Poker on Dafabet, but don’t know what are community cards, then you have lost your bet then and there.

Similarly, if you’re new to a particular sports game like MMA Boxing Championship and you don’t know the game rules and players but you’re placing your bet just on your instincts and nothing relating to the game, then you are lost.


Dafabet tricks #6: Bet on smaller jackpots

Big Casinos like Dafabet promise higher jackpot returns on their casino games. However, playing on lower jackpots is always useful. This is because the games with low jackpot returns have low variance in their game design.

Dafabet tricks #7: Look out for promotions and bet on bonus offer games

Dafabet has so many promotional and bonus offers for both Sportsbook and Casino games. With offers going up to ₹16,000 on sportsbook, you can accordingly pick your sports game to start betting and win. With such big offers and bonuses, you can boost your betting game and win a lot more. So, always remember to check out for promotions for new as well as existing members before calling your betting time.

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Beginners like you must know and understand the Dafabet tricks to effectively apply and strategise their wins. The start is always important as it sets your mood to continue further. So, to be a long time gambler and a big name in the betting industry, start with the tips and tricks suggested in this guide. Let’s call your betting time now!

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