Dafabet VIP Club: Win 100% bonus ₹17,000 as VIP Bronze Member

Become Dafabet VIP Bronze instantly & get a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹17,000 in India. Upgrade your level from Silver > Gold > Platinum for Elite treatment.

Dafabet VIP Club  Dafabet Bonus ₹17,000  Dafabet VIP Levels

What is Dafabet VIP Club?

Dafabet has always been top of its game in the betting world online. In fact, it has become home to many sports bettors online not only in India but the whole of Asia! So what is it exactly that attracts people to Dafabet and what makes it stand out? The answer to this is simple – Dafabet offers top-quality services to its customers since day one and treats its customers well by putting their entertainment and satisfaction at the top of its priority list.

  • Not only this but Dafabet also gives its customers the benefit of getting VIP treatment with exclusive offers for being loyal to them. The more loyal a customer is the more VIP treatment they can receive.
  • This is all thanks to Dafabet’s VIP Club, where under certain conditions, players online can upgrade their profile to different VIP levels and earn exclusive bonuses.
  • There are in total 4 VIP Account Levels and to make things even better, just registering an account at Dafabet would automatically make you a bronze VIP member.

Is it Safe to Join Dafabet VIP Club?

Yes, you read the above mention points correctly. The moment you register at Dafabet, you will receive a Bronze VIP account as well as all the benefits that come with it. Too good to be true? Well, that is what everybody thinks first when they hear about Dafabet’s VIP Clubs. And then they proceed to think about whether is Dafabet legal in India. – the answer to which is an absolute yes!

Dafabet is a site trusted by millions of Indian users who find it safer to use than most betting sites online. This is because Dafabet is not only legal in India but also ensures customer safety through its security protocol. This means that Dafabet is a site with a high-security system that protects its customer data which includes sensitive information like Banking Details, etc.

Exclusive Benefits of Dafabet VIP Accounts

Dafabet offers its customers exclusive benefits that ensure good bonuses and much more. When you create a Dafabet account, you will exclusively get exciting offers. However, keep staying loyal to Dafabet and you can get even better bonuses through the Dafabet VIP Clubs. So, it is better to opt for any of the Dafabet VIP Accounts to get three major offers:


  1. Cashback Rebates: As mentioned above, joining Dafabet would definitely give you extra bonus offers as well as daily cashback offers. However, when you upgrade to a Dafabet VIP account, then you can exclusively get offers on cashback rebates which go up to 3%! This means that you can get 3% back of how much you play with.
  2. Reload Offers: In continuation with the previous point, you can get cashback reloads on Dafabet’s sportsbooks. So, the more you spend, you can earn back most of it. In short, you must spend to be entertained by top-quality services are Dafabet India, and you can get exclusive Cashback Reload Offers of up to 10%.
  3. Promotion Bonuses: As you know, the moment you join Dafabet, you can get exclusive benefits via their Welcome Bonuses on two sportsbooks, casinos, slot games, and many more Dafabet Products. However, as you gradually upgrade your account to different VIP levels, the cashback bonuses on these promotions will increase giving you more to withdraw.

Is that all Dafabet has to offer its VIPs? Well, absolutely not because whatever is said until now is just an overview of the benefits that you can get at Dafabet as a VIP member. So stick around longer and explore all the greatest things offered by the Dafabet VIP club below.

Get the VIP Treatment at Dafabet Today!

It is emphasized above that many Indians resort to Dafabet India as their official online betting site because it offers many great deals on all their products right from the moment you join. Dafabet is, thus, home to millions of Indian users who receive quality services every day.


However, there are some members of the Dafabet Family that receive VIP treatment just for staying loyal to Dafabet and its products. So, find which VIP level caters to your needs the most and join Dafabet to get there today!

Dafabet Welcomes you with a Bronze VIP Account

The very first level at the Dafabet VIP club is the Dafabet Bronze VIP Account. This is an account that can give you instant VIP treatment right after you successfully register an account at Dafabet. Upon doing so, Dafabet will open many promotion doors for you that you can claim after completing the conditions. You can get Welcome Bonus incentives as well as cashback reloads. Not only this but you can also get gaming rebate offers that are unlimited.


Additionally, receive daily rewards and promotional bonus offers on your brand new Dafabet Bronze Account. The Welcome Bonus for this Dafabet Level account goes up to ₹17,000! What is even better about it all is that you can game at Dafabet any time, 24/7. This is all thanks to their persistent service as well as the 24/7 Live Chat customer service available at Dafabet.

The Conditions to Get the Bronze Treatment at Dafabet

Of course, there are some terms and conditions you must follow in order to be respectful to Dafabet and its amazing services.

  • Firstly, it is important that you deposit a minimum amount in your Dafabet Bronze account at least once.
  • Not only this but you must play games using this deposited amount to make withdrawals. The basic idea is to keep your Dafabet Bronze Account active as much as possible by playing live casino games or sports betting online.
  • Apart from this, it is important to remember that you can make only 2 withdrawals per day. With this, it is also important that you create only one Dafabet account.
  • If more than 1 account is found under your care, then Dafabet has the right to forfeit your cash as well as freeze your account for fraudulent activities.

Upgrade to Dafabet VIP Silver Account

As mentioned above, to become VIP members at Dafabet and thus, to upgrade to the next level you will have to go from Bronze to Silver Dafabet Account. Of course, doing so would require certain conditions that must need to be followed, however, let us take a look at what the Dafabet VIP Silver Account will offer you for being loyal to them.


First off, you will get an upgrade on all the promotional offers that Dafabet will offer you along with higher bonus offers. Next, you will get a chance to win exclusive tournament tickets and also surprising gifts. Additionally, you can earn rewards and more bonus offers daily. You can get higher rebate rates and cash-back reloads that go up to 25%. Besides this, your deposit and withdrawal transactions will be prioritized.

Follow these Conditions to Upgrade your Level to Silver VIP Account

As a Silver VIP player, you will have to meet extra conditions to keep your Silver VIP account pass. Once you have met the following conditions, you will upgrade from Bronze to Silver in the first three working days of the month.

  • To upgrade to the Dafabet Silver VIP account, you must make a minimum betting requirement of ₹1,200,000 in the span of one month.
  • To maintain your Dafabet VIP status, you must be active on the account and continue playing games at Dafabet.
  • Before you can make a withdrawal, it is mandatory that you wager all the deposit money one time.
  • Dafabet can terminate your account and forfeit all the money if you are caught in any fraudulent acts, which include owning two Dafabet accounts.

Gold Dafabet VIP Accounts Offer Exclusive Benefits

They say Gold is always better than Silver and this statement has never been truer at Dafabet. If you manage to maintain your Silver VIP accounts by keeping up with the terms and conditions, you can get access to the chance of upgrading your account to a Gold VIP level. What is even better is that as an online bettor you will get access to some of the top VIP offers that you won’t be able to find at any ordinary betting site online.


As a Dafabet Gold VIP member, you will be able to get access to top VIP promotions that will give you let you play more games at Dafabet live casino and sportsbook with high roller VIP betting limits. Not only this but you will be able to participate in the VIP Monthly Raffle Draw which will give you the opportunity to win exclusive gifts from Dafabet. Additionally, you will get a special VIP pass to access more Baccarat Tables at Dafabet’s live casino and get up to 3% cashback rebates.

Terms to Remain a Gold VIP Member at Dafabet

Becoming a Dafabet Gold VIP member brings great online betting benefits your way to enhance your gambling experience as you have never felt before. However, to achieve the Gold Member VIP treatment, you must follow certain terms which are mandatory to maintain your Gold VIP account.

  • The first thing that you must do to upgrade from a Dafabet Silver VIP Account to a Gold one is to complete the minimum betting requirement of ₹10,000,000.
  • This will automatically upgrade your account to Gold, however, to maintain this Gold status, you must meet the monthly betting rate requirement of ₹6,500,000.
  • Next, you will need to be active by playing games and sports betting online using your Gold VIP Dafabet account. This means that you must wager your deposit money to make withdrawals and keep the Gold batch in your Dafabet account.
  • Lastly, it is important that you adhere to the conditions of Dafabet as your Gold VIP Account can be instantly taken away if any fraudulent activity is noticed.

Get Invited to Official Be a Platinum Dafabet VIP

The next level in the VIP club at Dafabet can only be achieved through invitation. This is the exclusive club for Dafabet Platinum members. With this, you will not only gain all the above-mentioned benefits but also 24/7 special Dafabet VIP support. Using this Platinum VIP account, you can get invited to play at High Roller Live Tables and also get faster payouts.


Not only this but you will be invited to the premieres of Exclusive Events and much more. Not only this but you can even use this account as an investment tool because of the higher deposit limits as well as higher rebates of up to 3%. Additionally, you will get invited to the VIP Monthly Raffle Draw where you can get specialized gifts from Dafabet. With a Platinum Dafabet VIP Account, you can get access to exclusive VIP Live Table games.

Be a Platinum Dafabet VIP Member by Following these Terms

Being invited to become a Dafabet Platinum Member is one of the coolest achievements you can get as an online gambler. However, what is more, cool is following and abiding by the terms and conditions to maintain the Platinum batch in your Dafabet Account.

  • To become a Dafabet Platinum member you must follow all the conditions that the Gold VIP member needs to follow.
  • You will be invited by Dafabet’s team to become an exclusive Platinum member if you maintain the Gold VIP terms very well.
  • To keep the Platinum Batch, you must make sure to complete the minimum monthly betting requirement of ₹19,000,000.
  • Dafabet has all rights to cancel or reclaim the account promotion, this means that Dafabet can remove the Platinum Status from your account if any disobedience is found.

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An Overview of 4 Dafabet VIP Accounts

Dafabet is home to many benefits that make many pro gamblers want to use the site and its benefits to the fullest. As you can see in the table below, there is an overview of all the benefits you can earn as you gradually upgrade to different levels at Dafabet.



Silver Gold



Rebates Daily + Weekly Yes Yes Yes Yes
General Cashback + Reload Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deposit & Withdrawal Yes Yes High Priority First Priority
Betting Limits Upgrade Standard Standard High Limits Elite Limits
Gifts, Rewards & Tournaments Yes Yes Yes
VIP Promotions & Bonuses Yes Yes
Priority Payment Solutions Yes Yes
Access to Exclusive Payment Solutions Yes Yes
24/7 Dedicated Personal VIP Team Yes Yes
Access to Exclusive Games Yes Yes
Exclusive VIP Welcome Bonus  Yes
Exclusive Elite Recognition Yes
Premiere Invitation to Exclusive Events Yes
  • As you can see, the Bronze members, which are larger in number have some cool VIP access however, the higher they go, the number of these VIP offers and benefits only keeps expanding.
  • It is best to aim higher to get VIP treatment and invites to exclusive tournaments along with the 24/7 VIP service that comes with Gold and Platinum Dafabet VIP Accounts.
  • The best part about it all is probably the fact that you must make the necessary deposits at Dafabet to play cool and exclusive games offered by Dafabet’s products.
  • Other than this, you can claim bonuses immediately after making your first deposit of a minimum ₹1,000 in your Bronze Dafabet VIP account to claim 170% up to ₹17,000 at Dafa Sports Sportsbook.


In conclusion, the Dafabet VIP club is one of Asia’s most sorted out VIP clubs that many pro gamblers use to play online betting. Using Dafabet already gives you the pass of being a Bronze VIP member, all you must do is make a Dafabet Register. However, to upgrade your account to the Silver and Gold levels, you must stay loyal to Dafabet’s products and play thereby adhering to the rules and conditions to maintain your Silver and Gold Batch. When you keep doing this, Dafabet will invite you to be their exclusive Platinum VIP member.

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