Dafabet withdrawal problems 2022 – Quick solution in 7mins

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Brief about Dafabet withdrawals

Any withdrawal process is not as difficult as it appears; withdrawals are quick, safe, and secure. Go to the Dafabet login page. Click on cashier tab for withdrawal. It’s where you’ll find all of the information about your betting payments. Users can access their account transaction history via the Dafabet payment section’s history tab.

Dafabet withdrawal problems

5 Dafabet withdrawal problems

Depending on your withdrawal method, the time it takes to complete your withdrawal will vary. You may go through our Dafabet withdrawal guide for information on Dafabet withdrawal methods and the time it takes to process. In some cases, you might still not receive your amount. Why? It can be due to one of the reasons mentioned below.

Dafabet withdrawal problems

  1. Pending wagering requirements – One of the common reasons for the Dafabet withdrawal problem is not fulfilling your wagering requirements. On claiming the bonus amount, you need to fulfill the said requirements.
  2. Account not verified correctly – Your account must be completely confirmed before you can make a withdrawal. For more details, see our Verification page. Read Dafabet withdrawal review for more details.
  3. Incorrect bank details – You should also double-check that your payment information is correct and valid. Also, check if the details you have entered are of a working bank account.
  4. Insufficient amount – This is really rare, because Dafabet always verifies your account balance when your enter the amount for withdrawal. But still, this can be one reason for Dafbet withdrawal failure.
  5. Error message – If you receive an error code or an on-screen notice while attempting a withdrawal, please contact us and include the error code or message so that we can help you.

5 Quick solutions for Dafabet withdrawal problems

Now that you are familiar with what can be the common Dafabet withdrawal problems. Let’s look at how to resolve those issues. Remember your Dafabet India transaction may take up to 3 days to execute the transaction. The transaction status will change to ‘Success’ or ‘Failed’ after the processing period.

Dafabet withdrawal problems

  1. Complete the wagering requirements – Yes, it is mandatory for every player who claimed 1st deposit bonus to fulfill all the bonus requirements. Unless done you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.
  2. Verify your account – As already mentioned in the above section, without verification you will not be allowed to withdraw cash. So kindly verify your Dafabet account.
  3. Reload your bank account – Sometimes the amount might have been transferred but the balance is not reflected, so try refreshing your bank account application.
  4. Email help center – If the above doesn’t work, report the issue to Dafabet via email first. Describe your problem in detail to get a suitable solution to your Dafabet withdrawal problem.
  5. Speak to representative – Lastly, if nothing worked, directly call the Dafabet customer support team and explain the issue and get an instant solution over a call.

4 Dafabet withdrawal mistakes to avoid future transaction issues

Now that you’ve figured out how to fix the Dafabet withdrawal problem, let’s have a look at the 4 most common Dafabet withdrawal blunders to avoid as a novice. To avoid more problems when making transactions, pay attention to them.

Dafabet withdrawal

  1. Entering wrong account number – Common mistake committed by most beginners is making mistakes while entering their account number. Double-check your account number before submitting.
  2. Incorrect bank account name – Make sure that your Dafabet account name and bank account name is the same, else your withdrawal won’t be processed. 
  3. Wrong bank details – Enter incorrect bank details like IFSC code, address or bank name can also lead to Dafabet withdrawal problem.
  4. Choosing wrong payment method – Lastly, make sure you are picking the right Dafabet withdrawal method for the transaction.

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