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Do Dreams Come True?

“People think dreams aren’t real just because they aren’t made of matter, of particles. Dreams are real. But they are made of viewpoints, of images, of memories and puns and lost hopes.” – This is said by the famous Author Neil Gaiman in his famous comic book, and now hit Netflix series, ‘The Sandman’. It is a quote that makes people romanticize Dreams in their own way.


However, no matter how much humans try, we cannot really define the images that run through our minds when we are asleep. But again, because we do not know what exactly it brings wonder and more mystery to the existing world that we know about.

  • Dreams are indeed interesting because some people believe them to be doors to the future or windows to the past.
  • However, some people believe they are just fragments of the subconscious mind that needs an outlet to be heard, or seen as a matter of fact.

But let’s play with wonder for a while and interpret the dreams we have about being lucky, and dreams about casinos are almost always good!

Why Do People Get Dreams of Casino?

When you first thought about the words live casinos and dreams in one sentence, you probably must have wondered whether people even dream about casinos. Well, the answer to it is yes! Interestingly enough, these dreams come with their own interpretations that are sometimes even accurate. These interpretations can be either good or bad, regardless, you can know more by diving deeper into them.

That being said, dreaming about casinos is something that not many people usually dream of. And thus, it becomes an unusual dream which brings us to an interesting question – could the people who receive rare casino dreams be special? The answer to this is unknown through interpretations, you can find out if your dreams can come true or not.

Top 7 Dreams about Casino Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Most Dreams often act as metaphors for life that can be inspiring and used as the muse for life itself, just like many great poets turned their Dreams into poetry. And so, Casino Dreams can be metaphors too. With this, dreams of casinos often come with sub-genres or scenarios. Let us take a look at 7 exciting scenarios about casinos and see how they are interpreted.

#1: Dream about Going to a Casino

The first and most common dream that people get whenever they have any casino dream is going to a casino. If you are a person who liked metaphors, you can probably come up with many related to these.


  • Dreaming about going to a casino, walking towards one, or being in a casino without playing anything, is more often associated with cravings.
  • This means that you need are craving something emotionally, it could be love or wealth.

#2: Winning Casino Cash in Dreams

The first and most common dream that people get whenever they have any casino dream is going to a casino. If you are a person who liked metaphors, you can probably come up with many related to these.

  • Dreaming about going to a casino, walking towards one, or being in a casino without playing anything, is more often associated with cravings.
  • This means that you need are craving something emotionally, it could be love or wealth.

#3: Seeing Casino Equipment in Dreams

This dream, about seeing casino equipment in dreams, has the most interesting interpretation of them all. In fact, this is directly related to most of the dream interpretations for obvious reasons. The equipment related to casinos in the dream could be casino cards or the roulette wheel or even sets of dice.

  • Dreaming about casino equipment is considered to be a positive dream because it signifies new stages and changes of growth in life.
  • It is a symbol of transformations that could take place in your life and also a subconscious suggestion for you to shift to new places that will help you grow.


#4: Dreams about a Casino Heist

Not all dreams about casinos are positive which is absolutely fine and natural. Because as mentioned above, Dreams are like windows to the subconscious mind, a place where anxieties and hidden fears reside. So, dreams of robbing a casino have their own interpretations too.

  • Dreams about being a robber and robbing a casino or seeing a robber rob casino could often mean that you are not satisfied and content with what you have.
  • It also is an interpretation of how you often do not appreciate the things already present around you and chase behind unattainable materialistic things.

#5: Working as a Casino Dealer Dreams

Another interesting dream about casinos that occurs frequently in dreams is working in a casino or dealing cards at casinos. This dream signifies how strong you are currently as well as your struggles.

  • Dreaming about working as a casino dealer signifies that you are currently struggling to make ends meet in life however, you are strongly pulling through.
  • It is a sign for you to hang on because you are still young and are navigating through life gracefully, despite whatever card life deals you with.

#6: Dreams of having no luck in Winning

Another dream with a negative interpretation is dreaming about having no luck in winning any casino game. As bad as this sound, like the aforementioned negative dream interpretation, you can use this to improve your life. If you want to avoid this dream becoming a reality, then check out our tips for online casino that will help you win like a pro!


  • Dreams of having no luck in winning and losing all your money can be pretty scary. However, you can use the interpretation related to it as a strength to take careful steps in life.
  • Dreams like these signify chasing behind something that is difficult to attain. This could be lost love or an unreasonable materialistic thing. This way, you can step back and prioritize your needs in life.

#7: Seeing A Relative You Dislike Win

Dreams, where the person you dislike gets all the good things, can make your blood boil and ruin your entire day. However, if you win about a rival or person you do not talk to win big prizes at Casinos, then this could be a positive sign!

  • Interpretation of dreams like these means that your subconscious mind wishes good for them and wants them to prosper in their own ways.
  • It is also a sign to improve your relationships with others and reconcile and reconnect with old friends and family.

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Do Dreams about Casinos really mean what they say?

By now you have learnt about the interpretation of dreams about casinos. Most of them definitely are positive and good-luck bringing dreams. However, how accurate are these casino dream interpretations? You can only find out by waking up and going about your day or you can just judge and think for yourself.


  • Most casino dream interpretations often reflect your own subconscious mind, so if you were thinking about being rich or being a live casino pro, then you definitely may dream about hitting the jackpot at night.
  • However, studies have shown, and it is obvious, that positive dreams often affect our day positively. So, your luck, in the end, depends on you,
  • What else depends on you is whether or not you believe these interpretations. Or maybe, you have your own better interpretations of these casino dreams.

Regardless, many people like to try and turn their positive dreams into reality, and so you too should give it a shot by playing at online live casinos as a beginner!

Will You Win Big After a Positive Casino Dream?

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In Conclusion

Dreams of Casino are very interesting and could have a deeper meaning to them that could help you win ₹100,000 instantly with the help of a site like 10CRIC. You do not have to believe what is said here, instead, go ahead and analyze your dreams yourself to come up with your own interpretations. See how true these claims are by playing and winning casino games today!

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