How to place 1×2 football bet at Fun88: 3 Min beginner guide

For all the beginners who want to play football betting learn how to place bets on Fun88 1×2 football. Register your account at Fun88 & Get 300% up to ₹1,000!


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Introducing 1×2 football betting significance

1×2 football represents a triple result bet that brings after 1 match, which is a bet that does not demand a handicap number with the choice to bet on whether the home team, the away team will finish up with the result which can be divided into 3 forms below:

  • 1 – Home team wins
  • X – Both teams end in a draw
  • 2 – Visiting team wins

The cash prize that will be brought from the 1×2 pool will be settled according to the odds that was pressed to play, such as the match on the Fun88 India football table between the Liverpool and the Leeds United team at:


  • 1 – In the odds of 1.16 with a stake of 100 indicates if the ball ends the home team wins. Players will receive money for ₹116 else, for the away team to win, a player will be lost a stake of 100
  • 2 – In the odds 11.00 with a stake of 100, it is ₹1,100 if the result of the match the away team wins but if other than that money to be wasted.
  • X – In odds of 7.80, that implies if bet with the stake of 100, the result of the two teams Tied. The money that will be received is ₹780

How to place 1×2 football odds at Fun88 using 3 steps process

For new players who want to start their football betting journey with 1×2 odds with this Fun88 India, read and follow the below 3 steps to get into 1×2 football odds like a pro.

Step 1: Log in to the Fun88 site & go to the sports page

  • In the initial step, you must visit the main Fun88 website and login into your account if you’re an existing user of Fun88.


Not a member? No problem! Follow the stepwise instructions of Fun88 Register to be able to create a new account at Fun88 bookie.

  • Once you registered or logged in, go to the Sports tab from the menu bar.
  • When you’re at the Sports page, select Saba Sports and click Bet Now button.

Step 2: Select football and observe 1×2 football odds

Get to the table in Fun88 football betting and pick a team to bet in the 1×2 type, you can follow the steps below


  • Click on Football in the sports menu from the left side panel
  • Select the type of tournament and scroll to find the team you want to play at the cost of 1×2 football.
  • HappyIndia88 suggests selecting English Premier League as it is a well-known football league worldwide, and we chose China market as an example.


  • We picked the first match between Liverpool and Leeds United to present you with an example of 1×2 football betting at Fun88 India.
  • If you picked Liverpool of 1.16 with a stake of 100. So, if Liverpool wins, you’ll get 1.16×100+100=₹116. If you lose, you’ll lose ₹100 – a stake amount.
  • Check out various Fun88 wallets, pick the appropriate one, and begin betting.

Step 3: Place 1×2 Football bets and earn more

  • Check the odds of 1×2 Football & put bets by clicking on a particularly odd. Enter the amount you desire to wager and click on Process Bet to place & confirm your bet.
  • Let’s quickly go through the simple example to understand the 1×2 Football betting at Fun88 Sportsbook.

Case 1: Bet on Wolverhampton Wanderers to win with odds of 1.88


  • Wolverhampton Wanderers wins: You’ll get a return of Odds value multiplied by the waged stake that is, 1.88 X 100 = ₹188.
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers loses: You’ll get no return, that is, you’ll lose your wager amount ₹100

Case 2: Bet on Watford to win with odds of 3.85


  • Watford wins: You’ll get a return of Odds value multiplied by the waged stake that is, 3.85 X 100 = ₹385.
  • Watford loses: You’ll get no return, that is, you’ll lose your wager amount ₹100

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Case X: Bet on the draw with odds of 3.45

fun88-1x2 football-07

  • If the match got tied then you’ll get Odds value multiplied by the waged stake that is, 3.45 X 100 = ₹345
  • If a match didn’t tie, then you’ll lose your wager amount ₹100.

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The popularity of 1×2 football betting derives from its easy structure. You now understand what a 1×2 football betting market is and how to estimate your payout – offering you the best opportunity to make a profit on this betting market at Fun88. Just decide which football team, which side will win, or determine whether it will end in a draw – the score doesn’t count at all. It is fit for people who are tired of the dull stabbing in which the cost is pretty fair.

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