Apply for Fun88 Affiliate | Get 35% monthy revenue+iPhone 13

Be a part of Affiliation at Fun88. Join the Fun88 Affiliate program and get a monthly income of 35%. Also, can win iPhone 13, HP Laptop, Mi 43″ Smart TV & more!

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What is the Fun88 affiliate program?

Several people still do not have an idea of Fun88 affiliates. Let us walk you through the basics of Fun88 affiliates. Read on…

  • By Fun88 Affiliate, the Affiliate needs to bring members to register for betting on the Fun88 website.
  • Affiliate members do not require to bet on, deposit any money, or claim any free bonuses in the system. They just need to register an affiliate account with Fun88 from the start.
  • Once becoming an affiliate, if members are encouraged to join, they will get a qualified return in the form of commission.
  • The members who have already staked or have performed any deposit but want to join the Fun88 affiliate program as an affiliate can too be a part of this affiliation.
  • When you apply, you will get wagering commissions and other requirements that are covered.

How to apply to become a Fun88 affiliate?

The process to apply for the Fun88 affiliate is straightforward. Are you curious about becoming a partner with Fun88 India? Read and follow the steps stated below. Remember Fun88 affiliate application is free of cost which implies it doesn’t need any registration fees. HappyIndia88 can guarantee you that you can gain a lot of money pretty well.

Step 1: Access the Fun88 site and click Affiliate

The first and most important step is to access the Fun88 site. For that go to search and click on the Access Fun88 button.


Once you click Access Fun88, you’ll be landing on the official Fun88 site. Now find AFFILIATE and click on it.

Step 2: Fill up the Partnership Application form & Apply

Insert the required information of your preferred username, password, confirm password, full name, valid email, and working phone number.


Finally, click on the Apply button to connect to the Fun88 Affiliate program.

Step 3: Promote and earn 35% monthly revenue

  • Promote Fun88 and make money from the Fun88 affiliate system.
  • You can simply invite your colleagues, partners, buddies, mates, and others to sign up at the Fun88 website.

Why apply for the Fun88 Affiliate program?

  • Fun88 Affiliate members will get a profit on the bets of the invited players. The more players plays, the more will be betting.
  • Affiliate members also gain shares or commissions from referring members. In addition, the Fun88 Affiliate system has direct promotions for new affiliates.

To join the Fun88 affiliate program, you can contact Fun88 via below ways:

(1) Skype: live:.cid.3a09fa6549a414e2
(2) Email Id:
(3) WhatsApp: +44 151 808 1564
(4) Telegram:

Fun88 highlights:


  • User-friendly mechanisms to analyze and enhance your marketing and downloading marketing tools are here at the Fun88 Affiliate program.
  • Genuine and extensive reporting tools with a graphical illustration can provide a whole view of multiple criteria like affiliate process, commission, number of members, and many more.
  • Fun88 offers various visual marketing tools for downloading, such as elaborately designed banners in bulk, odds stocks systems Etc.

Note: You are not permitted to send any emails to any members without their consent. Otherwise, your Fun88 affiliate account will be suspended, and any earnings are forfeited.

Payouts and Commissions from Fun88 Affiliate

Fun88 Affiliate members will earn a percentage of commission from referring players.

  • By qualifying players and their net winnings from wagers, all Fun88 affiliate claimant commission earnings will be credited to their corresponding bank accounts instantly.
  • You can win iPhone 13, HP Laptop, Mi 43″ Smart TV, Apple AirPods 2 based on your registered numbers and the deposit amount. Refer to the table below:
Category Prize No. of deposits Total deposit
Grand Prize iPhone 13 35 + 4,000,001 +
1st HP Laptop 25 – 34 2,500,001 – 4,000 000
2nd Mi 43″ Smart TV 15 – 24 1,00,001 – 2,500,000
3rd Apple AirPods 2 10 – 14 50,000 – 100,000

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Now you can start earning effortlessly by applying to become an affiliate with Fun88 India. Simply invite your friends to signup through you. Prepare your online advertisement properly and be ready to take a huge profit. Begin registering for affiliation at Fun88!!

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